Chapter 11.1: Who Else Bought You? (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 11.1: Who Else Bought You? (1)

Bai Zhou was drunk and in no state to ride his motorbike, and it would take some time for him to call a valet.

Left with no choice, he could only ignore the arrogant Ji Fanyin for the time being and settle the scores with Song Shiyu.

Song Shiyu was still sleeping on the sofa when Bai Zhou mercilessly dumped a cup of cold water on his face. He opened his eyes right away, but he was still a little out of it due to the influence of alcohol. He wiped off the water on his face and slicked his wet hair backward before asking instinctively, “Where’s Xinxin?”

“It goes without saying that big sis is in Paris,” sneered Bai Zhou.

Song Shiyu raised his gaze to stare at Bai Zhou, who looked as if he was about to beat him up at any moment, but he remained oddly composed. “You still found out about it in the end. The rest of you should head out first. I’ll have a private chat with him.”

The latter half of his words were directed at the manager and waiter standing nervously by the doorway, as if worried that a fight would break out between the two of them.

The manager quickly ushered the waiter out before closing the door behind them.

With that, the only ones left in the compartment room were Song Shiyu and Bai Zhou.

Song Shiyu began speaking with a slow cadence, “Humans tend to raise pets when they feel lonely. Similarly, I’m using Ji Fanyin to assuage my yearning for Xinxin while she’s away. You have seen her face too. Identical twins tend to look different once they grow up, but the two of them still remain perfect copies of one another.”

“That’s none of my business,” replied Bai Zhou coldly. “I already have evidence in hand. If you know what’s best for you, you’d do well not to show up before big sis ever again!”

Song Shiyu looked at Bai Zhou and chuckled. His attitude was reminiscent of a mature adult dealing with someone who had barely come of age. “Ji Fanyin is a skilled actor. She’s able to make me feel like Xinxin is right beside me. On top of that, she’s also sharp-witted and knows what I want to hear. Could there possibly be a better pet than that in the world?”

Song Shiyu ignored the look on Bai Zhou’s face and gestured welcomingly toward him.

“I advise you to give it a try too. You’ll enjoy it. I’ll even keep the secret for you.”

Bai Zhou looked at Song Shiyu as if he was unrecyclable trash.

A few minutes later, the hot-headed youth spat on the ground and stomped out of the room. 

Song Shiyu didn’t stop him. Instead, he slumped onto the sofa and lit a cigarette. He lifted his head upward and slowly breathed out a long trail of smoke.

Since he found out about it, I can drag him down with me and turn him into an accomplice. Otherwise, he might really tell Xinxin about it. 

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Ji Fanyin felt no guilt whatsoever for abandoning Song Shiyu in the bar. It was not as if the bar would let anything happen to a valuable VIP of theirs, and Bai Zhou was there to ‘keep him accompanied’ too.

Feeling that she had worked hard for the day, she quickly removed her makeup as soon as she reached home before sinking into her bed. 

The following day, Ji Fanyin realized that her phone had received several calls in its ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. They were all from the same number. 

She ignored them and headed into the bathroom to wash up. Afterward, she moved into the kitchen to prepare some scrambled eggs for breakfast when she got a call from the same number again. It looked like the caller had no plans of giving it a rest until she finally picked up.

While scrambling the eggs with a spatula in one hand, she used her other free hand to grab her phone and accept the call. With a casual voice, she said, “Hello?”

The person on the other end of the call hissed in hostility, “It’s me.”

Ah, Bai Zhou.

“It seems like you have gotten the wrong number. Goodbye,” replied Ji Fanyin with an unbothered tone. 

“Cut the act!” Bai Zhou wasn’t fooled by her. “I already know about your affair with Song Shiyu!”

Those words were spoken like a menacing threat, but they seemed to fall short when it came to Ji Fanyin. “Yes, what about it?”

“Does your family know what you’re doing?”

“Their views mean nothing to me.”

“What about your younger sister?”

“Tell her if you wish to. I don’t mind.”

Bai Zhou fell silent after asking a few meaningless questions. It was a while later before he reluctantly asked the key question, “… How much did Song Shiyu pay you?”

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