Chapter 29.1: None At the Moment (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 29.1: None At the Moment (1)

While watching the competition, Ji Fanyin couldn’t help noticing a gaze had been lingering on her discreetly.

Needless to say, it was Song Shiyu.

Chen Yunshan was the one who had a blind date with him the other day at that restaurant. 

Ji Fanyin never thought that she would bump into her client during her rest day, but she couldn’t be bothered to entertain him outside of working hours. So, she ignored his gaze and focused her attention on the competition.

It was the finals after all. The match was so intense that it spurred deafening cheers from the supporters of both teams in the indoor basketball court. 

The match concluded with the victory of Chen Yunsheng’s team. There was roaring applause from the crowd, and Chen Yunshan hopped to her feet excitedly. 

Ji Fanyin clapped along with the crowd as she began thinking about what she should have for dinner. 

The award ceremony was pretty decent too. The third place and fourth place were decided by another match that happened simultaneously with the finals, and the third-place team joined them in the award presentation ceremony too.

As soon as the award ceremony came to an end, Chen Yunsheng ran to the audience stand with his medal and frantically waved his hand to catch Ji Fanyin’s attention, “Big sister, big sister!”

Ji Fanyin subconsciously stood up, but she quickly glanced toward Chen Yunshan.

“Ah no, I’m his cousin. It’s just that we’re quite close to one another so we address each other directly by our names,” Chen Yunshan quickly clarified. She giggled under the cover of her hand and said, “You should quickly head over. Look how anxious he is.”

So, Ji Fanyin walked toward the railing and looked downward at Chen Yunsheng, saying, “Congratulations.”

Chen Yunsheng tiptoed a little. With his long limbs, he was able to hang the gleaming medal around her neck. 

Ji Fanyin could immediately feel the weight on her neck. The medal swayed freely beneath her eyes.

“… Are you giving it to me?”

“Yup!” Chen Yunsheng warily took a step back and said, “I don’t accept any refunds.”

He cheekily waved his hand at her before running off.

But before he could make his escape, his teammates swarmed him and dragged him back toward the audience stand where Ji Fanyin was.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

She touched the medal hanging around her neck as she looked at Chen Yunsheng with a slightly helpless look.

To be honest, I shouldn’t be accepting this gift. It’s scalding to the touch.

Chen Yunsheng stared at Ji Fanyin with glistening, fawning eyes.

“Accept him! Accept him!” Chen Yunsheng’s teammates began cheering loudly.

Chen Yunsheng frowned upon hearing their cheers. He quickly turned to them and said, “I haven’t confessed yet. Stop messing around.”

He chased off his teammates with a fierce look on his face, but the commotion had already drawn half of the eyes in the indoor basketball court. 

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Chen Yunsheng snuck a peek at Ji Fanyin before slowly inching his way toward her. He leaned against the railing and apologized, “Big sister, sorry about that. They don’t mean anything bad. I’ll teach them a lesson later. They won’t dare to do it anymore in the future.”

Ji Fanyin remarked contemplatively, “And I thought that you were that cute in front of everyone.” 

But it turns out that he only acts cute in front of her. Doesn’t that make him even cuter?

Chen Yunsheng’s face reddened. He protested softly, “A man can’t be called cute, but since it’s coming from big sister… it’s fine.”

Ji Fanyin asked him, “You won’t regret giving me this medal?”

“Definitely not,” Chen Yunsheng replied affirmatively. He placed his chin on the railing and said, “I’m only giving it to you because it’s something I cherish a lot.”

“Just because you cherish something doesn’t mean that she’ll see value in it too,” someone suddenly interjected.

Ji Fanyin glanced at Song Shiyu, who was currently gazing down on Chen Yunsheng beside her. 

Chen Yunsheng nonchalantly turned to Song Shiyu and replied, “Big risk, big return. I can’t possibly not do anything just because I’m afraid of failure, right?”

He even turned to Ji Fanyin right after to seek her acknowledgment, “Am I right, big sister?”

Ji Fanyin burst into laughter. She patted his head lightly and said, “Yes yes, you’re right.”

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