Chapter 27.2: For Free? How’s That Possible? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 27.2: For Free? How’s That Possible? (2)

He was just about to end this vexing conversation and change the topic when Ji Fanyin suddenly whacked his forehead with a chopstick and said, “Don’t keep things to yourself. If you ever feel uncomfortable, make sure to tell me right away. You’ll at least feel better once you confide in me.”

Bai Zhou didn’t expect Ji Fanyin to suddenly hit him. The pain on his forehead made him glare at her and roar, “What are you doing?” 

“If you don’t want me to play with that person, I’ll promise you that I won’t play with that person anymore,” said Ji Fanyin as she placed the chopstick which she had just used to whack his head in front of him. “You’re the only one whom I really want to play with. Everyone else is of secondary concern here, do you understand?”

Bai Zhou frowned. “But you told me that…”

“It doesn't matter. Be it that person’s gender, appearances, country of origin, or background, none of those matter at all.” Ji Fanyin interjected right in and spoke with a forceful tone that allowed no room for no doubts. “You shouldn’t waste your time on people who can’t even be compared to you.”

Bai Zhou: “…”

His face began to redden bit by bit. He slowly picked up his chopsticks and reached for the nearest dish before hurriedly stuffing some into his mouth. 


Ji Fanyin was glad that she had managed to beguile Bai Zhou. 

Bai Zhou’s words were unclear, but it wasn’t too difficult to figure out what had happened.

Ji Xinxin most likely got overconfident and tried to hook two fishes at once, only to end up giving herself away. 

Ji Fanyin might have managed to placate Bai Zhou for the time being, but that didn’t solve the root of the problem. Ultimately, the only one who could resolve this issue was Ji Xinxin herself. 

Ji Xinxin should stop expanding her fishery for the time being and focus on stability instead. It’s not hard to expand the fishery, but sustaining it does take quite a bit of effort once it gets too large. 

Ji Fanyin began digging into the food as she wondered if Ji Xinxin had realized that Bai Zhou was already onto her.

To be honest, this didn’t really have anything to do with her since she was nothing more than a hired actor. It would suffice to leave the headache for Ji Xinxin to deal with. 

Ji Fanyin raised her head to take a look at Bai Zhou, only to realize that her earlier remark about how others couldn’t be compared with him was a little too potent. 

They were several minutes into the meal by now, but Bai Zhou’s head still remained lowered. He continued to tackle that single dish placed in front of him, as if he was going to stuff himself full with that one dish. 

Ji Fanyin heaved a deep sigh before topping up her foolish client’s plate with the other dishes. “Here, try this fish. Do you want a bowl of soup?”

Bai Zhou quietly passed his bowl to her, and Ji Fanyin took the bowl, stood up, and began serving soup for him.

It was then that a ringtone sounded. Bai Zhou’s phone, which was placed by the side of the table, lit up, revealing a display picture that familiar Ji Fanyin was familiar with. 

We are Hosted Novel, find us on google.

Ji Xinxin.

Bai Zhou leisurely glanced at his phone when he first heard the ringtone, but when he saw whom the call was from, he put down his chopsticks and anxiously reached forth to grab it.

His vigorous movement caused a huge ruckus as bowls and plates were shoved around. 

However, Bai Zhou was hardly in the mood to care about the state on the table. His complexion as he grabbed his phone was awful, almost as if he was a scum caught cheating by his girlfriend.

Ji Fanyin calmly put down the ladle and wickedly asked, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to pick up the call?”

Bai Zhou looked at the phone in his hand with a deep frown before raising his head to look at Ji Fanyin. He hesitated for a moment as to whether he ought to excuse himself, but in the end, he decided to pick up the call on the spot.

“Big sister? Mm… I have something up today, so I won’t be joining you for the game. Have fun.”

Meanwhile, Ji Fanyin quietly pushed the bowl of soup in front of Bai Zhou. She even specially made her way over to a drawer to grab him a soup spoon.

God knows how difficult it is to find all of these crockeries and eating utensils in Bai Zhou’s home. It’s almost as if someone has sealed his kitchen off from the day renovations were completed. 

“What I’m doing now?” Bai Zhou anxiously raised his head to glance at Ji Fanyin. “Cough cough… I’m having my dinner now… Yes, I’m alone. I called for delivery.”

Ji Fanyin settled back into her chair and began gracefully digging into her meal. 

Really, the food I make fits my palate the best. 

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