Chapter 33.1: It’s the Jealousy Speaking (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 33.1: It’s the Jealousy Speaking (1)

“… Ji Fanyin, we need to talk.” Song Shiyu grabbed his forehead and exhaled deeply. “Let’s thrash out everything between us.”

Ji Fanyin looked at him with a tilted head and chuckled mockingly. “Song Shiyu, you still don’t get it. The ‘Ji Fanyin’ you want to talk to is already dead.”

She really is. The current Ji Fanyin has never felt even the slightest ounce of attraction toward Song Shiyu.

“What do you want to talk about? Why I liked you? When I liked you? How I liked you?” Ji Fanyin shook her head before continuing on, “That’s no more than a whimsical turn of fate. What comes on a whim goes on a whim. Is it that surprising that my feelings for you have moved on?”

Those words were spoken so lightly, yet they viciously plunged into Song Shiyu’s chest like razor-sharp blades.

“… You’re trying to tell me that you have moved on to Bai Zhou or that basketball brat?” asked Song Shiyu with a deep voice. “Your feelings sure are cheap.”

Unfazed by Song Shiyu’s evaluation, she laughed softly and replied, “They sure are. That’s just how heartless women are at times.”

With a casual wave of goodbye, she turned around and was just about to take her leave when she was reminded of another issue. So, she turned back to Song Shiyu and said, “Oh right, there’s one more thing.”

Song Shiyu looked at her with eyes that looked even deeper than the abyss, quietly waiting for her to continue.

“You should inform me in advance if you’re going to get a fiancée,” reminded Ji Fanyin. “Otherwise, it might result in your loss.”

She wouldn’t want to continue this business transaction if the blind date between Song Shiyu and Chen Yunshan went well and the two of them moved on to talks of marriage. There was a vast difference between Chen Yunshan and Ji Xinxin here.

After hearing Ji Fanyin’s words, Song Shiyu suddenly burst into laughter and said, “It looks like it’s just the jealousy speaking in the end.”

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Ji Fanyin: “…”

Men can be more delusional than women at times.

Song Shiyu’s mood visibly lifted within moments. He draped his coat on his arm and began making his way out of the bar. “Let’s go. I’ll send you home.”

“Don’t bother. I’ll grab a cab,” Ji Fanyin rejected him without any hesitation.

She could tell from Song Shiyu’s smile that he was intending to say something more, so she decided to shut him up with a change of topic. “My little sister is coming back around Christmas.”

As expected, the smile on Song Shiyu’s face immediately froze up.

Ji Fanyin perfunctorily waved her hand at him and said, “Rather than wasting your time on meaningless questions like whether I like you or not, why don’t you put more thought into dealing with your love rivals?”

You do know that there’ll be more rivals for you to deal with after her expansion project in France, right? She might even bring someone back with her.

On her way home, Ji Fanyin rested her chin on her arm and pondered over this issue. On second thought, she thought that the likelihood of that happening was low.

In her memories of the ‘future’, Ji Xinxin had only returned to the country twice while she was studying abroad, and those were during the long summer break. She shouldn’t have returned for this winter break.

But again, considering the massive changes that had occurred in ‘Ji Fanyin’, it was only normal for the future to be changed too. After all, Ji Fanyin had no intention of being imprisoned and dying because of some non-recyclable trash.

Song Shiyu thought that Ji Fanyin was just putting on a strong front.

But somehow, he didn’t think that her strong front was off putting. On the contrary, it gave him a gratifying sense of superiority.

Ji Fanyin had become more charming, confident, and competent than before, but she was still concerned about how his blind date with someone else went.

He took a puff of smoke as he watched Ji Fanyin getting into a cab. Her slender silhouette and powerful disposition made her stand out right away in a crowd, reminiscent of a swan among ducks.

Song Shiyu put out the cigarette before dropping a call to his chauffeur, who was already waiting on standby in the vicinity.

Upon getting into the car, the chauffeur asked him if he was returning straight to his apartment. Song Shiyu shook his head and replied, “Drive me to Cartier first.”

Most high-end luxury brands provided private customization service, but it was usually limited to only their VIP customers. The average customer would only be able to purchase their standard products.

However, Song Shiyu had been frequently meeting with the designers of renowned brands thanks to his mother, so he had a deep understanding of the various brands. When he came of age and developed his own preferences, those brands would occasionally contact him and offer delivery-to-doorstep services.

In fact, even with the new line of upcoming accessories that Ji Xinxin told him about the other day, he had already received an internal catalogue on it quite some time ago. If he really wanted any of them, he would have already placed an order and had it delivered straight to his place.

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