Chapter 1.3: Because You Like Me, No? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 1.3: Because You Like Me, No? (3)

Even though she had just received 100,000 dollars from Song Shiyu for free, Ji Fanyin had no intentions of squandering her money on branded goods. She took a taxi to the nearest shopping mall and entered a Uniqlo store. She casually grabbed a shirt, jeans, and high heels that were on discount and went straight to the cashier. All in all, the process took less than ten minutes, and she didn’t even spend 300 dollars in total.

Before leaving the store, she walked up to a mirror and pulled her fringe up so as to take a close look at her new face.

An oval-shaped face, phoenix eyes, tall nose bridge, dense eyebrows, and fair complexion; Ji Fanyin was definitely not a bad-looking individual.

However, one’s disposition affected one’s appearance. ‘Ji Fanyin’ was an introverted person who was extremely afraid of strangers, often appearing diffident in public. She was fond of covering her own face with her fringe, which formed a stark contrast against her younger sister, Ji Xinxin.

Due to that, most people liked Ji Xinxin more than ‘Ji Fanyin’.

Ji Fanyin pulled her still slightly damp hair together and casually tied a ponytail. Following that, she headed to a department store and picked out a lipstick color that was currently in trend from one of the cosmetics booths.

She casually walked up to one of the makeup mirrors in the area and started applying the lipstick. Her lips were initially a little pale from the frost, but after they were dyed the color of a cherry tomato, it brought some color back to her face.

Staring at her seductive self in the mirror, her eyebrows arched a little.

Playing a substitute? What for? Let’s go make some money instead.

After arriving at the hotel, Ji Fanyin was in no rush to proceed in and look for the banquet hall booked by the Ji Family. Instead, she chose to dawdle outside and enjoy the scenery.

This hotel was located in the midst of a serene mountain, surrounded by lush greenery. It was a place where the affluent could flaunt their good taste and class to others.

Ji Fanyin stood by the roadside as she gazed down at the scenery beneath her with a brooding look on her face.

On her way here, she tried looking her past self up on the internet, but there were no results at all. She also noticed that she couldn’t recognize any of the landmarks she could see from the top of the mountain. The evidence was telling her that she had been brought into a parallel world.

She couldn’t determine if that mysterious app on her phone was a friend or foe, but it was the only straw of hope she had at the moment. She would have to clutch onto it tightly.

Her family, friends, and everything she had worked hard to obtain was all in the other world. For the time being, it looked like she could only take a step at a time and figure out what was going on.

At the very least, based on the earlier test, it didn’t seem that difficult for her to earn ten billion.

With a casual shrug, Ji Fanyin was just about to enter the hotel and face that poor excuse of a family she had when she suddenly heard a young voice calling out for her from behind, “Big sis! What are you doing out here?”

Ji Fanyin turned around, only to be faced with a young man with a haughty look on his face.

The young man was taken aback for a moment upon meeting her gaze before his face began warping in revulsion. “It’s you? I thought that you weren’t coming.”

Smelling the faint cigarette scent coming from the young man, Ji Fanyin stared at him contemplatively for a moment before realization struck her. “Ah, it’s you.”

The young man had a rather peculiar name—Bai Zhou (Daytime).

He was 19 years old and had just entered his second year in university, but in terms of background, he was definitely one of the most eligible ones amongst Ji Xinxin’s suitors. He was the young master of Yandu’s Bai Family, a typical second generation tycoon who had a throne awaiting his succession.

Bai Zhou had met Ji Xinxin over his summer break during his high school years, and he went completely head over heels for her ever since then. He even went to the extent of enrolling into a university in this city, where the Ji Family resided, so as to get closer to her.

But no matter what he did, it was all futile. Ji Xinxin would simply respond with a ‘You’re an important little brother to me’.

Bai Zhou was completely at a loss as to what to do, but he was unwilling to give up.

Who could have known that Ji Xinxin would suddenly choose to study abroad for three years at this juncture? It left him so distressed that he nearly tried to tamper with Ji Xinxin’s visa so as to foil her plans.

The rules of this world dictated that anyone who was fond of Ji Xinxin had to abhor Ji Fanyin. This was an ironclad law.

Bai Zhou viewed the good-for-nothing older sister of the Ji Family in scorn and disdain. It was like an explosion of firecrackers every time ‘Ji Fanxin’ met with him, raking up a huge ruckus.

“Just go in if you’re already here. Do you expect someone to come out to fetch you when you’re already several hours late? You should have some self-awareness! You aren’t the star of the show today!” Bai Zhou snorted as he dug his hands into his pockets and walked past Ji Fanyin.

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Ji Fanyin casually began making her way forward too. For a moment there, it looked as if the two of them were traveling together, which immediately caused Bai Zhou’s face to darken.

“Has my little sister never told you before?” asked Ji Fanyin with a light tone as she casually started spinning up lies. “She absolutely hates the scent of smoke. It leaves her nauseated.”

Bai Zhou was going to flare up when he heard those words and froze up.

“I guess not. She probably wouldn’t dare to tell the esteemed young master of the Bai Family that even if she harbors such thoughts in mind,” remarked Ji Fanyin with a sigh, sending yet another dagger into Bai Zhou’s heart. “How pitiful.”

Bai Zhou abruptly grabbed Ji Fanyin’s arm and asked, “Are you speaking the truth?”

“Have you forgotten that I grew up with her?” Ji Fanyin earnestly duped the young man.

Bai Zhou coldly flung her arm off before rushing off in another direction. Barely a few steps later, he irritatedly took off the leather jacket he was wearing, hoping to fan off the smoke stench.

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