Chapter 21.2: Isn’t the Person You Like Song Shiyu? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 21.2: Isn’t the Person You Like Song Shiyu? (2)

Those who had been to Disneyland would know that while it had lots of interesting things to see and fun rides to enjoy, an entire day spent there was bound to be exhausting even with the conveniences provided by the premium services one purchased. 

Not to mention, Ji Fanyin was told to dress in demure low heel leather shoes which were not exactly comfortable to walk in. 

Still, a job was a job. She had gone through tougher times back in her acting days, so a mere day at Disneyland was not an issue at all.

The two of them ended up walking around the amusement park and playing till nightfall. 

To Ji Fanyin’s surprise, it seemed like Bai Zhou had earnestly done his homework to make the best out of their time. He knew the roads that minimized traveling time, the order to visit the rides in so as to reduce waiting time, as well as the existence of ‘Fastpass’. 

He also brought her to the more famous activities and tourist spots that had been promoted by famous influencers.

It might have been normal for other people, but for the self-centered Bai Zhou, this was nothing short of a miracle. 

“I’ve wanted to come here since my younger years,” said Bai Zhou as he tugged at the string attached to a helium balloon in his hand.

This helium balloon consisted of two layers. The outer layer was a transparent sphere whereas the inside was a yellow Mickey Mouse. 

“You had such childhood days too?” asked Ji Fanyin.

At this very moment, she was earnestly thinking that this balloon was too goddamned expensive. 

“… Mm. When this place first opened, many of my classmates came here with their parents,” said Bai Zhou with crestfallen eyes. “All of them talked about how fun this place was, and it made me really envious.”

Ji Fanyin took a moment to recollect Bai Zhou’s background.

His parents are in a marriage of convenience, promising not to interfere in each other’s private life as long as they didn’t bring in illegitimate children. Due to that, he grew up in a house filled with nannies and bodyguards. 

“I came here by myself later on,” said Bai Zhou coldly, “but it wasn’t fun at all.”

Ji Fanyin tugged the balloon out of Bai Zhou’s hand before gently tying it on his wrist. “Then was it fun to come here with me today?”

“…” Bai Zhou looked at the knot tied around his wrist before raising his eyes to look at Ji Fanyin. “… Everything is interesting as long as I’m with big sis. What interests me isn’t the place but being with you.”

“Good boy,” said Ji Fanyin with a smile as she patted Bai Zhou’s head. “Where are we heading to next?”

“… Fireworks.”

Even before the sun fully set, the crowd had already started making their way toward the best spot to catch the fireworks. Not too far away from the castle was a fountain that provided a good view of the fireworks, so there was a crowd gathered there. 

Bai Zhou wasn’t nervous at all to see the area fully occupied. With the sheer power of money, he managed to secure two spots for them. 

The couple who accepted his offer happily left hand-in-hand while the others felt envious at the small fortune they had earned so easily. 

That being said, the two spots weren’t exactly spacious, such that any couple sitting there would have to bump bums. Ji Fanyin sat down on where the lady was sitting earlier and patted on the empty seat beside her, saying, “Bai Zhou, come over.”

Bai Zhou hesitated for a moment before awkwardly walking over and squeezing into the remaining space. 

There was still some time before the fireworks show, so the youths gathered around the fountain got into their own conversations.

Amongst them, a woman complained coyly to her boyfriend, “My legs hurt.”

Her boyfriend, who was holding two huge bags, sighed helplessly and said, “I already told you not to wear a pair of new shoes here.”

“But these shoes are pretty!” exclaimed the woman indignantly. “Of course I have to wear the nicest shoes and skirt for our date!”

How could the boyfriend possibly complain when she had already put it in such a manner? He raised his hands in resignation and said, “Alright, alright. Let me take a look at your feet.”

He half-kneeled onto the ground and carefully took off her exquisite leather shoes, only to see that her ankles were already bleeding. 

The boyfriend: “…”

The woman quickly took this initiative to explain herself and garner some sympathy before her boyfriend could scold her, “I also didn’t expect the back of the shoes to be so rough. It hurts, wuuuuuu.”

The boyfriend sighed yet again before asking those around them, “Sorry, do you have any plaster?”

One of them happened to have it. 

The boyfriend placed the woman’s leg on his own thigh and carefully placed the plaster on her wound before putting her shoes back on. His movements were so gentle that it looked as if he was handling something fragile. 

The woman shyly covered her face and said, “Quick. Everyone is staring…”

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“Make sure to wear a more comfortable pair of shoes next time if you know that it’s embarrassing,” said the boyfriend.

Ji Fanyin looked at the bickering couple with her chin resting on her arm, a heartened smile on her face.

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