Chapter 28.3: We Aren’t Close (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 28.3: We Aren’t Close (3)

As they approached the side entrance, Ji Fanyin could clearly hear a ruckus produced by a combination of music and chatter coming from within.

A student dressed in a basketball team uniform happened to rush out at that moment. Upon seeing Chen Yunsheng, he quickly grabbed him and exclaimed, “It’s already been ten minutes! Hurry up and return to the court!”

“I’ll get someone to bring you to your seat…” Chen Yunsheng was still dilly-dallying, but three other tall and brawny teammates ran over at that moment and dragged him away.

Ji Fanyin waved at Chen Yunsheng with a smile and mouthed to him: All the best.

Chen Yunsheng barely stood his ground against his teammates by grabbing the edge of the door and said, “Big sister, you must make sure to only look at me later on!”

With that, he was dragged off as pitifully as one could imagine.

His teammates couldn’t help but retort, “It’s really terrifying when a cold-faced hunk like you suddenly undergoes a 180-degree twist in personality…”

Ji Fanyin chuckled at their banter. She leisurely entered the basketball court after them and took a brief look around the area.

There was naturally an audience stand, but it appeared to be completely filled at the moment.

Surprisingly, she found a familiar face amongst the audience―Song Shiyu.

He was probably invited because he was a renowned alumnus who had now become a successful entrepreneur.

Ji Fanyin disinterestedly looked away. It was then that a young lady jogged over to her side.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Ji? Chen Yunsheng told me to help you look for a seat.” The young lady sounded a little nervous.

Ji Fanyin pulled down her mask and said, “I’m Ji Fanyin.”

“Ah!” The young lady looked at her in confusion and asked doubtfully, “You’re Senior Ji Xinxin’s…”

“She’s my younger sister.”

“I see.” The young lady didn’t think too much into it and began leading Ji Fanyin toward the sides. “There aren’t many seats left at the moment. Are you fine with the seats near the coach’s bench? It’ll be hard to find another seat, and you wouldn’t get as good of a view of the match too. However, I think it’ll be better if I tell you in advance…”

She paused hesitantly for a moment before continuing on.

“Those seats are commonly known as the ‘family seats’. There are no explicit rules about it, but those who sit there are usually either esteemed guests or the players’ family members and girlfriends. Big sister… i-is that okay with you?”

“You’re calling me big sister too?” Ji Fanyin glanced at the seat the young lady was pointing out. “Is it that row over there?”


Ji Fanyin comforted her and said, “Don’t worry about me. I’ve troubled you all by coming in at the last moment. You don’t need to walk me there; I can head there by myself. You probably have a lot on your hands right now since the match is about to begin, right?”

“A-ah. Then… I’ll get going?” The young lady gestured toward the seat before walking away stiffly with uncoordinated hands and legs.

Ji Fanyin touched her own face and wondered if she really looked that frightening.

Under the curious gaze of the nearby crowd, she calmly made her way through a special passageway that led toward the ‘family seats’. She settled down on the first empty seat she saw.

The young lady sitting on the adjacent seat turned toward her and greeted her amicably, “Hello, I’m Chen Yunshan. You can think of it as a woman’s sixth sense, but by any chance, is it possible that you’re acquainted with my younger brother, Chen Yunsheng? I saw him running out earlier, and the two of you arrived one after another not too long later. So, I couldn’t help but wonder about it.”

“I’ve long heard that the more gorgeous a woman is, the sharper her sixth sense is. It looks like there’s some truth to that claim,” replied Ji Fanyin with a smile. “I’m Ji Fanyin. Nice to meet you.”

Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time Ji Fanyin met Chen Yunshan. The last time they met, she was accompanied by another man who happened to be present here too.

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“I came here with a friend. He used to be from Yunsheng’s school.” Chen Yunshan turned to the side and began introducing her male companion to Ji Fanyin. “This is Song Shiyu. Ah, you probably already know him if you graduated from the same school.”

Ji Fanyin looked at Song Shiyu and said with a smile, “We’ve met before, but we aren’t that close to one another.”

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