Chapter 1.2: Because You Like Me, No? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 1.2: Because You Like Me, No? (2)

As someone who was known for her unruly character by her fans and critics alike, Ji Fanyin expressed her condolences to ‘Ji Fanyin’ for her meek and pitiful life. She coolly swept her hands through her dripping hair.

I guess that explains why I’m seated all wet by the riverside.

Song Shiyu had privately been in contact with ‘Ji Fanyin’ over the past year. The two of them would meet each other from time to time, but there was no intimate contact such as kissing between them, let alone sleeping together.

But just yesterday, Song Shiyu told her that he wanted to end their relationship. ‘Ji Fanyin’ was unable to accept it, so she leaped into the river to end her life.

Ji Fanyin stretched her back a little before slowly sitting up. She grabbed her phone and started off by checking her account balance.

It was fortunate that the Ji Family was still considered a reputable family. While they didn’t harbor much love for ‘Ji Fanyin’, they weren’t too stingy with her pocket money either. The two bank cards under her name contained a total of 100,000 dollars.

After checking on her account balance, she backed out of her banking app to check the ‘Temptation of Home’ app again. As expected, the progress bar had been updated to reflect -9,999,863,520.00.

Well, a hundred thousand dollars was chump change against ten billion, so there was hardly any movement in the progress bar. Still, any progress was good.

Following that, Ji Fanyin checked her contact list and matched the unfamiliar yet familiar names to her memories one by one. After completing this task, she moved on to check on her messages and social media account.

There was a message containing a location pin sent by Ji Xinxin several hours ago, saying: 【Big sis, I’m sending you this so that you won’t lose your way. We’re having lunch here today. I’ll be heading there with dad and mum first. See you there~】

It was followed up with a gif of an adorable cat rolling on the floor.

Ji Fanyin tapped on the location pin to find the hotel’s name. She knew that this was the place where Father Ji had urged her to head to through the call earlier, the place where Ji Xinxin’s farewell party was being held.

Ji Fanyin looked at her wet and slightly transparent clothes and wondered if there was a store nearby so she could purchase some spare clothes to change into. Then suddenly her phone rang once more.

The caller was a person named ‘Song Shiyu’.

Ji Fanyin pondered for a long while before it finally came to her. Ah, it’s the man whom ‘I’ have a crush on.

A smile curled on her lips as she accepted the call with a slide of her finger.

“Where are you?” Song Shiyu dove straight into the main point. “Your younger sister is going abroad; aren’t you going to at least send her off? She has been looking for you for some time now.”

Despite his reproachful attitude, his voice still sounded refined and elegant, hinting at a good upbringing. He had the kind of voice that easily won goodwill from others.

However, Ji Fanyin had seen far too many handsome men and beautiful women, to the point where it would take a whole lot more than just this to make her heart thump.

Completely unfazed by Song Shiyu’s interrogation, she replied with a lazy tone, “Why should I send her off?”

Song Shiyu fell silent for a brief moment before he replied, “Ji Fanyin, our affair has nothing to do with Xinxin. You shouldn’t hate your own little sister over this.”

“I can’t head there even if I wanted to,” replied Ji Fanyin leisurely as she looked for the nearest shopping mall on the map. “I just dirtied my clothes, and I don’t have anything suitable to change into for the farewell party.”

Song Shiyu paused for a moment before reminding impassively, “Even if I purchase a gown for you, it won’t change anything between us. There’s no way I’ll get together with you.”

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Ji Fanyin chuckled softly and asked, “So, do you want me to send her off or not?”

It was silent on the other side before the call was abruptly hung up.

Ji Fanyin called for a taxi using her phone before she rose to her feet and walked calmly up the slope. Before the taxi arrived, she suddenly received a message—Song Shiyu had transferred 100,000 dollars to her.

Looking at the easily earned 100,000 dollars in her account, Ji Fanyin whistled in delight. She tapped into the ‘Temptation of Home’ app and saw that the amount had been revised to -9,999,753,520.00. It had reduced by an additional 110,000, and there was a ‘More Information’ button by the side.

Ji Fanyin tapped in to take a look. It displayed a record that showed that the 100,000 was the amount transferred from Song Shiyu whereas the additional 10,000 came from Song Shiyu’s ‘emotion’.

Oh? I barely triggered him with my words, and it stirred 10,000 Emotion Points out of him?

Ji Fanyin kept her phone away as a confident smile emerged on her face.

She believed that there was no such thing as a path to wealth in the world; it’s sharp-witted humans who pave a way out for themselves.

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