Chapter 20.2: Love Can Be Bought (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 20.2: Love Can Be Bought (2)

Ji Fanyin’s seat was in the last few rows, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or anything. She was so focused on the movie that she didn’t even notice that the person sitting next to her had swapped with someone else halfway through the movie. 

It was only when the ending credits started rolling that Ji Fanyin finally let out a deep breath. 

It was a movie filled with tension. The male lead had weaved an elaborate scheme that felt like it could unravel at the slightest bit of carelessness and bring him to his death, almost as if he was walking on a tightrope. Ji Fanyin found herself sitting on the edge of her seat throughout the movie. 

“How was the movie?” the person beside her asked softly. 

“It was exquisite,” replied Ji Fanyin subconsciously. “From the camera shots, the meticulous attention to details regarding the scheme, to the gradual change in the mindsets of the key characters, everything is harmoniously weaved together to relay an impactful story. I believe that this film has a shot at winning film festivals.”

“What about He Shen’s acting?”

There was no hesitation in Ji Fanyin’s voice as she replied, “It’s perfect. He seems to be the kind of actor who fully immerses himself in the characters he’s portraying. With how deep he has gone for this film, it might be hard for him to recover from it.”

She naturally got more chatty when talking about films.

After offering her evaluation, Ji Fanyin raised her head to look at the person beside her and asked, “What about you?”

The dim lighting made it hard for her to see the other party’s expression, so all she could hear was his indistinct chuckle. “I’m of the same view as you.”

He stood up after that—he was surprisingly tall—and started walking away.

JI Fanyin: “…?” Does he urgently need the loo?

After the credits scene finished rolling, the lights turned on, and everyone rose to their feet and started applauding.

Ji Fanyin subconsciously glanced at the seat beside her. It was empty. 

Following that was the interview for the film crew. 

Ji Fanyin had no intention of asking any questions, but she took out the notebook and pen she had prepared beforehand anyway since the perspective taken by the film crew could be vastly different from that of the audience. In order to write a proper review, it was important for her to be thorough in her understanding.

The Q&A session proceeded smoothly under the host’s lead. 

Ji Fanyin noted down a few important details. She already had a rough idea as to how she was going to write the movie review. 

Soon, the premiere was officially concluded, and the crowd in the theater started to take their leave. Ji Fanyin also rose from her seat and prepared to head home. 

It was already getting late, and she still had work the next morning. 

While she was walking out, she noticed Cen Xiangyang making his way toward her from the front row seats. However, he was soon stopped by Song Shiyu, and the two of them began chatting with smiles on their faces. 

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Ji Fanyin attributed it to mutual attraction between perverts allowing them to get along with one another. 

In any case, she decided to turn a blind eye to it and continued walking her way, but she still ended up getting halted by someone else. 

“Ji Fanyin, wait a moment!” Zhang Ning shouted while rushing over. With a relieved smile from having caught up with her, she said, “If you aren’t in a rush, I’d like to introduce you to a few people.”

Ji Fanyin was intrigued. “You intend to introduce me to others?”

It went without saying that networking was much easier if someone was willing to introduce one into a circle, but this privilege was usually granted only to those in a close relationship, such as mentors and mentees, family members, or working partners. 

There was no such relationship between her and Zhang Ning to justify such an act of generosity. 

“Of course! Since you’re going to write a review for us, it’s only right for you to meet our film crew, right?” said Zhang Ning as she dragged Ji Fanyin along with her. 

“Oh…” remarked Ji Fanyin. “I thought that you were going to bring me over to meet Mr He.”

Zhang Ning’s smile froze up for a brief moment before she laughed off the remark. “He had to leave early because he has another schedule. You should be able to meet him next time.”

“I see,” replied Ji Fanyin with a deep smile. “I’ll look forward to it.”

“How was the movie? Did you enjoy it?” Zhang Ning changed the subject.

“I love it.” Ji Fanyin did a quick internal evaluation before adding, “It’s in my top three.”

Zhang Ning wasn’t satisfied with the evaluation. She pouted like a little girl and complained, “Why isn’t it your top one?”

Ji Fanyin responded with a polite smile. It went without saying that her favorite movie was her own. 

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