Chapter 29.3: None At the Moment (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 29.3: None At the Moment (3)

Song Shiyu drove back to his apartment and opened his fridge. The heart-shaped chocolate and the gift wrapper were still in there, untouched. 

In truth, he didn’t like chocolate that much.

After staring at it for a moment, he slowly made his way into his room and opened his wardrobe. 

Song Shiyu had a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. He liked to classify items and place them in specific locations, so it never took him long to find his stuff. 

However, he didn’t find the item he was looking for at its designated spot this time around. 

The tattered bracelet that should have been in the topmost accessories drawer wasn’t where it was supposed to be.

He quickly pulled open the second and third drawers, but it wasn’t there either. 

He started to get a little anxious. He bent down to look through his ties, watches, belts… He even recalled the clothes he wore that day and searched through their pockets, but he couldn’t find the bracelet Ji Fanyin had given to him that day as a birthday present. 

I clearly retrieved it from the parking lot that day and placed it here. Why is it not here?

It was just like how Ji Fanyin told him that she liked him at the underground parking lot the other day, only to tell another man that she didn’t have anyone that she liked shortly after. 

Song Shiyu angrily slammed the drawers back in. 

He paced around the spot like an irritated beast. In the end, he decided to conduct an all-out search.

It’s not in the bedroom.

It’s not in the toilet.

It’s not in the living room.

It’s not in the parking lot

When could I have possibly lost it?

The apartment has designated housekeepers who would drop by from time to time in order to clean the place up, but they are professionals who wouldn’t touch any of the residents’ private possessions. I also didn’t have any guests during this period of time either… 

Song Shiyu’s footsteps suddenly screeched to a halt.

… No, there’s one person who dropped by recently.

With a livid look on his face, Song Shiyu grabbed his phone and dialed Ji Fanyin’s number. But barely a second after the phone rang, he hung up the call.

Even if it was really Ji Fanyin who took the bracelet away, what reason do I have to get her to give it back? Rather, why should I demand her to return a broken bracelet?

Why should I be concerned whether Ji Fanyin still likes me or not?


Ji Fanyin was preparing her dinner when she received Song Shiyu’s call. 

She continued stirring the pot with a single hand while picking up the call with her free hand. “Hello?”

“Did you touch my personal possessions without my permission while you were at my house?” Song Shiyu questioned. 

Ji Fanyin gave his question some thought before replying, “I only took away trash with me. Is there something important amongst them?”

Song Shiyu: “…”

“That shouldn’t be.” Ji Fanyin sealed off all of his routes with ease. “Don’t worry, I checked the items beforehand before tossing them away. I’m certain that they are things that you would have thrown away.”

She could tell that Song Shiyu was really angry that day from how damaged the bracelet was. What really surprised her was him keeping it instead of throwing it away.

Song Shiyu: “…”

Ji Fanyin kindly reminded him, “Why don’t you tell me what it is? I might be able to recall it.”

If you’re able to put down your pride and mention it, that is.

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Song Shiyu hung up the call.

Ji Fanyin put her phone down and continued stirring her pot. Shortly after, she received yet another call.

“Hello, Mr Cen… Lunch tomorrow? Alright, send the address to me.”

Ahh, so much work is coming in.

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