Chapter 27.3: For Free? How’s That Possible? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 27.3: For Free? How’s That Possible? (3)

She noticed that Bai Zhou was looking at her with a nervous smile, so she responded with a gentle smile before popping another piece of meat into her mouth.

She couldn’t tell what Ji Xinxin said afterward, but Bai Zhou’s face suddenly grew even darker. He spoke with an almost displeased tone, “… Who told you about the affairs that happened tonight? Song Shiyu?”

Ji Fanyin pondered about the question over the meal.

Would Song Shiyu tell Ji Xinxin about the happenings during the banquet earlier on? Hmm… I think his motive is lacking.

At least for the time being, it doesn’t seem like the involvement of illegitimate children would affect Bai Zhou’s future, let alone his place in Ji Xinxin’s heart. Besides, snitching is at odds with the kind of refined gentlemanly character Song Shiyu had chosen to play. He stands to lose more by trying to gossip behind others.

The culprit should be someone else.

The intuition to process and evaluate information was extremely important to a ‘King of the Seas’. While Ji Fanyin was still making logical deductions on the situation, Bai Zhou’s conversation had already moved on to the next phase.

“Tomorrow?” Bai Zhou’s finger moved around the table nervously. “… My account has been banned. I might not be able to join you for the next few days. I’ll call you when my account is finally unbanned.”

Ji Fanyin was so free that she even started to help Bai Zhou keep count .

Three lies so far, and each is smoother than the previous.

“See you, big sister.” It seemed like the conversation had ended there, but Bai Zhou didn’t put down his phone right away. Instead, he hesitantly asked, “Big sister, there’s something I want to ask you…”

He paused for several seconds here before continuing on, “… Never mind, it’s nothing much. Make sure to take care of yourself.”

Ji Fanyin thought that it was quite fascinating. It interested her to watch as a person’s feelings slowly changed in nature due to the complications of their own mind.

However, it was best for her major clients not to have a change of heart till she finally decided to do away with this job. So, when she saw that Bai Zhou had hung up her phone and was just about to say something, she cut right in and said, “Careful, the soup is still hot.”

Bai Zhou clicked his tongue. Almost as if he was venting his anger at himself, he lifted the bowl and gulped it down in a single mouthful.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

Youngsters. What’s the point?

She stayed at Bai Zhou’s house for two hours in total. She made sure to clean up the bar counter and kitchen properly after the meal. Just as she was about to leave, Bai Zhou, who was leaning against the walls of the entryway with crossed arms, suddenly stopped her with a question.

“Song Shiyu looked for you last night?” he asked.

Ji Fanyin was in the midst of putting on her heels when she turned over to look at him.

As service time was already over, Ji Fanyin’s attitude had reverted back to her usual lackadaisical self. “Mmhm. What’s wrong?”

“For free?”

“For free?” Ji Fanyin repeated before refuting it with a chuckle. “How’s that possible?”

After putting on her heels, she rose to her feet. As her heels were fairly tall, Bai Zhou naturally reached out to support her in case she lost her balance, but she subconsciously avoided his touch.

This set of actions surprised the two of them.

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Bai Zhou clicked his tongue and retracted his hand unhappily, and Ji Fanyin didn’t bother explaining her avoidance of his touch. She calmly bade him farewell as if nothing had happened and walked out of the house.

“Hey,” Bai Zhou suddenly called out to her. “Aren’t you curious why I asked you that?”

“I have no interest in my client’s personal life,” replied Ji Fanyin as she rubbed her fingers together, a gesture for money. “You don’t have to worry about me divulging whatever that has happened today to anyone else.”

That’s why, my esteemed customer, please don’t fall for me that easily.

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