Chapter 13.2: I Don’t Accept Refunds (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 13.2: I Don’t Accept Refunds (2)

Ji Fanyin felt a little regretful.

If Bai Zhou was willing to throw away his 1,500,000 dollars, she could have called Song Shiyu and asked him if he still wanted to have dinner tonight. That way, she would be able to earn double the sum.

However, it turned out that Bai Zhou wasn’t that generous.

What a pity.

Ji Fanyin put down her phone lamentably. She twisted open the tangerine lip gloss she had chosen earlier and carefully applied it onto her lips. She looked into the mirror and lightly puckered her lips before grabbing her bag.

Judging from his voice, he probably spent the night playing games. I guess he’s going to be late.

Nevertheless, she wouldn’t allow herself to be late even if her client was. This was one of the principles she insisted on as a professional.

As usual, she arrived at the destination several minutes in advance. Bai Zhou had set the meet-up location to be at a bus stop. She took a look at the time before whipping out her phone to play a puzzle video game she had stumbled upon on the internet by coincidence.

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Each stage of this puzzle video game had interesting twists to it, and she could stop whenever she wanted to. It was not a bad choice for idling some time away.

It was already 9 by the time she cleared a stage. Just as she expected, Bai Zhou was still nowhere to be seen.

Since the client was late, Ji Fanyin thought that it was fine for her to continue playing a little longer. So, she proceeded to the next stage, which quickly proved to be challenging.

She leaned against the bus stop’s notice board in a natural upright pose which she had been maintaining for a long time now. Unlike most people, her shoulders were naturally pulled backward. Even just by standing there, she looked like a beautiful picture.

A group of young men who had just walked out from the adjacent subway station couldn’t help but stare at her. Soon, they decided to walk over to engage her in a conversation.

One of them noticed the game she was playing and nervously cleared his throat before asking, “Are you stuck on the stage? Why don’t I help you take a look?”

Ji Fanyin looked up from her phone and saw a tall young man who looked to be in his early twenties standing before her. She chuckled softly and teased, “But what if you try to escape with my phone?”

The young man’s face reddened at her smile. He fumbled out his phone from his pocket and offered it to her in a fluster, saying, “Y-you can take my phone! It’s the newest model! Ah wait, let me unlock it for you first…”

“Get lost,” a deep and hoarse masculine voice suddenly sounded.

Ji Fanyin turned her head over and saw Bai Zhou sitting coolly on his motorcycle with a leg resting on the bus stop’s platform. He impatiently snapped the helmet’s eye protector up.

“She’s with me.” Bai Zhou directed a deathly cold glare at the young man talking to Ji Fanyin. “Get lost.”

Ji Fanyin poked his arm and criticized disapprovingly, “Don’t be rude.”

“Ah?!” Bai Zhou’s rage intensified. He violently smacked away Ji Fanyin’s arm and bellowed, “Ji Fanyin, what right do you have to preach to me?”

Ji Fanyin sighed softly. She turned to the young man, who was stunned from being abruptly shouted at, and apologized, “This child spent the entire night up, so his temper is a lot worse than usual. Don’t hold it against him.”

“It’s fine,” the young man replied. He glanced at Bai Zhou with a frown before turning his attention back to Ji Fanyin. “Can we exchange…”

“Didn’t I tell you to get lost?” Bai Zhou grabbed Ji Fanyin’s arm and tugged her over to his side. “We’re leaving!”

One of the young man’s companions murmured in discontentment, “What a fierce boyfriend you have. You should just dump him.”

Bai Zhou turned around and directed a killer glare at that person.

Ji Fanyin quickly tiptoed and pulled Bai Zhou’s eye protector down before covering it with her hands, thereby stopping him from killing an innocent passerby with his glare. In a helpless tone, she said, “Alright alright, let’s go.”

The young men walked away from the bus stop with irritated looks on their faces.

Bai Zhou let out a threatening growl, “Let go.”

However, Ji Fanyin wasn’t afraid of him at all.

Bai Zhou wasn’t usually a pushover, but there were times when he was a pushover through and through. One such occasion was when Ji Fanyin spoke to him with Ji Xinxin’s tone.

“Where are we heading today?” Ji Fanyin asked as she casually put down her hands.

Bai Zhou pointed in a direction and answered, “Art studio.”

After saying his piece, he revved up his motorcycle and drove away, leaving Ji Fanyin behind.

Translator Notes

Eyy this story makes me think that it's so nice to be rich. When I get dumped, I can only cry myself to my sleep ): At least they were able to find comfort through some other ways, albeit in an unhealthy manner

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