Chapter 11.3: Who Else Bought You? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 11.3: Who Else Bought You? (3)

Five minutes to 5 o’clock, Ji Fanyin arrived at the requested location. 

It was a restaurant located on a bridge that granted a good view over a scenic spot. It was quite expensive to dine here, but the restaurant did a good job with its privacy measures. Thanks to that, it attracted quite a few celebrities to dine here. 

Ji Fanyin informed the front reception of the reserved compartment room, and a waiter soon led her in. 

It was a six person compartment room, but Bai Zhou was the only one in there. He was holding his phone horizontally in his hands, playing a game with his earpiece on. His right leg was crossed over his left one as he shook it casually, making him appear like a delinquent. 

Even when he heard the sound of the door opening, all he did was to spare a nonchalant glance over. 

When he caught sight of the person standing by the doorway, he froze up for several seconds right away. The first thing he did upon snapping out of his daze was to put his leg down and call out hesitantly, “Big sis?”

His teammates were shouting at him over the earpiece, but his mind automatically filtered those out. The character he was controlling ended up getting hacked down by his enemies within a few seconds, but he was in no state of mind to bother with that.

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A split moment later, he threw his phone on the ground and cursed, “You don’t look like her at all!”

The woman standing by the doorway looked at him doubtfully and asked, “Look like who?”

The truth was that Bai Zhou didn’t believe what Song Shiyu said the previous night. He thought that the latter had simply lost his mind after Ji Xinxin left for Paris.

Who doesn’t know what kind of person Ji Fanyin is? There’s no comparing her and my big sis, alright!

Bai Zhou had made a reservation with Ji Fanyin with the intention to pick faults at her acting and humiliate her, but within a minute of their meeting, he realized that he wasn’t able to find any faults with her at all.

It was as if Ji Xinxin was standing right before him.

It’s no wonder why Song Shiyu would… 


Bai Zhou suddenly felt a sense of crisis. Unwilling to let Ji Fanyin win, he betrayed his conscience and overthrew everything that he had said earlier. “You don’t look like her at all! Big sis wouldn’t… wouldn’t…”

He ended up getting stuck because there was simply nothing for him to pick at. 

Ji Fanyin walked up to Bai Zhou, bent down, and leaned in close to him. The latter was so nervous that he subconsciously held his breath and leaned back a little.

“Haven’t I told you many times?” She lightly poked Bai Zhou’s forehead with her finger and sighed softly. “Look at the dark circles around your eyes. Did you stay up late to play games again? You need to sleep early, or else you’ll never grow tall…”

Bai Zhou subconsciously grumbled in retort, “I’m already a grown-up now! I’m 1.83, an entire head taller than you…”

But his words screeched to a halt halfway through. He closed his eyes tightly before bellowing with utmost frustration, “Ji Fanyin!”

Ji Fanyin didn’t react at all despite having her name called out loud. Instead, she remarked in discontentment, “It wasn’t easy for us to have a meal together, but you’re only going to talk about someone else to me?”

There were countless vulgarities that Bai Zhou really wanted to utter at this very moment, but he couldn’t bring himself to voice them aloud when he saw Ji Fanyin’s face.

It feels almost like I’m insulting big sis here!

“I’m not going to bother with you anymore if you throw another tantrum,” said Ji Fanyin sternly. “Shall I leave right now and let you eat on your own?”

Bai Zhou raised his head to look at her.

It was utterly ridiculous. Be it her appearance, expressions, or even eyes, he couldn’t find any incongruence at all. Had he not paid 300,000 dollars to reserve Ji Fanyin’s time, he would have really thought that Ji Xinxin had specially flown back from Paris to meet him.

Despite knowing that this was a show staged by Ji Fanyin… 

Despite the sheer disgust he felt when he learned that Song Shiyu was seeking Ji Fanyin for comfort… 

“Don’t go,” said Bai Zhou. “Accompany. Me. For. Dinner.”

As if he was throwing a tantrum at himself, he forcefully dragged the chair beside him out with a loud screeching sound and slammed the menu down on the table.

Ji Fanyin finally took a seat and complimented him, “That’s more like it.”

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