Chapter 9.2: Who Is It? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 9.2: Who Is It? (2)

After spending many years as an actress, she was particularly sensitive to cameras directed at her.

She subconsciously swept a glance at her surroundings, but she wasn’t able to find anything. Nevertheless, she was still able to fathom a guess about the culprit.

There was one person who had declared that he would be ‘keeping an eye on her’ just a few days ago.

Bai Zhou is the most likely suspect here. With his personality, it’s not entirely impossible for him to pull off something like this.

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“The restaurant I told you about is just below this cinema. Shall we grab a bite? … Ji Fanyin?” Zhao Qi called her.

Ji Fanyin retracted her gaze and took a quick glance at her phone. Then, she replied, “Let’s go. I don’t have work today anyway. Thanks for recommending this movie to me. I’ll treat you for lunch.”

Most self-aware suitors understood the meaning behind a woman outright saying words like ‘I’ll treat you’ or ‘Let’s go dutch’.

Zhao Qi touched his nose and asked hopefully, “Can I treat you the next time?”

“Sure, if an opportunity allows.”

Ji Fanyin didn’t slam the lid entirely. It was not as if she was intending to live as a loner here. It would be good if she could make some friends too.

The restaurant Zhao Qi spoke about was a Thai hotpot shop that opened just a few months back. It was extremely popular with many returning customers. Its spicy tom yum goong soup base brought out a nice kick to the seafood.

Over the course of the meal, Ji Fanyin was finally able to locate the secret paparazzi with her sharp instincts. It wasn’t Bai Zhou but a middle-aged man who looked average from head to toe.

This middle-aged man entered the store alone shortly after the two of them. It was already weird that someone was having hotpot all on their own, but he was barely eating at all. The biggest giveaway though was him discreetly directing his phone in their direction and snapping a few shots.

He must be the kind of PI who tracks down adultery.

After footing the bill, Ji Fanyin slurped up the last bit of her ice-blended coconut drink before contemplating over what she should do next.

“Shall I drive you home?” asked Zhao Qi.

“I drove here,” replied Ji Fanyin as she dangled her car keys before him.

Zhao Qi looked at the logo on the car keys and frowned. “It might be rude of me to say this, but I’ve been thinking about this ever since you mentioned your birthday in the previous gathering… I remember that Ji Xinxin drives a Porsche. Aren’t your parents being a little too biased here?”

“Cars are just four-wheeled vehicles to me.” Ji Fanyin began rising from her seat. “Anything is fine as long as I can drive it around.”

As stingy as Ji Fanyin’s parents were, they still bought her a BMW worth 300,000 dollars sling with insurance. It wasn’t as bad as Zhao Qi was making it out to be.

Zhao Qi walked Ji Fanyin over to her car and paid her parking fees before waving her goodbye.

Ji Fanyin intentionally drove slowly, and soon enough, she spotted a rundown gray car tailing her from a distance away. It should be safe to assume Bai Zhou was already aware of her meeting with Zhao Qi today by this point.

What should I do next?

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