Chapter 1.5: Because You Like Me, No? (5)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 1.5: Because You Like Me, No? (5)

It was quite ironic actually, but ‘King of the Seas’ Ji Xinxin had never really dated in her whole life. Meaning to say, Song Shiyu, who was about to propose to Ji Xinxin, wasn’t even her boyfriend.

Ji Fanyin’s lips curled up as she readied herself to watch a good show.

A ‘King of the Seas’ was only best understood by another ‘King of the Seas’. Ji Fanyin knew very well that Ji Xinxin wouldn’t accept Song Shiyu’s proposal.

When Song Shiyu walked up to Ji Xinxin with a bouquet of roses and got down on a knee, and the girls in the room began screaming in excitement, Ji Fanyin could almost hear the sound of Ji Xinxin’s mental state collapsing.

When the ‘King of the Seas’ reared fishes, the greatest flop that could occur was not the overexpansion of the fishery but a lack of partiality amongst the fishes.

Rearing too many fishes at once wasn’t a problem, but showing explicit bias to one would capsize one’s boat.

As a highly qualified ‘King of the Seas’, there was no way Ji Xinxin wouldn’t understand this logic.

So, Ji Xinxin had no choice but to reject Song Shiyu’s rose bouquet with a mix of guilt and politeness on her face, apologizing nonstop to him throughout the entire process, as if it was a huge regret for her to turn him down.

Song Shiyu was a gentleman, so he wouldn’t make things difficult for the woman he loved even after a failed proposal. He simply turned around and left the banquet hall with a crestfallen look.

After such an incident, it was hard for the banquet’s atmosphere to revert back to its previous light-hearted mood. Not too long later, Ji Xinxin departed under the excuse of needing to change her clothes.

Once again, she hugged Ji Fanyin and asked sweetly, “Big sis have you finally decided to change your image? I’m really happy for you!”

“It’s good that you’re happy.” Ji Fanyin stroked the other party’s round head and spoke with a trace of anticipation in her voice, “As for you, there’s no need for you to change at all. You’re wonderful the way you currently are.”

Continue rearing more fishes, alright? It’ll become much easier for me to find superior breeds and harvest them out of your fishery.

Ji Xinxin shot a deep look at Ji Fanxin before rising to her feet and leaving with Father Ji and Mother Ji.

Having eaten her fill and watched her fair share of drama, Ji Fanyin waited for the family of three to depart before rising to her feet too. She remembered that she had a car that she needed to take with her, so she decided to drop by the Ji House to pack her luggage and prepare to move out.

However, while she was making her way out of the banquet hall, her phone suddenly vibrated. A message had come in.

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She tapped on the message and took a look. It was from Song Shiyu, consisting of just four words: 【Come to the carpark】

Ji Fanyin’s eyebrows arched upward. Instead of deleting the message, she replied: 【Isn’t it all over now? Did you think that I’d still rush to your side at your summon?】

Song Shiyu didn’t reply.

Ji Fanyin hailed a taxi and left the hotel.

The Ji Family mansion was a four storey high bungalow. The security system still contained a record of Ji Fanyin’s fingerprint and voiceprint, so she was able to enter it without a hitch to pack her luggage. It took her half an hour to put her stuff together and leave the house.

None of the maids and gardeners bothered to spare her a glance at all, let alone ask her why she was dragging such a huge luggage bag with her. Thanks to that, Ji Fanyin was able to leave the Ji House without a fuss.

She headed to a realtor to rent a studio apartment for a year, paying a deposit of 10,000 dollars in advance. The good thing was that she was able to move in with her luggage right away.

She could have rented a better house with her current financial condition, but she didn't think that there was a need to do so. Someone would soon be delivering one into her hands anyway.

It was then that her phone suddenly rang.

She grabbed her phone and saw that it was from Song Shiyu.

“I’m outside your house.” His voice sounded deeper and more indistinct than it was in the day. “Come out right now.”

“Has my little sister gotten on the plane yet?” asked Ji Fanyin with a smile.

“Ji Fanyin,” Song Shiyu spat out her name menacingly.

“Hadn’t you made it clear yesterday? Whatever relationship we had comes to an end from today onward.” Ji Fanyin lay down on her sofa and wiggled her toes about. “What reason do I have to meet you?”

Song Shiyu calmly replied, “Because you like me, no?”

“That sounds about right. What can I do about that?” replied Ji Fanyin. “… Just to ask though, Mr Song, do you happen to carry your credit card with you?”

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