Chapter 1.1: Because You Like Me, No? (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 1.1: Because You Like Me, No? (1)

Ji Fanyin died, but she quickly came back to life.

As she regained consciousness, she realized that she was sitting on a riverbank. Her hair and clothes were dripping wet, and a cold wind sent shivers through her body. As if the situation wasn’t confusing enough, a phone persistently vibrated beside her, much to her annoyance.

Her head was still groggy when she picked up the phone to take a look. When she saw the caller was ‘Father’, she instinctively accepted it.

The deep voice of a middle-aged man sounded from the other side of the phone, “Where are you?”

Confused, Ji Fanyin took another look at the phone. It was indeed from ‘Father’.

But this isn’t my father’s voice?

“Xinxin is going abroad today. Our relatives and friends are already at the hotel to send her off. As the older sister, how can you be absent for such an important occasion? Don't you know that you’re putting her on the spot?” The middle-aged man sternly issued an order, “Come to the hotel right now! You know where it is!”

Boop boop. The other party hung up the phone.

The confused Ji Fanyin continued holding onto the phone as she belatedly remembered something. Ah, my father died three years ago.

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

… Is this some sort of new scam?

She took a look at the darkened phone screen, only to see a foreign face staring back at her.

That snapped her out of her daze right away. She quickly unlocked the phone and tapped into her camera app. When she found herself confronted with a face that didn’t belong to her, she fell silent.

Despite having gone through many things in her life, Ji Fanyin was still shocked by the realization that she was in another person’s body. While she was still stupefied at the unfamiliar ‘her’ on the screen, a notification popped up on the phone.

【Installation of the app ‘Temptation of Home’ has been completed.】

“…” Ji Fanyin.

She backed out of the camera app and tapped into the newly installed app. This app’s function was so sloppily simple that it would have surely received negative reviews on the app store. There was only an empty progress bar and a long string of numbers beneath it.

Ji Fanyin quickly counted the digits and found that it added up to ten billion.

She proceeded to tap on the question mark label on the top right, which provided her with an explanation of the app.

【An accident has put you into a coma, but congratulations, you have been granted an opportunity to recover! As long as you earn ten billion in this second life, you’ll be able to return to your original body and come back to life~】

As expected of an app named ‘Temptation of Home’. Its proposition was moving, but the amount it was asking for was ridiculous.

It was asking for ten billion, not ten million.

Most people in the world wouldn't earn ten-thousandth of that after spending their life slogging their guts out.

How much was a billion dollars?

To put it into perspective, even if a person earned five million from the lottery every day, he would have to save every single cent of it for five years before amassing that much money.

But again, if she had really entered another person's body, perhaps the ridiculous proposition on the app might not necessarily be gibberish.

【There's no need to be daunted by the astronomical sum. Your fixed assets and current assets will automatically contribute to the progress bar, and any Emotion Points you receive will also be quantified and added accordingly.】

【Emotion Points refers to the emotions others have toward you. Be it positive or negative, as long as the emotion is directed toward you, it’ll be quantified and added to the progress bar.】

Ji Fanyin squeezed the phone in her hand.

I get it now.

I must get a lot of people to either like me or hate me.

【Initiating the transference of memories. Work hard and good luck~】

Ji Fanyin exited the explanation tab and stared wordlessly at the ten billion progress bar once more.

A set of memories was transmitted into Ji Fanyin’s brain. As if watching a movie, the entire life of the original owner of this body played right before her eyes.

The original owner of this body shared the same name as her, Ji Fanyin. She had a twin sister named Ji Xinxin. They were identical twins and thus shared similar appearances, but their personalities were vastly different.

Ji Xinxin was the little princess of the Ji Family, a bubbly extrovert who was loved by everyone. On the other hand, ‘Ji Fanyin’ was a gloomy individual who was often treated as if she was transparent.

Ji Xinxin was extremely skilled at playing the field, having reeled in many fishes under her skirt. She knew how to strike a balance to maintain her fishery even as she got involved with more fishes.

However, when she graduated from university, she decided to explore uncharted territories and venture into the foreign market… Ah, the technical term for that should be ‘studying abroad’.

When the fishes reared by Ji Xinxin suddenly lost their oasis and found themselves terribly thirsty, what would they do?

Needless to say, they would look for the identical ‘Ji Fanyin’ to quench their parched throats.

Initially, ‘Ji Fanyin’ was willing to be a substitute for them, for one of them happened to be a long-time crush of hers, Song Shiyu. However, when Song Shiyu introduced her to other men, she swiftly found herself turning into a ‘public good’ who wasn’t even worthy of having her own name. Those men would only call her ‘Ji Xinxin’.

She tried to kill herself numerous times, only to find that she wasn’t even entitled to that. They shackled her up and robbed her of her freedom.

It was only when Ji Xinxin finally returned to the country that those men finally dumped her, allowing her to throw herself into the river and end her life.

She was only 26 years old when she met her demise.

Translator Notes

Ello everyone, I'm StarveCleric ~~
I've translated quite a few novels like Library of Heaven's Path, Martial God Asura, Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Have a Bad End, The Records of the Human Emperor, The Experiment Log of the Crazy Lich, Keyboard Immortal, and The Beautiful Time With You ~~
It's not my first time doing a modern novel, though I'm still in the process of getting used to it hahaha!

Some things to expect from this novel uh:
> It'll be a fun ride. I've finished this novel, and if you've clicked in after being lured in by the synopsis, you won't be disappointed by the ride
> This novel can be morally subjective cause, well, being another person's stand-in lover can be questionable. The FL does have honor and principles, but it's not the kind of novel where you want to talk ethics
> The FL is more focused on her goals than romance, so there won't be much romantic development for the most part of the novel

Novel Notes

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