Chapter 23.2: Are You Coming Back? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 23.2: Are You Coming Back? (2)

Ji Fanyin cleaned the tip of the thermometer with another alcohol swab as she said, “You should go to the hospital.”

Song Shiyu shook his head. “Don’t want to.”

“I guessed as much,” murmured Ji Fanyin in response.

She took out a fever patch from the bag of items she had bought and plastered it onto Song Shiyu’s forehead. Impressed by her own handiwork, she felt an urge to snap a photo for commemoration.

It should qualify as a dark history for Song Shiyu.

“Ji Fanyin,” Song Shiyu called out once more.

“My big sis isn’t here. Shiyu, it looks like your fever is getting to you. I’m really going to get angry if you mistake me for big sis once more,” replied Ji Fanyin gently as she began reading the dosage instruction of the fever medicine.

“Ji Fanyin, you won’t be as caring toward others as you are to me, right?” Song Shiyu continued speaking insistently, acting as if he hadn’t heard her.

Ji Fanyin shot a glance at him, baffled as to what in the world he was talking about. But soon, it clicked.

Ah, this must be the famous mentality of ‘Even if it’s something I don’t want, I won’t let anyone else take it away’.

So, Ji Fanyin used Ji Xinxin’s tone to question him, “When did you get so close with my big sis? I remember that the two of you weren’t even on talking terms.”

The Song Shiyu with a fever patch on his forehead fell silent.

He seemed to have trouble processing his thoughts, and it took a moment before he finally replied slowly, “I don’t want Ji Xinxin today. I want Ji Fanyin.”

Ji Fanyin’s movements jerked to a halt.

That would render things meaningless.

“My big sis doesn’t want to be with you,” she replied with a casual tone as she took out two pills from the packaging. “The only one you can be with now is Ji Xinxin.”

“Why?” Song Shiyu was determined to get to the bottom of this.

Ji Fanyin opened a bottle of mineral water and passed it to him, saying, “Take your medicine first.”

Song Shiyu swallowed the two pills down before staring intently at Ji Fanyin, awaiting her reply.

Ji Fanyin placed the cap back onto the mineral water before directing a smile toward him, saying, “It’s a secret. You mustn’t tell anyone.”

Song Shiyu nodded in response.

“My big sis doesn’t like Song Shiyu anymore,” whispered Ji Fanyin.

Right after she said those words, Song Shiyu burst out with a rebuttal, “You’re lying.”

“How could it be a lie when it’s coming right out of my mouth?” Ji Fanyin rested her arm on the bedside table as she looked at Song Shiyu with a gentle smile.

Song Shiyu glared at her sharply, struggling to find words to refute her.

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Ji Fanyin thought that this development was pretty interesting regardless of whether Song Shiyu remembered this conversation or not after his fever subsided.

She took a look at her time and saw that her fourfold salary service hours were nearly over. Based on the amount of money Song Shiyu had sent over earlier… there were forty more minutes to go.

“Let’s have you change into a fresh set of clothes,” Ji Fanyin coaxed Song Shiyu patiently. “It won’t be comfortable for you to sleep in such a state.”

Song Shiyu obediently moved at each of her instructions. His reaction was a little delayed, but he still managed to take off his pajamas.

Ji Fanyin looked through his wardrobe for another set of pajamas, only to spot a bracelet lying by the corner.

This bracelet looked a little shabby compared to Song Shiyu’s elegant wardrobe. Its many marks showed the mistreatment it had been through, possibly having scraped against a rough surface. It was to the point where the bracelet looked out of shape.

Ji Fanyin had to examine it closely before she could identify it as the ‘birthday present’ she had given to Song Shiyu the other day.

It looks like Song Shiyu doesn’t treasure much. Look at how roughly he has treated it.

Ji Fanyin pondered for a moment before slipping the bracelet into her pocket.

Song Shiyu doesn’t want it anyway, and this bracelet came right out of my pocket. I’ll think of it as recycling my goods. There might just be someone in the secondhand market who’s willing to take it home.

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