Chapter 32.1: You Seem Very Concerned About It (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 32.1: You Seem Very Concerned About It (1)

Cen Xiangyang’s luck was horrible.

Just when he decided to drop Ji Fanyin a call, the latter happened to be accompanying Bai Zhou on his gaming session.

Ji Fanyin realized while she was gaming with Bai Zhou that her pre-service questionnaire wasn’t sufficiently comprehensive. She had neglected to ask Bai Zhou about his perception of Ji Xinxin’s gaming skills.

She led the two of them to a beautiful chicken dinner using Bai Zhou’s smurf account, only for Bai Zhou to fall silent at their victory.

“That’s not how big sis plays,” he said.

It was only then that realization struck Ji Fanyin.

Knowing how to let a fish show off his skills in a game is equally important as well. Otherwise, where is he going to get his sense of satisfaction from?

Ji Fanyin realized that she had made a fatal error here, so she decided to compensate him by charging him half the usual price… For the duration of just this single round, of course.

Recently, Bai Zhou had receded from an outgoing youth to a shut-in gamer. Their meetings were now all at his house, playing games, preparing meals, and eating together.

The previous few appointments had Bai Zhou playing games and Ji Fanyin preparing the meal; this was the first time the two of them were playing together.

Ji Fanyin felt like she had become an e-girl companion playing the role of a damsel in distress who needed her client’s protection. Yes, an e-girl who offered additional cooking service.

In any case, everything was fine as long as the client paid up.

After yet another round of “Zhouzhou, someone is shooting me!”, “Where are you?”, “I also don’t know where I am!!!” kind of gaming experience, Ji Fanyin was just about to take out the trash and leave when Bai Zhou suddenly stopped her.

He had made the next appointment right after service hours ended the last few times, so Ji Fanyin thought that it was the same this time too. She replied, “Yes?”

“… I want to go on a trip. The day after tomorrow,” said Bai Zhou.

Ji Fanyin responded with a questioning tilt of her head. She gathered two possible meanings from his words.

He was either telling her that he wouldn’t be contacting her for a period of time or that it was time for her to go on a business trip.

A business trip… That sounds so troublesome.

Ji Fanyin was tempted to turn down the reservation.

“Accompany me. It’ll be a week.” Bai Zhou paused for a moment before strongly emphasizing, “We’ll be staying in separate rooms.”

“I can’t. I need to feed my pet fish every day,” Ji Fanyin found a random excuse to reject him.

Bai Zhou: “…”

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He stared at Ji Fanyin for a moment before saying, “5,000,000 per day. You won’t have to fork out even a single cent.”

It was a tempting offer, but Ji Fanyin had to seriously consider whether she would get eyed by Bai Zhou’s family members if she accepted his offer.

Bai Zhou had been squandering a frightening amount of money in recent days that the word ‘extravagant’ was starting to feel insufficient when describing him.

“They think that money is the most important thing in the world anyway,” remarked Bai Zhou with a shrug. “Since money is the only thing they can give me, why can’t I spend it as I like? They wouldn’t care about this bit of money anyway.”

Ji Fanyin: “…”

She began mentally calculating the price before haggling, “8,000,000.”

“Deal.” Bai Zhou accepted the offer without any hesitation. “However, this trip must be kept confidential. No one should know that you’re going to the same place as me.”

“No problem.” Ji Fanyin gave him an ‘okay’ gesture. She was just about to head out when she looked through the doorway and realized that it had started raining.

It was fortunate that the rain wasn’t too heavy. She wouldn’t have to walk too far in the rain in order to get into a cab anyway.

So, she picked up the trash and started heading out. Bai Zhou looked out of the doorway and remarked, “Hey! It’s raining.”

Ji Fanyin suddenly remembered that there was indeed one thing she had forgotten, so she turned around and reminded him, “Right, the windows of the study room are still open. Remember to close them.”

“… I’ll send you home,” said Bai Zhou as he took an umbrella from the stand beside the doorway.

“There’s no need for that,” Ji Fanyin refused the offer coolly with a wave of her hand. She pressed the button for the lift. “I’m not heading home yet.”

Bai Zhou froze up. “Where are you heading to?”

Ji Fanyin glanced at her phone as she replied, “Rushing to my next appointment.”

An hour should be enough for me to rush to the meeting location with Song Shiyu.

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