Chapter 10.3: You Want Me to Reciprocate Your Feelings? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 10.3: You Want Me to Reciprocate Your Feelings? (3)

Ji Fanyin jotted down this service request in her mind before replying, “Very well.”

Song Shiyu continued staring at her anxiously, almost as if he was silently urging her to get on with it.

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Ji Fanyin immediately made adjustments to fulfill her client’s request. 

“I…” She lowered her gaze slightly, almost as if she was embarrassed by his intense stare. She bit her lips softly for a moment before she finally found the courage to reveal her feelings. “… I like you too. It’s just that my studies are also important to me. I want to be able to stand alongside you as an equal. Can you forgive me for my selfishness?”

Song Shiyu’s slightly intoxicated eyes seemed to gleam even brighter than before.

“How could I possibly stay angry at you?” he said with a deep sigh. “I feel like I’d even forget my own name with just a smile from you.”

Perhaps it was because his greatest woe had been temporarily resolved, Song Shiyu soon fell asleep on the sofa.

It wasn’t midnight yet, so Ji Fanyin poured herself a cup of water and waited patiently beside Song Shiyu for the strike of midnight.

Most people would instinctively reach for their phones when they had nothing to do, but Ji Fanyin quietly swirled the glass of water in her hand, seemingly hatching a devious plan.

During this period of time, Song Shiyu mumbled some sleep talk, but Ji Fanyin gently loosened the tight wrinkles on his forehead and whispered softly, “Don’t worry and sleep. I’m right beside you.”

The semi-conscious Song Shiyu tried to grab her hand, but she skillfully dodged it.

Soon, the countdown alarm rang.

Ji Fanyin quickly took out her phone and silenced the alarm. Thanks to her swift response, Song Shiyu wasn’t jolted awake by the noise.

Now that her working hours were finally over, her expression immediately loosened up. She leaned back on to the sofa leisurely and pressed the service button to settle the bill.

As a special service for an important client, the least she could do for him was to pay on his behalf first and put it on his tab. Otherwise, she would have to go through the trouble of reaching into his pocket and grabbing his wallet.

“Are you leaving?” The waiter was at a loss for words upon realizing that Ji Fanyin was intending to abandon her companion and leave alone. “What about Mr Song…”

“Call a valet for him. You can put it under his tab; he won’t shirk payment,” said Ji Fanyin. “Do you know where he lives? I can give you his address if you need it.”

She spoke with such natural grace that the waiter went along with her without any hesitation, almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world. 

“It’s fine, we do have the addresses of our members in the system…”

“Good.” Ji Fanyin directed a nod toward the waiter. Before walking out of the compartment room, she shot a meaningful look at the CCTV camera.

As soon as she walked out, Bai Zhou charged out of the CCTV room to chase after her. However, he’d had too much to drink and found himself unable to walk straight. In the end, he only managed to stop her right after she got into her car.

Ji Fanyin was in the midst of putting on the seatbelt when he knocked on her door. She lowered her car windows and asked calmly, “Young master Bai, you came here for a drink too?”

“Don’t put on that innocent act with me,” sneered Bai Zhou. He dangled his phone before her and said, “I’ve already recorded the little tryst you had with Song Shiyu earlier.”

“Oh?” Ji Fanyin chuckled softly. “What did you manage to get on camera?”

Bai Zhou clicked his tongue disdainfully. “I’ve never seen anyone as desperate as you to become a substitute. What can Song Shiyu give you? You should know better than anyone that the one he likes isn’t you.”

“He can give me money.” Ji Fanyin was amused by the question from the young lad. “Didn’t I tell you the other day that I was working?”

After saying her piece, Ji Fanyin lightly pushed off the arm Bai Zhou was resting on her lowered car window. The latter immediately retracted his arm upon her touch, almost as if he was disgusted by her. This allowed her to roll up her car window.

With a smile, she bade him farewell with a wave of her hand, saying, “It’s a breach of my professionalism to compromise the privacy of my client. You should ask Song Shiyu if you’re that curious.”

Word-of-mouth advertising from a satisfied customer would be far more effective than a shameless self-promotion, right?

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