Chapter 32.2: You Seem Very Concerned About It (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 32.2: You Seem Very Concerned About It (2)

It didn’t take long for the lift to arrive.

Ji Fanyin walked in and casually waved Bai Zhou goodbye. Without waiting for his response, she had already lowered her head to hail a cab on her phone.

She reckoned that there weren’t too many residents living in this apartment. Most of the buyers probably bought the property for investment purposes, or else the lift wouldn’t arrive so quickly every single time.

The apartment caretaker, whose desk was located on the bottom floor, was already familiar with Ji Fanyin by this point. Upon seeing her walking out of the elevator, she quickly walked over with an umbrella in hand. “Heading back?”

“Mm.” Ji Fanyin stowed her phone into her pocket and thanked her. “It’s alright. The cab will be driving in.”

“Aren’t you going to toss your trash away?” The caretaker pointed to the bags Ji Fanyin was carrying as she asked with a smile. “I’ll walk you over. It’s just a short distance away anyway.”

The caretaker’s black umbrella was large enough to shelter the two of them from the rain. Ji Fanyin’s shoulders didn’t get drenched in the least.

By the time she returned, her cab was already waiting by the entrance.

The caretaker escorted Ji Fanyin to the car and bowed slightly. “Bye bye.”

“Bye bye.” Ji Fanyin figured that the caretaker’s salary must have been quite substantial.

Before she closed the car doors, she sensed a gaze on her and glanced upward at the apartment, but she couldn’t spot anyone at all.

The cab drove out of the condominium. Ji Fanyin relaxedly leaned back on the leather seat and started checking her phone notifications.

Ever since their trip to Disneyland, Bai Zhou’s first reaction upon meeting Ji Fanyin was to power off her phone. His expression looked a little gleeful whenever he did it.

It was just a single call, and Bai Zhou continues holding a grudge toward Song Shiyu to this day.

There was a recommendation from her bank’s finance manager, a reminder from her video streaming app that a new movie was about to hit the theaters, a call from a telemarketer… as well as a call from Cen Xiangyang.

Ji Fanyin raised her eyebrows as she returned the call. “Director Cen.”

“Busy?” Cen Xiangyang’s voice sounded a little amorous. A woman’s chuckle could vaguely be heard in the background.

“Quite,” replied Ji Fanyin candidly. “I would appreciate it if you could get straight to the point.”

“I’ve looked through what you sent me,” said Cen Xiangyang. “It’s not like I can’t afford your prices, but what’s more important is whether you’re worth the price or not. I have something on tomorrow, so what do you think about meeting the day after tomorrow?”

“I’m not free the day after tomorrow.”


“Friday too.”

“… Sunday?”

“Sunday is also not convenient for me.” Ji Fanyin decided to get straight to the point. “I won’t be free for the whole of next week. Why don’t you make a reservation after I come back?”

Cen Xiangyang laughed with a deep voice and asked, “Do you still want to do this business or not, Ji Fanyin?”

He spoke her name with slurred pronunciation, seemingly not wanting his company to hear it. Ji Fanyin wouldn’t have understood it if not for the fact that it was her own name.

Ji Fanyin looked at the receding scenery outside the car windows as she returned the question to him, “Cen Xiangyang, the real question here is whether you still want to do this business or not.”

“Fine.” Cen Xiangyang didn’t sound too angered by Ji Fanyin’s response. “I’ll transfer the money to your account as an advance reservation. Call me once you’re done with your work. This should be fine, right?”

“I’ll send you the questionnaire shortly later.’

“… Questionnaire?”

“Yes. It’s very important in ensuring service quality, so make sure that you answer it carefully.”

Ji Fanyin felt that Cen Xiangyang wasn’t a good customer. She had to repeat every instruction twice for him.

Forget it, it’ll be more troublesome if I receive a complaint. While I reserve the right of final interpretation, it’ll still be a hassle to deal with it.

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Cen Xiangyang was still in a state of disbelief. “You have a questionnaire?”

“I do. It’s extremely important. You’ll understand once you see it.”

It would be far more efficient to show him it instead of trying to explain it to him over the phone, so she hung up the call and sent the questionnaire to his email.

Cen Xiangyang quickly checked on it before sending her an ellipsis: 【…】

Ji Fanyin replied to his expression of speechlessness: 【Make sure you answer the questions earnestly】

She proceeded to pull Cen Xiangyang into her ‘Client’ contact group. Then, she glanced at the GPS and saw that she was 28 minutes away from her destination.

So, she leaned back on the leather seat once more and tried to gather everything she knew about Cen Xiangyang.

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