Chapter 11.2: Who Else Bought You? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 11.2: Who Else Bought You? (2)

Ji Fanyin’s attitude immediately became much more amicable. “It's hard for me to explain over the phone. What’s your email? I’ll send the price list to you.”

“There’s a price list?!” exclaimed Bai Zhou. “Ji Fanyin, do you really think that you’re running a business here?”

“Acting is a perfectly normal job,” Ji Fanyin earnestly corrected his views. “I’m only selling my skills here, not my body.”

Bai Zhou couldn’t be bothered with Ji Fanyin’s explanation. There was a moment of silence before he said, “I’ve sent you my email.”

Ji Fanyin switched off the stove and placed her spatula aside. She attached her newly updated price list and client questionnaire onto an email before sending it over to Bai Zhou. 

Bai Zhou didn’t hang up the phone, so she could hear the notification sound of a newly arrived email coming from his laptop, followed by a click.

A few minutes later, he lashed out furiously, “100,000 dollars for an hour? Why don’t you go rob a bank instead? Do you think that you’re worthy of such a price?”

Ji Fanyin pondered for a moment before offering additional benefits, “I can give you a 10% discount for your first hour.”

“No discounts!” Bai Zhou was almost screaming at the top of his lungs. “Aren’t you lowering big sis’ value over here?”

Ji Fanyin’s eyebrows shot up. “Sure.”

Bai Zhou hesitated for a moment before asking, “Who else other than Song Shiyu has bought you?”

“That would be a breach of privacy for my other clients. I trust that you wouldn’t want me to reveal any of your details to others either,” said Ji Fanyin. “Do you wish to make a reservation for today?”

Bai Zhou didn’t respond for a long time.

Ji Fanyin didn’t rush him. She calmly placed the call on speakerphone and set it aside. She proceeded to finish cooking her scrambled eggs and plated it nicely.

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It was while she was carrying her breakfast platter and her phone to her dining room that Bai Zhou finally spoke up.

“Tonight,” he said quickly, “5 to 8. I’ll send you the location. Make sure no one sees you.”

“Payment has to be made beforehand in order to confirm the reservation,” reminded Ji Fanyin.

Bai Zhou hung up the phone without saying a word.

Ji Fanyin saved his number in her contacts and moved it into her ‘Client’ group. Soon, she received the address for tonight’s reservation and a completed questionnaire. 

It was a good start to her morning, and she began digging into her breakfast.

As expected of the young master of the Bai Family. He does have quite a bit of cash on him despite his young age.

Bai Zhou’s hot-headedness was also a huge advantage to her. Rather than money, it was likely that he would be a fountain of endless Emotion Points.

As for the reservation later in the night, there was a good chance that Bai Zhou had ulterior motives. He probably wanted to either gather some evidence of her business or pick faults with her.

But this was of no importance. 

The fish has swum over on his own accord to bite onto my hook; how could I possibly let him get away?

After finishing up his breakfast, Ji Fanyin placed her plates in the dishwasher. Following that, she spent her remaining morning and half of her afternoon studying up on Bai Zhou.

She needed to get a good grasp on her client in order to score a victory, not to mention that Bai Zhou was planning to crash her dojo here. 

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