Chapter 22.3: Glee (3)
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He pulled his blanket up in hopes of returning to sleep, but sleep wasn’t coming to him, possibly because he had slept for too long earlier on.

The porridge he had earlier in the afternoon wasn’t enduring well either. His stomach had started growling in protest of its mistreatment. 

He turned and flipped on his bed for a long time, as if he was throwing a tantrum at himself. It took an entire hour before he finally rose from the bed to retrieve his phone.

The screen was cracked and had a few problems, but the call function was still working properly. He tapped into his contacts, and once again, the name ‘Ji Fanyin’ appeared on his phone screen.

However, her phone was still turned off even though it was nearing ten.

Song Shiyu took a look at the time as he began to maliciously wonder how far Ji Fanyin would go for money despite her claims that she ‘sold her skills and not her body’. 

Doesn’t she offer nighttime accompaniment service too?

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Song Shiyu stared at his phone in a daze as his mind turned a little sluggish. He felt like his mind wasn’t processing anything at all, but at the same time, it felt like it was overloaded with lots of thoughts too. 

His phone suddenly vibrated, and Ji Fanyin’s name appeared on the screen.

Song Shiyu stared at the screen in a daze, his finger hovering above the ‘Accept’ button but somehow not pressing it.

He wasn’t certain whether he really wanted to hear Ji Fanyin’s voice right now.

Maybe… I shouldn’t have made those four calls.

But he still picked it up in the end.

“You called?” asked Ji Fanyin.

She didn’t use Ji Xinxin’s voice, but Song Shiyu was relieved by that.

At least Ji Fanyin is always waiting for me at the same spot.

So, he replied, “Come over.”

To be safe, he even sent money into Ji Fanyin’s bank account. 

So be it. If Ji Fanyin has chosen to use money to conceal her feelings and protect her dignity, I’ll go along with her, Song Shiyu thought as he fiddled with his phone. 

Her accompaniment deserved his reward. 

Ji Fanyin should have known the address of his apartment, but he was still ready to send a message on WeChat to remind her. But it suddenly struck him when he tapped into his WeChat app—he had deleted her from his friend list a while ago. 

But just yesterday, while Ji Fanyin was exchanging contact numbers with Cen Xiangyang, Song Shiyu took a look at her phone and took down her WeChat ID. 

He rubbed his blurry eyes and added Ji Fanyin back into his friend list before proceeding to send her his address and the passcode for his door.

He didn’t understand why either, but he felt a surge of relaxation after doing all of these. He placed his phone back on his bedside table and heaved a long sigh of relief.

He curled himself into a ball on the bed and felt a much greater sense of security than before. 

Some time later, he heard footsteps, followed by a flick of a switch. A delicate figure was slowly making her way to him. 

“… Ji Fanyin?” mumbled Song Shiyu.

The other party bent down to feel his forehead before sighing with a soft and gentle voice. 

Despite his high fever, Song Shiyu once again affirmed his speculation. 

No matter how Ji Fanyin tried to conceal it with her actions or words, she was still unable to hide her feelings for him. 

For the first time in his life, the knowledge of the fact that ‘Ji Fanyin likes me’ spurred a hint of glee in his heart. 

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