Chapter 5.1: How Could There Be Such A Despicable Man! (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 5.1: How Could There Be Such A Despicable Man! (1)

“It’s ok even if you tear it up,” Shang Jing challenged. But that was all to it. He immediately tightened his underwear waistband and took a step back. “It was bought by you anyway, I won’t be heartbroken over it.”

Shang Jing’s fearless appearance agitated He Jiang, his temples trobbed.

Taking advantage of his injury to flirt with me? I had tolerated everything up till now since it had been lip service. Now he’s taking it to the next level and executing it?

He Jiang slowly shifted his gaze from Shang Jing’s extremely fair legs to his not-so-smart head. His cold gaze was like a sharp knife slicing through Shang Jing’s legs, leaving goosebumps everywhere it touched.

Could he really be so perverted as to really rip my underwear into pieces?

Should I back off first? It’s more important to keep my underwear intact.

He Jiang let out a deep sigh.

Forget it.

It’s not worth fighting someone who is out of his mind.

He released his grip on Shang Jing. However, it did not mean there was no consequence for provoking him. “Still so energetic?”

Shang Jing frowned. Sensing something ominous, he immediately denied, “Nope, I’m ready to go to bed.”

But He Jiang was not ready to let him go. He grabbed his arm and pulled him back. With a smirk, he said, “Since you’re so energetic, you should do something to work your body. It will also help with your recovery.”

“You can’t be staying here for free, right? From tomorrow onwards, you will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the house, cooking three meals a day and watering the plants in the yard.”

Shang Jing froze up.

It’s finally here… I knew it, the diary was right. Am I going to cook and clean for He Jiang again?

Considering his current predicament, Shang Jing decided to leave things be for the time being. He nodded obediently. “I’ll try.”

He Jiang is already suspicious of me, I should not act too differently from how I was previously.

It will be better for me to take things slow and wait for him to lower his guard.

Dang it. I should have taken a video of that detestable face of his just n

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