Chapter 29.2: None At the Moment (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 29.2: None At the Moment (2)

“Can I ask you another question?” Chen Yunsheng blinked his eyes.

“You’re asking for a reward?” Ji Fanyin pondered for a moment before nodding. “Ask ahead.”

Chen Yunsheng lowered his voice further before asking, “You told me last time you don’t have a boyfriend. Then, do you have anyone you like at the moment?”

Song Shiyu’s intervention brought a frown to Chen Yunshan’s face, compelling her to pull him away. He just so happened to be walking behind Ji Fanyin when Chen Yunsheng asked his question, allowing him to hear it loud and clear.

He didn’t even notice that his footsteps had stalled to a halt.

He felt that he already had the answer to that question, but even so… he wanted to hear a direct confirmation from her mouth.

It felt like a long time had passed before he finally heard her voice.

She chuckled softly before saying, “Anyone I like? Hmm… No one at the moment.”

Chen Yunsheng’s eyes lit up right away. Just as he was about to let out a soft celebratory cheer, a loud excited male voice boomed across the indoor basketball court through the speakers.

“Everyone heard that? She says that she doesn’t have anyone she likes at the moment!”

The spectating crowd was weirdly riled up about that. “Oooooooh!!!!”

Chen Yunsheng’s face darkened.

He turned his head around coldly. The man who was eavesdropping behind him with a microphone in hand caught a whiff of danger and immediately made his escape. He was so agile that one could mistake him for a core member of the track and field club.

Chen Yunsheng chased after him furiously.

Ji Fanyin looked upon the bustle as she touched the medal hanging in front of her chest. Perhaps it was the influence from the lively atmosphere, the edges of her lips curled up a little.

She took a look at her watch before turning around, only to see Song Shiyu standing behind her. He was staring at her intently.

“Mr Song?” asked Ji Fanyin. “Is there any problem?”

“You…” Song Shiyu gritted his teeth tightly.

Ji Fanyin had a good idea what he was going to ask, but she didn’t think that she was obliged to give in to him outside of service hours.

So, she directed a nod toward Song Shiyu and said, “I’ll be heading off first if there’s no issue. See you, Miss Chen.”

It looks like their blind date is going pretty well. If the two of them are confirmed to be dating, I’ll have to strike Song Shiyu off my list of clients.

Ji Fanyin had completely no interest in getting caught up in some depraved love scandal.

While making her way out, she took out her phone and sent a message to Chen Yunsheng, congratulating him once more for clinching the champion’s seat.

Chen Yunsheng was still busy chasing his teammate, so he didn’t reply right away.

Ji Fanyin headed all the way to the main road outside the campus and hailed a cab. She didn’t see any hint of Song Shiyu along the way.

They were in a public place after all. He wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone else and get caught up in some rumor with her.

“She has a good personality. My uncle’s family will be fond of her,” said Chen Yunshan full of envy. “If only I was as confident and open-hearted as her.”

She turned to look at Song Shiyu, only to see that his attention was wandering somewhere else.

“… Mr Song?”

Song Shiyu snapped out of his daze and turned to her with a smile, saying, “Sorry, I was thinking about work… It really is a coincidence for us to bump into each other here. Miss Chen, what are your plans for the day? Shall I drive you home, or are you returning with your younger brother?”

Chen Yunshan looked a little disappointed. She lowered her head and fidgeted with her feet as she replied, “I drove here. You should get going if you have matters to attend to. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“At least allow me to walk you to the parking lot.” Song Shiyu maintained his gentlemanly demeanor.

After seeing Chen Yunshan off, Song Shiyu walked over to his car and took out his phone, only to put it down after several seconds of hesitation.

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