Chapter 32.3: You Seem Very Concerned About It (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 32.3: You Seem Very Concerned About It (3)

Despite Cen Xiangyang’s questionable personality, his talent was unquestionable. 

He had produced quite a few award-winning short films during his university years, and his first major work after graduation was an astounding success. It was showcased in an overseas film festival and received the Best Newcomer Award.

Cen Xiangyang’s family was actually strongly opposed to him studying filmmaking. They even went to the extent of cutting off financial support so as to pressure him.

However, Cen Xiangyang refused to give in. Through his effort, he managed to make a place for himself in the filmmaking scene as a director. He was currently in the midst of preparing for his first commercial film, and many investors bore great expectations for him.

If possible, Ji Fanyin would want to invest in Cen Xiangyang’s movie too. 

She did know which of his movies were a big hit, after all.

The only problem was that he was so hot at the moment that it was unlikely that he would suffer from a lack of funds.

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As for Cen Xiangyang’s character, Ji Fanyin did try to analyze it before. 

If Bai Zhou and Song Shiyu’s personalities were the results of their upbringing, Cen Xiangyang was the direct opposite. He was born with his twisted nature.

Even his love was twisted and incomprehensible. 

To make an analogy, when an average person saw a beautiful blooming flower on the streetside, he might snap a photo to remember it or water it. But Cen Xiangyang would uproot the entire flower and plant it in his own home. If the flower were to accidentally die due to his violent treatment of it, he would simply shrug it off and look for a new one.

I really wonder what Ji Xinxin was thinking when she decided to date this psychopath. Taming wild beasts might be an exciting challenge, but it’s not something that just anyone can take on. 

Ji Fanyin was quite curious about the answers in Cen Xiangyang’s questionnaire. 

Most of the questions there were about the client’s impressions and expectations of Ji Xinxin so that Ji Fanyin could tailor her acting to suit the client’s needs.

Through Cen Xiangyang’s questionnaire, Ji Fanyin would be able to get an insight into the kind of mask that Ji Xinxin wore before him. 

While Ji Fanyin’s mind was still occupied with all sorts of miscellaneous thoughts, the vibration from her phone’s GPS reminded her that she was already in the vicinity of her destination. She snapped out of her thoughts and opened her eyes.

Song Shiyu had made his reservation at a bar located on the first floor of an upscale shopping mall. The bar had classy decor with music playing off a turntable. It had dim yellowish lighting that only allowed one to see the faces of those sharing a table, granting its customers a high level of confidentiality. 

No wonder Song Shiyu would choose this place. 

After reporting the table number, the waiter led Ji Fanyin to a table, where Song Shiyu had already started drinking. 

A woman dressed in a black bareback dress was currently chatting him up with a wine glass in hand. They were so close that it looked like their silhouettes were stuck together. 

“… I’m sorry, but I’m waiting for someone,” Song Shiyu politely turned down the woman’s advancement. He happened to catch sight of the approaching Ji Fanyin, and his expression immediately loosened up. He raised his hand to gesture her over. “Over here.”

Ji Fanyin walked over. She smiled at the woman, who was visibly leaning toward Song Shiyu, and said, “There are a lot of men here, so why don’t you pick another one? There’s already someone living in the heart of this man.”

The woman replied with a smile, “Pardon me, I thought he was single… I won’t interrupt the two of you any longer.”

She picked up her own wine glass and strutted away. Her eyes brushed across Ji Fanyin with a meaningful gleam in her eyes, carrying a hint of intoxication and provocative seduction. 

Her intent was not lost on Ji Fanyin, but the latter held it in due to her professionalism.

“You’re here,” Song Shiyu subconsciously glanced at his watch before slightly frowning. “… What were you busy with earlier?”

“Some minor stuff. The traffic wasn’t too good either. Have you been waiting long for me?” Ji Fanyin skillfully dodged his question.

Song Shiyu had only reserved two hours this time around, but every cent counts. When she realized that she could make it for this appointment, she thought that she might as well go for it since she was already outside, so she agreed to it.

She thought that Song Shiyu had something to say to her, but the two hours ended up passing them by amidst casual chatter and light sips of wine. 

It was only when Song Shiyu got the bill and Ji Fanyin rose to her feet that she finally heard a question that he seemed to have been building up for a very long time. “When did you start liking me?”

The countdown timer hadn’t rung yet. 

Ji Fanyin pondered for a moment before answering skillfully, “Maybe it’s because you have been by my side all along. It was at some point in time that I suddenly realized that my feelings for you are different, just that I didn’t think that it was love back then.”

Song Shiyu picked up his coat and quietly looked at Ji Fanyin, not saying a word at all.

After a ten seconds exchange of gazes, the countdown timer finally rang. 

Ji Fanyin reined in her sweet business smile as she raised her phone to switch off the timer.

Song Shiyu posed the same question for the second time, “Ji Fanyin, when did you start liking me? Why did you like me?”

Ji Fanyin swiped her finger across the screen to silence the timer before glancing at Song Shiyu. “You seem very concerned about it?”

She started chuckling without waiting for Song Shiyu’s response.

“But is there any meaning in knowing the answer? My feelings for you are already a thing of the past.”

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