Chapter 8.3: My Apologies, You Are? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 8.3: My Apologies, You Are? (3)

Zhao Qi offered to drive her home, but Ji Fanyin turned him down saying, “I’m not heading home yet.”

“Ah…” Zhao Qi was a little disappointed. “Where are you heading to? Can I come with you?”

Ji Fanyin pondered for a moment before honestly advising him against it, “The place where I’m headed might not interest you.”

While she was researching the Western restaurant, she noticed that there was a video retail shop. With the onset of the Digital Age, video retail shops were disappearing at a frightening rate. 

As an actress herself, Ji Fanyin had the unsurprising hobby of collecting physical copies of movies. While most people filled their shelves with books, she filled hers with DVDs and tapes that included antiques and exclusives. From a collector’s point of view, what she had was worth quite a sum… 

… but of course, that was all in her previous life. 

She had checked the internet and found that despite both worlds sharing some similarities, this world seemed to have plenty of outstanding films that didn’t exist in her previous world. The realization that there was a treasure trove here waiting to be uncovered filled her with excitement. 

“Don’t worry about it, I have a broad range of interests!” declared Zhao Qi. “It’s hard to say whether I’d like it or not without giving it a try.”

Seeing that Zhao Qi was going to the extent of abandoning his car by the roadside, Ji Fanyin felt that there was no reason for her to insist on rejecting him. “Alright.”

The video retail shop wasn’t too far away—it was only an overhead bridge and traffic light away—so she made her way there on foot.

Just thinking about how she would soon be immersed in an ocean of new films made her footsteps much lighter. 

But just as she was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, she received a call from Song Shiyu. Her eyebrows raised a little as she picked up the call. “Yes?”

“I don’t like seeing you dating another man using her face,” said Song Shiyu over the phone. “Meet me in half an hour’s time.”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible,” Ji Fanyin rejected him right away. “Today’s my break day. You should make a reservation in advance if you wish to meet me.”

“Do you really think you’re that popular?” mocked Song Shiyu. “The one Zhao Qi fancies is Xinxin!”

Ji Fanyin wasn’t bothered by his remark. She shot a glance at Zhao Qi before remarking with a heavier tone, “Do you think that he would be the same as you?”

“…” Song Shiyu fell silent, but Ji Fanyin was still able to hear his hastened breathing noises.

Ji Fanyin chuckled softly. She reverted back to her original tone and said, “I’ll be putting my phone on silent mode after this call. Feel free to message me on WeChat if there’s anything you need from me. I’ll respond to you when I’m free.”

She politely waited for a few seconds in case Song Shiyu wanted to say anything before hanging up the phone. 

“It’s green now, let’s go.” Zhao Qi seemed a little curious about the phone call. “Is it a call from work?”

Ji Fanyin switched the phone to silent mode before responding to Zhao Qi with a nod. “Yeah, it’s from one of my wealthier clients.”

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