Chapter 33.2: It’s the Jealousy Speaking (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 33.2: It’s the Jealousy Speaking (2)

“Mr Song.” 

It was already after store hours by the time Song Shiyu arrived, but the manager was still waiting outside for him as he had called in advance. “Actually, if you are in need of any of our products, you could just place an order with us and we’ll deliver them to you early in the morning. It won’t delay your schedule.”

“My apologies for making you stay back overtime,” said Song Shiyu with a gentle tone. He directed a nod at her before walking into the store. “I wanted to get a replacement for a bracelet I misplaced, as soon as possible.”

“It might be difficult to find a replacement for a custom made or limited edition accessory right away,” replied the store manager worriedly. 

“Don’t worry,” replied Song Shiyu as he looked around for the bracelet display counter. “There was a woman’s set that I bought from your store a while back that came with a bracelet, I believe?”

“Yes, I was the one who put together the set.” The store manager heaved a sigh of relief. “Did the lady misplace the bracelet? Fortunately, we still have stock left. I’ll bring it over now.”

“I want the matching couple bracelet for that,” said Song Shiyu. 

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The store manager was surprised to hear that. “I don’t think you have made that purchase…”

“Someone else gave it to me,” replied Song Shiyu with a smile. “It was a heartfelt gift, so it’s a little embarrassing for me to have lost it.”

The store manager nodded understandingly. “Please wait here. I’ll retrieve it for you.”

It didn’t take her long to return with a felted accessory box containing a new bracelet that looked identical to the one Song Shiyu had smashed and lost. 

It had an elegant and toned-down design that didn’t look too out of place even on a man’s wrist. 

Song Shiyu had no plans of wearing it, but he still happily footed the bill for it. 

The store manager placed the accessory box into a bag and handed it into Song Shiyu’s hands with a smile. “It’s a wonderful gift. She has definitely put a lot of thought into it.”

Song Shiyu’s movement jerked to a halt. “She did?”

“Isn’t this a return gift from the woman who received your bracelet? She took the trouble to buy the matching couple bracelet for you,” replied the store manager.

“…” Song Shiyu lowered his head and fell silent for a while. By the time he raised his head once more, there was already an impeccable smile on his face. “Yes, you’re right. She has truly put a lot of thought into this gift.”


Ji Fanyin was intending to give herself a day off to catch up on her movies and pack her luggage the day before the business trip.

My reservation with Cen Xiangyang has been postponed to a week later, Song Shiyu has just gotten his pride wounded, and there’s no reason for Bai Zhou to make a reservation when we’re going on a trip for an entire week soon… 

Her thoughts were cut short by her ringtone.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

She picked up her phone to take a look. It was from Bai Zhou.

She picked up the call, and Bai Zhou immediately spoke up, “Give me your passport number.”

Ji Fanyin thought that the trip would be within the country, so she was taken aback when he mentioned the word ‘passport’. “Where are we going tomorrow?”

“Greece,” replied Bai Zhou with a matter-of-factly tone.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

“I can handle the visa myself.”

“You won’t be able to make it in time. I can deal with it faster.”

As a moderner who was no stranger to all sorts of fraud tactics, Ji Fanyin was extremely reluctant to entrust an important document to the hands of someone whom she couldn’t trust. 

She quickly got onto her laptop and looked up the information she needed to apply for a visa and the additional price required to hasten the process. “I’ll call you back.”


Ji Fanyin hung up the phone. She quickly found a tourist agency online and called them up to request for a 24-hours quick processing service. 

Luckily it’s still early in the morning, so 24 hours should be more than enough.

After receiving a guarantee that she would receive her visa within 24 hours, Ji Fanyin heaved a sigh of relief and called Bai Zhou back. “I’ll meet you there tomorrow with my visa..”

“Ah?” Bai Zhou was stunned for a moment before cursing out angrily. “What do you mean by that? You can’t even trust me with your passport?”

“That’s one reason.” Ji Fanyin began thinking on the spot to weave up an excuse. “I don’t want to show anyone my ugly passport photo. Besides, weren’t you the one who doesn’t want anyone to know that we’re going abroad together?”

Bai Zhou thought that her excuse sounded reasonable. He snorted in irritation and said, “If you don’t make it in time…”

“The liability will be on me. I’ll refund you,” replied Ji Fanyin with an anguished heart.

Bai Zhou sneered, “Do I look like I lack money?”

With that, the proud young master Bai hung up Ji Fanyin’s call. 

Glad to have this matter out of the way, Ji Fanyin was about to grab her passport and snap a photo of it when she suddenly received a message. 

It was from Bai Zhou. He had sent a picture over.

Tapping into it, she was immediately confronted by a picture of Bai Zhou’s passport. 


He had snapped the picture rather casually, such that his finger could be seen at the very bottom. All of the crucial personal information on his passport was exposed in the photo.

It was quickly followed up with a message: 【The passport photo only looks ugly when the person is ugly】

To put it nicely, ‘men retain their inner child till death’, though Ji Fanyin thought that it would be more fitting to say that he had the EQ of a three-year-old.

It’s a waste of life to argue with him over such things. 

WIth a sigh, Ji Fanyin flipped open her passport to snap photos of it, only to notice something.

Oh? It looks like my birthday is three days from now.

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