Chapter 9.1: Who Is It? (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 9.1: Who Is It? (1)

What a wonderful movie!, Ji Fanyin thought.

She had bought quite a few blu-ray movies in the video retail store the other day and spent the entire day going through them, even going to the extent of skipping meals and sleep. Other than occasional calls for delivery, she didn’t contact anyone. 

After watching all of the movies she had on hand in a single shot, she took a nice long nap before finally checking her phone. 

Zhao Qi knew that she was watching movies at home, so he dropped a few messages now and then to check if she was done going through them. 

There was a missed call from Ji Xinxin, who, as usual, left a voice message behind to ask if she was busy and when it would be convenient to call again. 

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Two missed calls from telemarketers too.

Song Shiyu had called her on the day of the gathering, but he didn’t follow up with that. 

Well, that was basically how big Ji Fanyin’s social circle was. 

She responded to Zhao Qi and Ji Xinxin’s messages before stretching her back lazily to begin a new day. 

She was a little curious about Song Shiyu’s unexpected silence, so she decided to access the profile page she had made for him to conduct an in-depth analysis. 

Song Shiyu could be considered as a mild perfectionist. He preferred to and would habitually display his flawless side to others, which made those around him think that he was perfect too.

The problem was that there was no such thing as a perfect person in the world.

It was normal for adults to socialize with others with a mask on their face, but Song Shiyu’s mask was exceptionally thick. He refused to take it off even before the woman he loved.

It was likely that he was afraid of how others would perceive him once they learned of his imperfections, and this feeling was even stronger when it came to Ji Xinxin.

However, Ji Fanyin had given him the opportunity to allay his fears and immerse himself in the dream scenario where ‘Ji Xinxin likes you even if you aren’t perfect’. 

It should be impossible for Song Shiyu to resist such a temptation.

Is he busy with work?

Ji Fanyin took a look at her bank balance and decided that it was time for her to expand her sources of income. 

It just so happened that Zhao Qi responded to her message and began sharing his thoughts on the movies. Quite a few movies that Ji Fanyin bought were recommended by him. 

After chatting for a while, Zhao Qi told her that a new movie had just reached the silver screen and invited her out to watch it on IMAX.

Zhao Qi:【If you don’t mind, it’ll be with a few of my other friends who are film buffs too】

Ji Fanyin accepted the offer since she didn’t have any plans for the day. 

She didn’t bother dolling herself up since it was just a trip to the cinema, putting on just a casual shirt and a pair of jeans before heading out. When she arrived at the cinema, she found that Zhao Qi was the only one there.

Zhao Qi waved the four tickets in his hand with an awkward smile. “The other two said that they won’t be joining us due to some urgent matters. It looks like we’re the only ones here.”

Ji Fanyin’s eyebrows lifted a little. She was used to such petty tricks.

It didn’t really matter to her whether Zhao Qi was staging an act or that his two friends were trying to pair them up.

“It would be a waste to miss the movie when we’re already here,” said Ji Fanyin as she made her way toward the concession stand. “I’ll get the snacks since you’ve already paid for the tickets. What drink do you want?”

Zhao Qi offered to pay, but he was unable to outtalk Ji Fanyin. In the end, they got a two person combo set. 

The movie was not bad, and Zhao Qi was a decent film watching partner too. 

When the credits scene finally rolled, the two of them began making their way out of the theater while amicably chatting about the movie. It was then that Ji Fanyin got a feeling that someone was spying on her. 

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