Chapter 1.4: Because You Like Me, No? (4)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 1.4: Because You Like Me, No? (4)

Meanwhile, Ji Fanyin casually followed the signs in the hotel’s lobby and headed to the banquet hall.

By then, the banquet hall was already crowded with people. There were two large screens that played a photo montage of Ji Xinxin and her parents, be it on a holiday, playing around, dancing, parents’ meeting… They looked like a harmonious family of three.

Where’s the other daughter, you ask? Who cares. She’s nowhere to be seen in those merry photos anyway.

Ji Fanyin watched those pictures by the entrance as she clicked her tongue in wonderment.

‘Ji Fanyin’ sure led a tragic life. She didn’t do anything wrong at all, yet she doesn’t have any presence or standing in her family at all.

As more and more doubtful gazes were directed toward her, Ji Fanyin finally began making her way toward the frontmost table in the banquet hall.

She could hear the confused crowd in the surroundings gossiping about her identity, wondering why she looked so alike to Ji Xinxin. In fact, when Ji Fanyin stood before Father Ji and Mother Ji’s eyes, the duo even looked stunned for a moment.

“My apologies, I was held up by something else,” explained Ji Fanyin before she calmly called a waiter over to bring a chair and prepare an additional set of tableware.

They said that everyone was waiting for me, but there’s no seat for me at all. What a load of bullshit.

“Yinyin?” Mother Ji was the first one to snap out of her daze. She coughed lightly out of awkwardness before saying, “You’re really late… Come, have a seat.”

Before she could finish those words, Ji Fanyin had already settled down on the chair brought over by a waiter.

On the other hand, Father Ji had an awful look on his face, but he didn’t want to cause a scene here. So, he shot a glare at Ji Fanyin and growled deeply, “Just eat your meal and don’t say a thing at all.”

Ji Fanyin responded with a lackadaisical murmur as she picked up a piece of steamed pork belly with sugar paste with her chopsticks and placed it into her bowl.

For someone who had just attempted suicide, she felt that she ought to console her soul with some sweet food.

Her nonchalant attitude made it clear that she wasn’t going to listen to any of her parents’ preaching, and it enraged Father Ji greatly. However, before he could vent his wrath, one of his business partners suddenly walked over, leaving him with no choice but to quickly put on a smile and greet the other party.

“This must be Xinxin, right? She sure grew up fast. She looks even more beautiful in person than in the photos,” remarked the business partner with a smile as he directed his gaze toward Ji Fanyin.

Father Ji awkwardly replied, “This is my other daughter. She’s a bit shy in front of strangers.”

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The business partner was stunned for a moment before the two of them burst into laughter in unison to dispel the awkwardness.

Meanwhile, Ji Fanyin took a sip of her drink, unbothered by the curious gazes coming from the other tables. As someone who used to make a living in the entertainment industry, she was accustomed to being in the spotlight.

Shortly after Father Ji sent off his business partner, Ji Xinxin, who had changed into another gown for the event, finally returned back to the table. She was surprised for a moment to see Ji Fanyin before quickly rushing forward to greet her, “Big sis, you’re here! I thought that you were too busy to attend my farewell banquet. This is wonderful!”

Ji Xinxin had a slender but shapely figure. Her face and nose were slightly tinged in redness, giving off the tempting allure of youthfulness. Her innocent smile revealed a row of neat charming teeth. She had the stereotypical appearance of what most students’ first crush looked like.

Ji Fanyin put her chopsticks down and looked at Ji Xinxin, saying, “May you have a smooth sailing journey.”

Ji Xinxin looked a little downcast. She stepped forward to hug Ji Fanyin as she whispered softly into the latter’s ears, “Big sis, do you actually hate me?”

“No,” replied Ji Fanyin with a smile. “I’m thankful for your existence.”

If you weren’t rearing such a huge pond of fishes, how could I possibly find such an easy way to make money?

Ji Xinxin’s expression upon hearing those words was so subtly complicated that it deserved a full-blown review by movie critics.

After a few rounds of wine, the atmosphere on the tables in the banquet hall grew more light-hearted and lively.

It was during this period of time that Bai Zhou finally returned to the banquet hall with a nasty look on her face. He had changed into a new set of clothes, and his hair appeared to be a little damp.

A while later, a dashing young man walked over to the main table. Ji Fanyin shot a glance at his face and swiftly recognized him. Oh? Isn’t this Song Shiyu?

Looks like he’s here to propose.

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