Chapter 22.2: Glee (2)
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He thought that someone as kind as Ji Xinxin would surely start fussing over him, but when the person fussing over him was not by his side but in another country… It somehow felt like something was missing.

Just as he had expected, Ji Xinxin immediately sent a series of messages asking how he was feeling, whether he had gotten his assistant to buy some medicine for him and if he needed to get a check-up in the hospital just to be safe. Her tone sounded worried and anxious. 

Song Shiyu’s vision was a little blurry under the effects of his illness, so the speed of his typing was affected as well. 

He couldn’t help but smile at the messages that were pouring out from her. It was only after she dropped a series of questions and emojis that he finally managed to type out his response: 【It’s just a common cold. It would really be great if you could come over to see me.】

Ji Xinxin sent a sighing emoji, followed by a hugging emoji. 

Then, she asked: 【Are you not eating your medicine again? You can’t do that. I can’t rush over to keep an eye on you right now, but you need to take care of yourself.】

Song Shiyu circumvented the medicine question and asked: 【When is your break? Will you be coming back?】

Ji Xinxin’s response was a little slower this time around: 【I was intending to come back during the winter holidays, but I might drop by earlier before Christmas. I have some matters to attend to.】

Song Shiyu quickly did a quick mental calculation. There were just a few more months before Christmas.

【We’ll be able to meet each other very soon.】 He typed the message out word by word. 【I miss you.】

【I also hope to see you as soon as possible!】 Ji Xinxin sent a head patting emoji. 【I need to rush for my next class now. I’ll check on you later on, so make sure to eat your medicine!】

Sogn Shiyu exhaled deeply before turning over on the bed.

Ji Xinxin wasn’t his girlfriend, but even if she was, he couldn’t possibly ask her to fly across half the globe to visit him over a mere cold. 

But there’s someone else who is at my beck and call. 

He fiddled with his phone, which was starting to heat up under his body temperature, but his rationality eventually stopped him from sending a message to Ji Fanyin. Instead, he called his assistant to prepare some food for him. 

His assistant couldn’t cook and had his hands full from having to take over Song Shiyu’s work at the last moment. He only had time to help Song Shiyu order a porridge delivery.

Song Shiyu ate a few mouthfuls and popped a couple of pills into his mouth before returning to bed. At some point, he drifted off to sleep yet again. 

It wasn’t a good sleep. In his dream, there was a beautiful glowing light drawing him in, but some sort of force was holding onto him from behind, stopping him from approaching the light. He tried everything he could, scrambling with all four of his limbs to fight against that mysterious force. 

He ended up waking up not feeling like he had gotten an ounce of rest at all. His body was aching all over, as if he had just been fished out of water. 

Song Shiyu was still clear-headed at that moment. He tried feeling his own forehead with the back of his hand, and it felt searing. He was still burning up. 

He exerted all his might to flip over and look at the clock on the bedside table, only to find that it was already eight at night. The entire day had somehow passed him by amidst grogginess. 

He grabbed his phone to take a look, but there were no messages from Ji Xinxin at all. She seemed to have forgotten her earlier promise to keep an eye on him to ensure that he took his medicine. 

He continued lying in his bed for a while, but his fever showed no signs of subsiding. Even moving a finger felt tiring to him. A while later, he still ended up dialing the number that was almost like a taboo in his contact list. 

The other party’s phone was switched off. Thrice he tried, but there was no difference in the result.

Song Shiyu sneered. 

He figured that Ji Fanyin might have managed to hook onto Cen Xiangyang after yesterday’s meeting. Otherwise, she might be with Bai Zhou too.

She was usually quite contactable outside of working hours. 

… Feigning as if she doesn’t care for me at all!

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Song Shiyu angrily threw his phone at the wall, which then fell onto the ground with a large ‘bam’. Just doing this sapped him of almost half of his remaining energy.

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