Chapter 23.1: Are You Coming Back? (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 23.1: Are You Coming Back? (1)

Ji Fanyin felt that Song Shiyu’s fever must have burned up his mind.

Song Shiyu stayed in a condominium that was close to the company he founded. Ji Fanyin was able to enter his house without any problem using the passcode he had sent her. It was just that being in a seemingly empty house devoid of light in the middle of the night was a little chilling.

So, the first thing she did upon entering the house was to start feeling the walls for the light switches.

Once the lights were on, she started looking around the room. The first thing she spotted was two geckos sitting not too far away from the doorway.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

I nearly forgot that Song Shiyu raised lizards. I guess even a cold-blooded man like him feels kinship toward his cold-blooded brethren.

She decided to make her first stop at the crystal oven, prioritizing the feeding of the two ugly yet weirdly adorable geckos over Song Shiyu.

She remembered that these two geckos were of noble bloodline, costing quite a fortune to buy.

Don’t die of hunger. Song Shiyu won’t die for missing a meal or two, but the same can’t be said about these geckos.

After she was done feeding the geckos, Ji Fanyin switched on the lights to the living room and familiarized herself with the surroundings.

To be frank, this was not the first time she had visited Song Shiyu’s apartment, or to be more exact, ‘Ji Fanyin’ had been here before.

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‘Ji Fanyin’ had been with Song Shiyu for quite a while before her transmigration to this world. The two of them would frequently meet here, but there was hardly any conversation or physical contact between them.

‘Ji Fanyin’ was a painting to Song Shiyu, no more no less.

She would rush to whatever destination he designated at a phone call from him, only to later leave at a wave of his hands. Her attitude could be almost said to be subservient.

This was the present Ji Fanyin’s first time visiting this place, so she took her time strolling around the living room to examine the surroundings.

There were a few boxes of medicine and a bowl of porridge lying on the living room table. The porridge had barely been touched, but he had taken quite a bit of medicine.

It was just that Song Shiyu lacked the common sense to not eat different variations of the same medicine at once. All four boxes of medicine had signs of being eaten.

JI Fanyin took a look at the receipt for the medicine, and her eyebrows shot up. After that, she began making her way toward Song Shiyu’s bedroom.

She stopped right in front of the room and listened quietly for any activity inside before finally pushing the door open and heading in. It was pitch-black inside. Even the light from the corridor was insufficient to light up the area around the bed.

Nevertheless, the person lying on the bed still curled up even tighter, as if protesting at the disturbance.

Ji Fanyin unsympathetically switched on the lights in the bedroom before walking over to gaze down at him.

The outwardly gentlemanly but inwardly cold-blooded young master Song was completely drenched in sweat. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes looked delirious, making him appear extremely pitiful.

“Ji Fanyin?” he murmured.

It was surprising that he got it right this time around.

Ji Fanyin bent down and touched his forehead. It was burning hot.

The fever must have burned away quite a few of his brain cells. I guess two negatives do make a positive after all; that’s why he was able to identify me correctly.

In view that there might be nothing in Song Shiyu’s house, Ji Fanyin had dropped by the pharmacy to get some stuff before heading over. It was time to put them to good use.

Ji Fanyin wouldn’t spend additional bucks for the more expensive ear thermometer for Song Shiyu, so what she had in her bag of items was just a basic five-dollar mouth thermometer.

Song Shiyu should be thankful that she was at least conscientious enough to wipe it with an alcohol swab before coaxing him to put it inside his mouth. She waited for a while before pulling it out from the clutches of his teeth. “Open your mouth. Stop biting on it.”

Song Shiyu obeyed her orders so well that it felt a little unnerving.

Ji Fanyin had to check on the thermometer twice in order to verify that she wasn’t seeing things: 39.5℃.

High fever.

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