Chapter 21.1: Isn’t the Person You Like Song Shiyu? (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 21.1: Isn’t the Person You Like Song Shiyu? (1)

That night, Ji Fanyin successfully expanded her connections in the film industry, introduced herself to Cen Xiangyang, and annoyed Father Ji and Mother Ji a little.

But her greatest gain of all was that she had watched an exciting film.

On her way home, she quickly drafted out her review in a cheery mood. All that was left to do was for her to quickly polish it up one last time later on.

Upon reaching their destination, the two assistants insisted on seeing her off to her apartment building before finally driving off.

The first thing Ji Fanyin did upon reaching home was to wash up before quickly editing her movie review. Once everything was satisfactory, she posted it before heading off to bed. It was only slightly past eleven-thirty.

There was some hype surrounding the movie due to its pre-release promotion, so Ji Fanyin’s review swiftly drew a great deal of attention. It didn’t take long for it to become one of the trending posts.

It was no easy feat to write an immersive movie review without spoiling the movie itself, just like how it was difficult for a web novel to reach the top place. However, Ji Fanyin’s review stirred excitement and suspense, almost as if she was creating another separate piece of artwork on top of the movie.

Many netizens felt great anticipation for the movie after reading her review.

That very night, the presale tickets for the movie, ‘Beneath the Waters’, starring He Shen broke through the ten million hurdle.

The following morning, when the meritorious Ji Fanyin checked on the ‘Temptation of Home’ app and saw the massive influx of Emotion Points, she felt like she was floating amidst fluffy clouds.

Not even the naggy instructions Bai Zhou sent her could ruin her good mood.

After dressing up in accordance with the client’s pedantic demands, Ji Fanyin finished her make-up and headed out to meet Bai Zhou while humming a joyful melody.

Thanks to Bai Zhou, she got to experience a hardcore motorcycle ride during a date to the amusement park.

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Who in the world would choose a motorcycle as the choice of vehicle when driving a lady in a dress for a date at Disneyland?

Ah yes, Bai Zhou would.

It was fortunate that Ji Fanyin had taken Bai Zhou’s unusual brain wiring into account when making preparations, opting to wear a culotte instead of a skirt and bringing a coat along as well.

When they arrived at the destination, Ji Fanyin took off her helmet and demurely tidied up her long hair that had been messed up by the furious wind resistance.

If this darned kid treats Ji Xinxin in the same manner, he’ll definitely be blacklisted from her list of date-able candidates.

Of course, Ji Fanyin wouldn’t say such words aloud.

When Bai Zhou excitedly asked her if she felt refreshed by the wind when cruising down the expressway, Ji Fanyin scratched her cheeks shyly and replied, “It was refreshing, but a little scary too. There were a few times I nearly wrapped my hands around your waist out of fear.”

Bai Zhou was taken aback before the tips of his ears began furiously reddening. He whipped out the entrance tickets and started heading in. “Let’s go.”

Barely a few steps later, he suddenly turned his head around and instructed, “Wait. Take out your phone and turn it off first.”

Ji Fanyin obediently took out her phone from her bag.

Bai Zhou snatched it over and switched it off. He even double-checked it before finally returning it to Ji Fanyin.

Ji Fanyin figured that he might have been traumatized by Song Shiyu’s unexpected phone call while they were in the art room the other day.

It doesn’t matter. I reckon Song Shiyu is still ill at the moment anyway.

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