Chapter 10.1: You Want Me to Reciprocate Your Feelings? (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 10.1: You Want Me to Reciprocate Your Feelings? (1)

From the moment Bai Zhou saw Ji Fanyin alighting from another man’s car the other day, he figured that she had found a man.

Whatever Ji Fanyin was up to was none of his business, but it was clear from her attire that day that she was impersonating Ji Xinxin, which left Bai Zhou no choice but to suspect that she was going around cheating others using Ji Xinxin’s name.

Big sis’ reputation is at stake here.

So, he got a PI to look into it. It was one thing for Ji Fanyin to flirt with Ji Xinxin’s university classmate, but to think that she would actually hook up with Song Shiyu too!

This was the very Song Shiyu who had confessed his love to Ji Xinxin not too long ago!

Bai Zhou was infuriated by the turn of affairs. Despite his still damp hair, he immediately climbed onto his motorcycle and sped his way toward the address sent to him by the PI. He looked almost like a cuckolded husband rushing to a hotel room to catch his adulterous wife in the act.

At the entrance of the bar, a jacked bouncer stepped forward and stopped him. "We don't allow minors in."

Bai Zhou frowned. He snapped a shot of the bouncer's work pass and made a call.

"Hey, Hua Zi. Your family owns K+ Bar, right? Get one of your men to bring me in."

It was not that Bai Zhou couldn't use an even more forceful method to barge in, but that would have been too conspicuous. He didn't want to risk having Song Shiyu and Ji Fanyin learn of his arrival and make an escape in advance. That would render his trip futile.

So, he made a call to an acquaintance, a 'young master' whom he remembered was affiliated with this bar, instead.

Soon, a manager dressed in a suit walked out to bring him in.

The manager welcomed Bai Zhou with a warm smile. "It's an honor to have you here with us today, young master Bai. Would you like me to prepare a compartment room for you today?"

"I'm here to find someone," said Bai Zhou coldly as he glanced at the intoxicated gents and ladies sitting inside the bar. "Where's Song Shiyu?"

The manager was a little taken aback by that question. He asked carefully, "You're here to find Mr. Song?"

"That's right. Did a beautiful lady enter this bar a moment ago to look for him?" sneered Bai Zhou.

Realization struck the manager.

Ah, he has been cuckolded and is here to catch the adulterous couple. Looks like money isn’t enough to retain the heart of a woman.

With such thoughts in mind, he said, "Mr. Bai, I’m afraid I can’t divulge our customer’s information to you. Why don’t I get someone to…”

Bai Zhou was in no mood to listen to his rambles. “I’m already being very patient here. Don’t test me.”

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The manager was put on the spot. He hesitated for a moment before saying, “Mr. Song is someone whom we can’t afford to offend. Why don’t I bring you to the CCTV room to take a look instead? You can talk to Mr. Song once they are done with their meeting. What do you think?”

Bai Zhou was so anxious to see what shady stuff Song Shiyu and Ji Fanyin were up to that he agreed to the plan right away.

The manager heaved a sigh of relief before bringing Bai Zhou over to the CCTV room.

Humans tended to lose their rationality when drunk, so bars had to be filled with CCTV cameras as a security measure. There was no way a bar as well-known as K+ would slip up on this aspect.

The CCTV room was much quieter than the outside. Bai Zhou walked up to the cluster of screens and began browsing through them to look for Song Shiyu and Ji Fanyin.

The manager was much more experienced than him. It took him only a brief moment before he pointed to one of the screens and said, “There.”

Bai Zhou immediately turned his gaze over. The image was slightly blurry, but he could tell right away that the duo sitting side by side in the compartment room were none other than Ji Fanyin and Song Shiyu.

They were really meeting up here!

Bai Zhou’s first instinct was to rush into the compartment room and beat them up, but he suddenly thought of something.

Since Song Shiyu has demeaned his feelings for big sis by projecting it onto Ji Fanyin instead, that would make him unqualified to court her anymore. Even if he’s just fooling around for the time being, it would still affect big sis’ impression of him once she learns about this.

I shouldn’t interrupt them. Instead, I should let them meet up with one another more often and capture more evidence of their affair.

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