Chapter 28.1: We Aren’t Close (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 28.1: We Aren’t Close (1)


Ji Fanyin had previously applied for a new bank account that was linked to her identification card. She was quite busy for the entire week, so she was only able to make time for it on the weekend.

Her old bank account was applied for by Father Ji and Mother Ji, but those two had been spamming her phone with calls ever since the movie screening.

She would still pick up their calls at the start, but when they kept asking meaningless questions like ‘How have you been?’, she started to simply leave the phone on the table and continue whatever she was doing.

KInship was nowhere near the top in her list of priorities at the moment. Making a fortune was far more important.

That was also why she applied for a new bank account.

She dropped by the bank in the late afternoon to finish up the procedures and transfer all of the money she had into it. Following that, she dropped her two clients a message to inform them about the change in her bank account number.

She didn’t forget to close her old bank account too.

The bank manager tried to retain her, but Ji Fanyin insisted on it.

The sun was already showing signs of setting by the time she left the bank. She happened to be near a university, so there were many youthful university students on the streets.

She couldn’t help but notice an advertisement poster plastered around about a varsity basketball competition finals that were going to be held today at 4 P.M.

She took a look at her watch and noted that it was 3:30 P.M.

This is really too much of a coincidence. It feels like the world is dropping me a hint.

Well, I guess that I don’t have anything important today anyway.

After a moment of consideration, Ji Fanyin tapped into her conversation window with Chen Yunsheng and confirmed that she was indeed near the location of the basketball finals.

… Should I take a look?

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Ji Fanyin headed to the nearest convenience shop and bought some sports drinks, energy bars, and fruits before making her way to the match location. Along the way, she began messaging Chen Yunsheng.

There was a huge crowd on the basketball court.

Youth, sweat, hunks, and basketball—these four words fit perfectly here.

There was still half an hour to the commencement of the match, but the audience had already settled into their seats. Some of them had even brought decent-looking cheering banners with them.

Both teams were already on the court. Some of them were warming up whereas the others were listening to their coach’s pep talk.

… There was also one cool guy who snuck over to the bench to grab his phone.

“―Chen Yunsheng!” the coach shouted. “Look at the time! Why are you still looking at your phone?!”

“… I’m just taking a glance.” Chen Yunsheng expectantly picked up his phone which had vibrated earlier and took a look at it. His face brightened up right away. “Coach, I need to head out for a moment.”

The volume of the coach’s voice was really no joke. “Right now? I’ll bloody smack your head off!”

One of Chen Yunsheng’s teammates that had insider news remarked teasingly, “Heh! Judging from your reaction, that big sister whom you met outside must have sent you a message, right?”

“Oh? Is it the legendary big sister whom our faculty hunk invited to the competition but still hasn’t received a proper response yet?”

“Coach, you should also understand where he’s coming from. Let him fetch her here. As the saying goes, ‘it’s better to tear down ten temples than to ruin a good marriage’!”

The coach glanced at his watch before snorting impatiently, “I’ll give you eight minutes!”

Not wasting even a second, Chen Yunsheng grabbed his jacket and phone before taking flight.

“Brat, slow down a little! How are you going to play later on if you tire yourself out now!”

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