Chapter 20.3: Love Can Be Bought (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 20.3: Love Can Be Bought (3)

Under Zhang Ning’s lead, everyone treated Ji Fanyin amicably. Some of them even took the initiative to propose exchanging contacts, saying that they could collaborate together on projects if the opportunity ever arose. 

By the end of it, Ji Fanyin had quite a few new names in her friend list. 

From their interactions, it soon became apparent to Ji Fanyin that Zhang Ning was not just an ordinary manager. There was something more to her background.

“How did you get here? Shall I get someone to drive you home?” asked Zhang Ning.

“I took a cab,” said Ji Fanyin as she waved her phone. “It’ll only take an hour and a half.”

Cab fare was expensive in the city, but it was definitely within Ji Fanyin’s means to pay for.

“I think it’ll be better if I get someone to drive you. It just so happens that He Shen drove off by himself, so we have two idle assistants on standby,” Zhang Ning insisted.

Ji Fanyin pondered over it a little, but she decided not to turn down the other party’s goodwill. After bidding farewell to Zhang Ning, she left with the two assistants from He Shen’s studio via the side entrance and got into a low profile van.

After giving the assistants her address, she whipped out her phone and began drafting her movie review. 

When the car left the parking lot and was driving by the entrance of the venue, Ji Fanyin took a look outside and saw Father Ji and Mother Ji lingering around the entrance. Song Shiyu was with them, but he was clutching his forehead in discomfort. 

Is he sick? A person is usually the most vulnerable when he’s ill… 

Such a thought arose in Ji Fanyin’s mind, but the van gradually sped up and tossed Song Shiyu and the others out of her sight and mind. 

Forget it, there’s no need for unnecessary interaction with my clients outside of working hours. I don’t want any misunderstanding here. If the client has a need for me, he’ll naturally drop me a call.


“Ahhh, she’s gone,” remarked Cen Xiangyang lamentingly. “I haven’t gotten her contact yet.”

Song Shiyu ignored him.

“Xinxin doesn’t seem to be interested in dating at the moment, so Ji Fanyin would be good for a pastime. It’s better to have an imitation than nothing at all, don’t you agree, Mr Song?” asked Cen Xiangyang. “There’s bound to be someone who knows her. Even if you refuse to give me her contact, I’ll still be able to obtain it by asking around.”

His voice was suppressed so that only Song Shiyu was able to hear it.

“Court her if you want,” replied Song Shiyu casually. “I wish you all the best.”

“You seem quite confident that I’d fail,” said Cen Xiangyang as he stroked his chin. “Is it because Ji Fanyin isn’t interested in dating, or do you know her type? … Oh, wait a moment. I think I get it.”

Cen Xiangyang suddenly looked at Song Shiyu with peculiar eyes.

“Could it be that Ji Fanyin likes you?”

Song Shiyu casually placed his hands into his coat before turning over to look at Cen Xiangyang with curled lips. “That’s right. Ji Fanyin likes me.”

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