Chapter 9.3: Who Is It? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 9.3: Who Is It? (3)

Ji Fanyin took some time to evaluate the plans she had in mind. In the end, she used her car’s Bluetooth to call Song Shiyu. “I’m done with my work now. You called me a few days ago. Were you planning to make a reservation?”

“…” Song Shiyu’s voice sounded deeper and less clear than usual. “What were you busy with? Flirting with other men?”

“I don’t think that there’s any need for me to explain my private affairs to you,” said Ji Fanyin as she reversed her car into an empty parking lot along the street. “But lest you think too much into it, I’ll answer your question. I have no interest in romance at the moment.”

Song Shiyu fell silent.

“It’s 9 o’clock,” he said. “Meet me at the bar right now.”

Ji Fanyin gave the request some thought.

Before she could use the same ‘day off’ excuse as she did the last time, Song Shiyu added, “I’ll pay you twofold.”

He’s offering a raise?

Ji Fanyin took a look at the time and replied, “Three hours.”

“What about after midnight?”

Ji Fanyin earnestly contemplated this problem and replied, “It’ll be fivefold from 12 to 3 and tenfold from 3 to 9.”

She needed ample rest, and working overtime ought to be compensated. How else would she find the motivation to work at such ungodly hours?

Her extortionist prices convinced Song Shiyu not to extend the service duration.

She grabbed her phone and said, “Send me the address. I’ll head over right now.”

“…” Song Shiyu fell silent for yet another brief moment before dropping her the name of a bar. “Find your own way over.”

Is it that difficult for you to drop me a location pin?, Ji Fanyin thought.

That being said, she still patiently looked up whatever she heard from Song Shiyu’s unclear voice. It took a few tries before she finally found the bar on her GPS. She placed her phone back onto the holder and drove out of her parking spot.

While she was making her way over, a message popped up on her phone. She shot it a glance and saw that Song Shiyu had sent the money over.

Find the original at Hosted Novel.

Her eyes then drifted to the rearview mirror. The PI’s rundown gray car was still trailing not too far behind her.

She chuckled softly as she wondered how things would develop after this.

I’m getting a little excited. Well, life would be boring without a bit of spice every now and then, right?

After parking his car, the PI immediately made a call to his client.

“Mr. Bai, there’s a change in the situation. I reported to you earlier that Miss Ji was driving back to her apartment after parting ways with that man, but she suddenly stopped by the roadside for a few minutes before abruptly changing her path. She’s now heading into a bar. I’ve already sent the images to your inbox.”

On the other end of the call, Bai Zhou had just finished working out. He placed his energy drink on the table and quickly opened his laptop. He clicked into the latest email and browsed through the attached pictures before asking, “She entered the bar alone?”

“Yes, but this bar is members exclusive. Based on our investigation, Miss Ji has never been there before. It’s likely that she was invited by someone else.”

Bai Zhou looked through the pictures once more, this time paying closer attention to the details aside from Ji Fanyin.

Soon, his eyes fell upon one of the cars in the background of the parking lot, and he frowned.

“That black Audi car parked in the VIP lot. What’s its license plate number?”

The PI quickly recited the car’s license plate number.

Bai Zhou remembered it was the same license plate number as the car that drove Ji Fanyin back to the Ji Residence just a few days ago. He eyed Ji Fanyin’s silhouette in the photo and sneered coldly, “Find out who the owner of the car is.”

He then hung up the call and headed off to take a shower.

Of course, there were ways for Bai Zhou to figure out who the owner of the car was, but the PIs had their own channels too. While it would take a bit of money, it would be much more convenient for him if this investigation didn’t alarm anyone around him.

Soon, he received a return call from the PI.

“Mr. Zhou, I’ve managed to find the owner of the car.”

Bai Zhou placed his phone on the table and switched it over to speaker mode before continuing to towel his damp hair. “Who is it?”

The PI sounded a little incredulous at what he had found too. “Song Shiyu.”

Bai Zhou’s movements froze up. “Someone with the same name?”

“… No, it’s the Mr. Song you know of.”

It took Bai Zhou two seconds before it finally dawned on him what was happening. He spat out a vulgarity before furiously tossing the towel on the table.

“I’ll be heading over right now. Keep a close eye on them. Inform me right away if any of them leaves the bar.”

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