Chapter 13.1: I Don’t Accept Refunds (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 13.1: I Don’t Accept Refunds (1)

It was only 8 o’clock when Ji Fanyin parted ways with Bai Zhou. She made it for her facial appointment on time and returned home with a glowing complexion.

Out of consideration of the work she had the following day, she didn’t take up treatments that required a healing period, choosing to go with just a simple moisturizing treatment.

She could afford to pamper herself a little since whatever she spent on beauty would only amount to a small proportion of her earnings.

Before heading to sleep, she took a look at the progress of ‘Temptation of Home’.

Ever since she got involved with Bai Zhou, the amounts that had been coming in became slightly more erratic. After a week of hard work, she managed to earn her first 10,000,000.

Most of it came from Emotion Points, but she did manage to earn 4,000,000 dollars of hard cash.

It was nothing much compared to the assets Ji Fanyin owned in the past, but considering the short period of time she took to accrue this money…

Yeap, it’s still pretty acceptable.

It was just that she had to make sure to tread carefully when expanding her client’s list. While it was another person’s pond she was harvesting from here, it would still look awful if she flopped.

Earning ten billion in ‘Temptation of Home’ didn’t seem to be an unreachable target for the time being, not to mention that there was no deadline here.

She knew that this stand-in job was only temporary, and it would only last for so long. Nevertheless, as long as she proceeded carefully and lived for another few decades, it was only a matter of time before she raked in the required sum to return back to her original world.

She switched her phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and lay down on her pillow. Within minutes, she was already asleep.

However, two other people in the same city were turning in their beds, their minds refusing to rest. One of them was Bai Zhou, who thought that someone had cast a spell on him earlier in the day. The other one was Song Shiyu, who was smoking a cigarette in a daze.

Nighttime tended to make one overthink things. Thinking about the happiness he felt in the day, Bai Zhou couldn’t help thinking that he was a child being toyed with by Ji Fanyin, but on second thought, it didn’t seem like there was anything off with what she did.

That was indeed how Ji Xinxin interacted with him.

But somehow, despite Ji Fanyin’s impeccable acting, he couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong here.

It’s as if… as if…

Unable to find the words to explain this feeling, Bai Zhou spat out a curse as he shot up from his bed, switched on his laptop, and played five rounds of PUBG.

Unfortunately, his luck wasn’t good. He kept meeting bad teammates, resulting in him eventually entering the final ring all alone before finally being wiped out. He didn’t manage to get chicken dinner even once.

He angrily tossed his mouse aside and stomped off to the kitchen to grab himself a cup of water, only to realize that a new day was upon him.

Stunned, he quickly checked the time on the lower right corner of his laptop screen and saw that there was less than an hour to go for his 9 o’clock appointment with Ji Fanyin.

To make things worse, he had initially planned to bring her on a date to Disneyland.

He had actually thought about it for a very long time now, but he wasn’t able to find a chance to talk to Ji Xinxin about it in advance. So, he thought that it might be a good idea for him to bring Ji Fanyin over first for practice.

However, it was already 8:20 now and he had made zero preparations so far. He had neither booked the plane tickets nor bought the amusement park passes.

He could try to make last-minute arrangements, but the chances were that he would screw up in a few places.

While he knew that the one he was meeting was Ji Fanyin and there was no need to worry too much about how she felt, he still didn’t want to appear like a child who was incapable of planning ahead before her.

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He hadn’t paid Ji Fanyin just to get another older sister for himself!

He berated his own lack of consideration before grabbing his phone to make a call to Ji Fanyin.

She picked up the call pretty quickly. “Morning, young master Bai.”

“I’m cancelling today’s reservation. Let’s meet up another day,” said Bai Zhou. “Tomorrow.”

Ji Fanyin replied with an ‘Ah’ before informing him about the company policy with a sweet voice reminiscent of a customer service staff. “I’ll reserve tomorrow for you then. However, I have to regretfully inform you that you won’t be refunded for the cancellation of today’s appointment.”

Bai Zhou: “??? Say that again?”

“Your money won’t be refunded,” repeated Ji Fanyin with the same professional tone. “How about this? I’ll give you a discount for tomorrow’s reservation.”

“No discounts allowed!” roared Bai Zhou. He squeezed his forehead and said, “Fine. No refunds, right? We’ll proceed with today’s reservation as previously agreed.”

Ji Fanyin’s voice remained as smooth as ever. “Understood, young master Bai.”

Bai Zhou hung up the phone in a huff.

1,500,000 dollars wasn’t a huge sum to him, but he wasn’t willing to just give it away to Ji Fanyin for free.

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