Chapter 22.1: Glee (1)
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Bai Zhou had a complicated expression on his face upon hearing the answer. 

Ji Fanyin tried to analyze it from a professional standpoint, and her conclusion was that it was a look of disdain and disbelief. 

So, she shrugged casually and said her farewells to Bai Zhou before going on her own way. 

Barely a few steps later, her feet started feeling uncomfortable once more, so she decided to simply take them off. Her heels were a little red, but they were fortunately not bleeding. 

While leisurely making her way out of the amusement park along with the crowd, she reached for her phone in her bag and switched it on. 

She was intending to hail a cab, but she noticed that she had quite a few missed calls from Song Shiyu.

Three of them were made at around 8 P.M., and the most recent one was just ten minutes ago. 

It was unusual for Song Shiyu to drop her so many calls, so she decided to return the call to check on him. After all, it was important to maintain good ties with loyal customers. 

Song Shiyu didn’t pick up the call right away, so Ji Fanyin patiently waited and waited. It was when she thought that the call was going to be automatically hung up that Song Shiyu’s hoarse voice finally sounded through the speaker, “Hello?”

“You called?” asked Ji Fanyin.

There was a long pause before he finally said, “… I’m ill.”

“Do you need me to call an ambulance for you? Or should I relay your condition to Ji Xinxin?” asked Ji Fanyin.

His fever must be really getting to him for him to actually call me. 

Song Shiyu mumbled something, but Ji Fanyin wasn’t able to hear him clearly. However, the rustling of bedsheets coming from the other side clued her in that he had been lying on a bed and was just getting up. 

Only the last few words from him were comprehensible. “Come over.”

Question marks popped up in Ji Fanyin’s head. “Song Shiyu, do you know who you are calling?”

“You are Ji Fanyin.” Even though Song Shiyu sounded a little out of it, it seemed like he wasn’t delirious yet. “I’m asking you to come over right now to take care of me.”

There was suddenly a loud clang on the other side. It sounded like something heavy had fallen to the ground.

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It was also with this that the call ended.

Ji Fanyin: “…?”

Staring at her phone screen, she hesitated for a single second before tossing Song Shiyu to the back of her head. However, shortly after she got into a cab, she suddenly received a money transfer from Song Shiyu.

She looked at the sum she received and thought that she could at least spare a bit of her free time to him in view of his sincerity. 

So, she changed her destination and began heading for Song Shiyu’s home.


Song Shiyu thought that he could easily tank a small cold, but his condition only ended up worsening with time. The day after he returned from the movie premiere, he was down with a high fever.

His assistant was particularly vulnerable to catching colds, usually being the first one to get infected and the last one to recover. Understandably, upon hearing that Song Shiyu was sick, he immediately began begging and crying and threatening him with his life. It took a great deal of effort before he finally convinced Song Shiyu not to come to work. 

His assistant did get some medicine for Song Shiyu, but the latter refused to eat it. He fell asleep at noon and woke up with a growling stomach.

He should have called his assistant to get him to deliver food over, but he found himself dialing Ji Xinxin’s number instead. 

Ji Xinxin declined his call but sent him a message: 【Sorry, Shiyu! I’m in the middle of a class right now >< Is something up?】

With a groggy mind, he slowly typed out a response to Ji Xinxin’s message: 【It’s nothing much. I’m ill. I just wanted to hear your voice.】

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