Chapter 28.2: We Aren’t Close (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 28.2: We Aren’t Close (2)

Chen Yunsheng ran out of the basketball court amidst the excited shrieks of the female students while anxiously sending a voice message to Ji Fanyin, “Big sister, where are you? I’m coming over to fetch you right now. The place is a little confusing so it’s very easy for you to get lost.”

Ji Fanyin quickly sent him a photo.

Chen Yunsheng took a quick look at the photo before grabbing a nearby student to ask, “Hey, do you know where this place is?”

The student propped up his black-rimmed glasses and nonchalantly pointed in a direction, saying, “It’s right under that building over there.”

“Thanks!” Chen Yunsheng put on his jacket and dashed over. It was as if he had an eternal spring of youthful energy inside of him, and it took him only two minutes to rush over to the opposite building.

It didn’t take him long before he caught sight of Ji Fanyin under a distinct logo.

She was wearing a mask, and her face was lowered toward her phone, but Chen Yunsheng was certain that he had gotten the right person.

His footsteps immediately screeched to a halt. He took a brief moment to calm his breathing before heading over to greet her, but he didn’t try to intentionally conceal the joyful tone in his voice, “Big sister!”

The woman standing there raised her head. She pulled down her mask and smiled at him, “Hi.”

“I thought that you’d be too busy with work to watch the competition.” Chen Yunsheng was a little nervous. “What are you holding? Is it heavy? I’ll carry it for you.”

He couldn’t help but secretly take a good look at Ji Fanyin as he asked.

Ah, she’s dressed casually today without any make-up. She looks beautiful in a different way.

… How should I put it? Both her outfit and her disposition feel quite different.

“I got them at a convenience shop earlier on. I don’t know if these are appropriate.” Ji Fanyin showed the contents of the plastic bag to Chen Yunsheng. “I recall that basketball players would usually get a bit of time to replenish their energy off-court, so I got some sports drinks, fruits, and energy bars. It would be great if these can be of any help.”

“Of course they are!” Chen Yunsheng happily took the heavy plastic bag from her hand. “You don’t know how gluttonous those guys can get. There are even times when everything is gone before I could even grab anything. Eesh!”

He chose to put on a pitiful front.

He read on the internet that going for a pitiful but cute impression could do wonders when trying to court confident women, so he unhesitatingly cast his pride aside!

“That’s a relief,” replied Ji Fanyin as she put her mask back on. She took a look at her watch and asked, “How long is the match going to be?”

“It’ll only take a little more than an hour!” replied Chen Yunsheng nervously. “Do you have something up afterward?”

“I don’t have any work lined up,” replied Ji Fanyin with a shake of her head. “It’s just that the match is a little shorter than I expected… Did you sneak out of the court?”

“My coach gave me eight minutes,” Chen Yunsheng quickly clarified with a pitiful look on his face. “Shall we head over? I’ll get you a front-row seat at the basketball court.”

He figured that if there were no more front row seats, he would place Ji Fanyin at the closest seats commonly dubbed as the ‘family seats’. There was bound to be space there.

As long as he explained it carefully, it was unlikely that the other party would mind it too much given her easygoing personality.

Chen Yunsheng happily accompanied Ji Fanyin toward the basketball court with the bag of goodies in his hands. He felt like he was drifting amidst clouds, but fortunately, he was still able to retain a bit of invaluable rationality to hold a conversation, “Big sister, did you happen to have some work to do in the vicinity?”

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“That’s right.” Ji Fanyin pointed to the advertisement posters that were plastered all around the campus and said, “I happened to see one of those while walking around the streets so I thought that I could head over to take a look. It sure is a coincidence, isn’t it?”

Chen Yunsheng clenched his fists tightly: I’ll have to treat those in the publicity department to a meal to thank them.

It took Chen Yunsheng two minutes to run to where Ji Fanyin was, so it only took them a few minutes to walk over to the basketball court too.

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