Chapter 10.2: You Want Me to Reciprocate Your Feelings? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 10.2: You Want Me to Reciprocate Your Feelings? (2)

Bai Zhou took out his phone and began videotaping the CCTV footage of Song Shiyu and Ji Fanyin. There was no way Song Shiyu would be able to talk his way out of this with such concrete evidence.

The manager stood quietly behind Bai Zhou, pretending as if he couldn’t see anything at all.

A while later, Bai Zhou started to feel a little exhausted. He pulled a chair over and took a seat, seemingly resolved to camp it out here. At the same time, he instructed the manager, “Bring me something to drink.”

The two of them are likely going to be in there for an hour at minimum. I can’t miss even a single frame of them.

The manager quickly brought a few bottles of beer over. Bai Zhou popped one open and began gulping it down while staring intently at the screen.

As he looked at the footage, he started feeling a sense of incongruence.

Why do Ji Fanyin’s movements and gestures resemble big sis so much?!

“You shouldn’t drink so much. It’s not good for your body,” Ji Fanyin advised.

She could already tell that Song Shiyu was slightly intoxicated over the phone, and it didn’t seem like he had stopped drinking while she was making her way over. Even under the dim lights of the compartment room, it was obvious that his face was reddened.

Of course, she wouldn’t mind if Song Shiyu were to knock himself out—that would be extremely convenient for her.

It was just that ‘Ji Xinxin’ would try to stop him.

Song Shiyu was currently drinking a bottle of Hennessy. There was a pail filled with ice on the table, but he hadn’t even bothered to touch it at all. He poured the 40% brandy into his cup and downed it over and over again as if it was no more than iced red tea.

He was just about to pour his next cup when Ji Fanyin suddenly moved the wine bottle away from him. She asked softly, “If there’s something on your mind, why don’t you tell me about it? I might not be able to solve your problems, but it’ll at least make you feel better.”

When Song Shiyu’s outreached hand failed to grab hold of the wine bottle, he raised his head to look at Ji Fanyin. He listened quietly to her words before suddenly asking a seemingly unrelated question, “… Why did you have to go to France?”

Needless to say, it’s because she’d already had her fair share of fun rearing fishes here, so she decided to expand her fishery business overseas.

Ji Fanyin smiled softly. While passing Song Shiyu a glass of water, she circumvented the question and replied, “Aren’t I here with you now?”

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Song Shiyu didn’t accept the glass of water. He obstinately asked the same question again, “Why did you go to France?”

Realizing that he wouldn’t let this matter rest until he received his answer, Ji Fanyin took some time to ponder before answering, “There are too many incredible people around me. I wish to become as incredible as them… as incredible as you. I don’t want to be left in the dust. I don’t want to just watch your backs from behind.”

“… But all I can see now is your back.”

Song Shiyu snatched the wine bottle over and silently poured himself half a cup. He raised his head and gulped it down.

“Aren’t I already back now?” Ji Fanyin sighed softly. “Are you unwilling to wait for me?”

Song Shiyu raised his head and looked at her with sombreness in his eyes. “Why should I wait for someone who doesn’t even like me?”

How would I know what you all are thinking of? Even elementary schoolers nowadays know that spare tyres are doomed to end in tragedy!

“If you have feelings for me too, I’m more than willing to wait for you.” Song Shiyu stared at her intently. “But only if you do.”

Ji Fanyin met his eyes with an enigmatic smile sitting on her lips. “You wish for me to reciprocate your feelings?”

Song Shiyu twirled the wine cup on the table before finally making up his mind. He nodded affirmatively and said, “Yes, that’s right.”

He paused for a moment before adding, “I want Ji Xinxin to like Song Shiyu.”

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