Chapter 21.3: Isn’t the Person You Like Song Shiyu? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 21.3: Isn’t the Person You Like Song Shiyu? (3)

When she finally turned her head back, she realized that Bai Zhou was also looking at the same couple too. He averted his gaze right away when he realized that Ji Fanyin was staring at him, but he wasn’t about to fool anyone here.

Ji Fanyin asked, “Why? Are you interested in…”

It was then that the first firework whizzed into the air and exploded.

Like everyone else, Ji Fanyin’s gaze was immediately drawn to the spectacular fireworks show in the sky, causing her to forget about what she was thinking a moment ago. She was also oblivious to how Bai Zhou’s gaze kept drifting toward her ankles.

After the fireworks show came to an end, the couples reluctantly left the area with comments like ‘We have to watch the fireworks again’ and ‘Let’s come here again for my birthday’.

Perhaps it was due to the lack of rose-tinted glasses, Ji Fanyin thought that the fireworks show was so-so with nothing particularly impressive. If anything really stood out, it was just the castle in the background.

The castle does look great, but too bad I can’t afford it.

“Are we heading to the float parade next?” asked Ji Fanyin.

Bai Zhou nodded, but he frowned in hesitation right after. Then, he quickly shook his head and said, “Let’s just wait for the float parade to pass by here.”

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Ji Fanyin replied with a smile, “Alright.”

Floats tended to travel extremely slowly, and most of them were based on recent movies that most guests didn’t recognize. Most people were there to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere.

The two of them were standing right next to the main road, granting them a good view of the parade.

Ji Fanyin usually wasn’t too interested in this kind of stuff, but perhaps due to the influence of the atmosphere, she somehow thought that it was pretty interesting.

The staff members around each float were dedicated to their performance, and all of them had brilliant smiles on their faces. There was even one float that went around scattering flower petals over the audience.

Now that I think about it, I’m actually in the same trade as Disneyland. We’re all in the business of selling dreams, Ji Fanyin thought.

She shot a glance at Bai Zhou and noticed that a flower petal had landed on top of his head. She tiptoed over and brushed the flower petal off for him, but just as she was about to retract her hand, he suddenly grabbed it.

He stared at her for a few seconds before deeply shouting to her, “Big sis!”

Ji Fanyin replied with a tilt of her head, but there was no follow-up afterward.

It was soon the closing time for the amusement park. As they followed the crowd out, Ji Fanyin noticed that Bai Zhou appeared a little lethargic, giving off an unhappy brooding vibe.

She lightly tugged the knot on Bai Zhou’s wrist and asked, “Is there anywhere else we’re heading to before going home?”

Bai Zhou glanced at her shoes and replied, “… Nowhere. We’re going straight home.”

He began striding toward the car park, and Ji Fanyin followed him in confusion.

It was good news for her to be able to get off work early, but it felt unnerving when it was happening a little too often.

“Is the person you like Song Shiyu?” Bai Zhou suddenly stopped and asked. “What do you hope to gain by putting on this act with me? Are you hoping to steal your younger sister’s love?”

Ji Fanyin simply tilted her head in response. She felt no obligation to respond to a non-work-related question during working hours.


Ji Fanyin sighed softly and asked, “Is that all for today?”

Bai Zhou replied with a darkened face, “That’s right. Can you answer the question now?”

So, Ji Fanyin graciously offered him the answer to his question, “Youngsters like you should stop being so obsessed with love. It isn’t everything in life. All I’m looking for here is money.”

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