Chapter 13.3: I Don’t Accept Refunds (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 13.3: I Don’t Accept Refunds (3)

Ji Fanyin raised her head and saw an art studio named ‘Hidden Bamboo Art Studio’ in a nearby shopping mall that was known for its exorbitant rent. Just its name was more than enough to hint at its choice of clients.

She slowly walked toward the shopping mall and headed to the art studio. There was an employee already waiting for her at the entrance. “Miss Ji? Please come with me.”

Bai Zhou was already waiting inside one of the rooms. He was currently moving his art supplies, though he suddenly stopped halfway through and let out a yawn.

Ji Fanyin thought that it was amusing how he was trying to force himself to stay awake despite being utterly exhausted. At the same time, she suddenly remembered that Bai Zhou, despite his violent personality, had started learning to draw from the age of four, and he was fairly skilled at sketching and oil painting.

His choice of dates are surprisingly innocent.

“Please enter.” The employee stopped at the entrance of the studio and gestured for Ji Fanyin to enter. “There won’t be anyone else using the room today, so you can be assured that there won’t be any disturbances. If you require any assistance, feel free to ring the bell in the room and we’ll be at your service.”

Ji Fanyin thanked the employee before entering the room.

Without lifting his head, Bai Zhou pointed to the seat in front of him and said, “Sit there.”

It would appear that this art room was not exclusive to Bai Zhou as there were quite a few old paintings hanging on the walls. Ji Fanyin curiously took a look at them while walking past Bai Zhou, and she noticed that they were all nude sketches.

Bai Zhou impatiently raised his head and complained, “What are you dilly-dallying…”

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He caught sight of the sketches hanging on the wall and immediately fell silent. His face began to redden.

But before he could blow his top, Ji Fanyin took the pre-emptive strike. “I didn’t say anything.”

Bai Zhou clenched his teeth and pointed to the chair at the center of the room once more. “Hurry up and get over there. It’s time for you to put on that act of yours!”

He paused for a moment before adding on to his command, “Don’t speak at all and stay still. You can do whatever you want; just don’t disturb me!”

“Alright.” Ji Fanyin was fine with it since it spared her from the effort of having to engage him.

She settled down on the chair and leaned back leisurely before assessing the interior decor of the room. Soon, she came to a conclusion.

This is an art room prepared specifically for the rich. No wonder Bai Zhou appears to be a regular here.

His gaze was constantly alternating between Ji Fanyin and the canvas. There was a slight knit between his eyebrows, and he looked highly focused.

Ji Fanyin decided to casually hold onto the book for posture sake and stare directly at him.

Ji Xinxin had standards when it came to the fishes she reared. For one, they must be passable in terms of appearances and backgrounds.

Without a doubt, Bai Zhou had a face that would have easily made it big in the entertainment industry… Well, if not for his bad personality and extremely privileged background.

“Big sis, you aren’t going to continue reading?” Bai Zhou suddenly asked.

He was in the midst of switching pencils when he asked that question. His peaceful tone indicated that it was a casual remark he was making in passing. It seemed like he was slightly out of it after getting too engrossed in his sketching.

Before Bai Zhou could snap out of his daze, Ji Fanyin had already responded to his remark with a smile, “Our Zhouzhou looks much more pleasing than any book.”

Bai Zhou: “…”

The pencil in his hand snapped into two. With an awful look on his face, he quickly grabbed another pencil and continued his drawing. It would appear like he was planning to cover up his earlier mistake by pretending that nothing had happened here.

Ji Fanyin and Ji Xinxin are completely different from one another!

But somehow, after this mistake, Bai Zhou felt like something was off no matter how he tried to sketch Ji Fanyin’s portrait. Frustration began bottling up inside of him.

It was at this moment that a ringtone sounded in the art room.

Bai Zhou immediately leaped at this opportunity to vent his wrath, bellowing, “Who’s calling you? Are you asking for a dock in your pay?”

There was a troubled frown on Ji Fanyin’s face as she replied, “It’s probably Shiyu.”

Like a wild beast who had its territory infringed upon, Bai Zhou charged forward and snatched Ji Fanyin’s phone.

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Ji Fanyin raised her head and saw an art studio named ‘Hidden Bamboo Art Studio’ in a nearby shopping mall that was known for its exorbitant rent. Just its name was more than enough to hint at its choice of clients. 
Definitely ninja pandas

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