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ZL - Chapter 875 Clear Black Eyes's complicated plan

Chapter 875 Clear Black Eyes's complicated plan

"They are about to fire!" Yan Zhao Warrior pulled out his sword and said, "Prepare to fight!"

  I anxiously said, "No, order the people behind to immediately retreat towards Demon Howling Hill, quick, immediately!"

  Yan Zhao Warrior was shocked, "Xiao Yao what is up?"

  Q-Sword also said, "That's right, isn't there just a few dozen Dragon Crystal Cannons? Would they be able to blow up all of us?"

  Tang Qi frowned and said, "Li Xiao Yao what is going on?"

  "Just retreat, I won't harm any of you!"

  I held the Dragon Reservoir Sword, shouting as I said those words.


  However at this moment it was already too late. Clear Black Eyes held up her hand and said loudly, "Cannon Unit change directions and fire. It is time for revenge!"

  What the China players didn't expect was that the seventy Dragon Crystal Cannons actually didn't aim at us and instead at the hill at the side. Following which a series of cannon explosions spread out. The mountain was broken into pieces as giant pieces of rocks flew out. There was also a chain explosion reaction as gunpowder had been buried in the mountain body!

  "Peng peng peng..."

  The explosion noises filled the ear and the entire mountain body instantly collapsed. Following closely the two hundred meter high flood water surged over. At this moment Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword and Ye Lai knew what was happening. Clear Black Eyes's cannons weren't used to shoot at us but to blow open the mountain to cause us to be hit by a huge flood of water!

  Wild Swan Plains was originally already a low land, it was more of a little basin. I had thought about everything but just didn't expect that Clear Black Eyes would actually do this. I had already seen the map and there weren't many forests so flame attacks were useless towards us. There was also no high water lakes which was why water attacks weren't possible too. However I didn't expect that Fire Elephant City had rained for a week which formed a lake that wasn't shown in the map. Instantly I regretted, if we lost this time I would be responsible for it.

  The flood surged over and pretty quickly drowned towards the players at the front. I hugged Lin Wan Er with my left hand and Yue Qing Qian with my right as I flew up and hollered, "Wind Elves fly up. Cavalry hug the necks of the war horses, they know how to swim so you won't drown!"

  The players who entered the game all naturally knew how to swim but what about the hundred meter high giant waves in front of them? If one was underwater for too long one would naturally die from a lack of oxygen. I was in the air as I looked at the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry as well as the Royal Army get drowned by the water. My heart felt like it was cut by blades. This was the work of Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple!

  The situation of the war was about to switch. The flood water entered the Wild Swan Plains and surged into the distance, causing huge amounts of China Region NPC and players to be drowned within. Moreover there were many India Region warships that actually sailed in. Clear Black Eyes held a bow and climbed up one as she smiled, "Archers follow me, this is our chance to fight back!"

  From afar a dense group of warships sailed over. There were at least a hundred of them making my heart feel cold as I looked on. This was a calamity of the China Region. With so many warships chasing us and trying to kill us, how many of us would be able to escape?


  The rampaging flood water had drowned many people and many rays of spiritual light surged up nto the direction of Tian Ling City. It was really dense and in a short few minutes at least a million players drowned. When the water slowly calmed down, it formed a twenty meter deep patch of river water. The players and NPCs who didn't die all floated up to the surface. [Zhan Long]'s Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry all gathered together. Under the lead of Li Mu they swam backwards. To continue to fight after thiis was a dumb decision and backing off to survive was the smart decision.

  The scorching sun hung high above. I had no choice but to fly backwards, placing Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian on a safe region before I charged towards the enemy, at their dozens of warships. They sailed at full speed towards where a bunch of men and horses were at which was the direction of Q-Sword and Hero Mound. They had at least ten thousand people trapped in the water. Players could swim but when one swam one would naturally not be nimble and wouldn't be a match of the players on the ship.

  Q-Sword held his sword and floated onto the surface. He looked at the warships in front of him and gritted his teeth, "Prepare to board, swim over along with me!"

  However one of them was Clear Black Eyes's warship. Before Q-Sword acted, Clear Black Eyes had already pulled open her bow, "Kill them all, don't leave even a single one!"

  Most of the people on the ships were archers and instantly an arrow rain swept across the water. The Hero Mound cavalry players didn't have their cavalry in the water and their stats weren't high. Instantly blood dyed the river water and corpses floated about. Q-Sword was really brave, using his blade to pierce into the boat, then he pulled another sword to stab. He climbed up step by step. Sword Tears, Ai Ye and Jian Tan all climbed up together. Their goal was to take down the ship.

  The NPC soldiers on the boats all held up their halberds to attack. Ai Ye and Sword Tears's health was instantly emptied as they fell into the water. Q-Sword hollered as he charged up, a sword sweeping across the shield formation. He hollered as he used all of his skills along with a [Hundred Smelted Blades] he killed a patch of NPCs. However his chest was filled with arrows and then he was hit by a BOSS Lieutenant. He flew off the boat, after falling into the water he was shot at by another round of arrows. He was at low health as he gritted his teeth.

  I held my Zhen Yue Sword and Dragon Reservoir Sword, my body spinning as the blades struck onto the boat, leaving many blade marks. However the damage wasn't high. Thus I instantly used a combo [Strength of a Thousand Men]!

  The deck broke and the helm of the boat had a huge hole which water entered from. The crew all cried out, there was no need for them to repair as they were quickly sinking.

  At this point Clear Black Eyes's voice spread out from behind, "Aim at Xiao Yao Zi Zai and kill him!"

  I felt a chill down my spine as numerous arrows had stuck onto me. I looked at my health, I still had seventy thousand. I wouldn't die so quickly. I stepped onto the water and surged right at Clear Black Eyes's boat. I tossed my Zhen Yue Sword out, [Blade Spin}!

  Clear Black Eyes exclaimed, her feet shifting several times and was able to just avoid the [Blade Spin]. The moment she stood still my body sunk down and I grabbed the Zhen Yue Sword which flew back, holding it high up. A godly light descended down from above as I activated a God Rank technique. My body was covered in golden light as the [Wind Carrying Slash] was swiftly slashed out!


  I extremely huge hole appeared on Clear Black Eyes's ship. It couldn't even be considered a hole as the head of the boat was already smashed into pieces by my [Wind Carrying Slash]. The Beautiful Life players all exclaimed. I raised my hand and used [Thundering Heavens], numerous lightning dragons struck into the ruins of this ship, instantly killing pretty much everyone on it. Only Clear Black Eyes used her jump skill to leap out of the range. She retreated like a swallow, stepping onto another ship. She turned around and yet another Flame Dragon Cannon fired!


  The flames exploded out on the water surface and I was forced back, falling back onto the water. My health was about gone and I was in a bad state. If I continued to attack then Clear Black Eyes's [Shocking Lightning Arrow] would instantly kill me.

  I held my sword and charged at another ship to regain my health through lifesteal. After destroying seven ships in a row I was exhausted. Moreover my skills were all in cooldown. However I was able to stop Clear Black Eyes's chase, achieving my goal. If I continued it would just be me asking to die.

  Wild Swan Plains had already became a lake and the surface of it was really tragic. The China Region players were pumped up as they came here but in the end they died from a flood. There were also many India Region players that went under water to kill China players. We also couldn't fight back. Only [Zhan Long], Prague etc small amount of guilds were able to hang on. However the India Region had Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons which killed us with just a few cannons. We had no choice and could only retreat.


  Wild Swan Plains, half of it was in water. Pearl held onto the reins of the war horse, her face was filled with exhaustion. She looked at the patch of floating corpses behind her, tears flowing out of her eyes. When she looked at me she looked really gentle, suddenly pouncing into my arms as tears fell, "It is all my fault... I should have listened to you!"

  I hugged onto her and said gently, "Your Highness you need to be strong, we still have not lost. Wipe your tears and rally the troops. Don't forget we still have much of our main force at Demon Howling Hill. Moreover we lost at most half of the people we came in with so in truth we only lost a quarter. We will still win this war."


  Pearl wiped her tears and got onto her horse, going back to that strong woman as she ordered, 'Save the people in the water. Place the Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons at the shore. Once their ships come we will welcome them!"Flame Dragon Cannons


  "Where is Marshal Xu Wei?"

  The guard said, "Your highness Marshal Xu is at Heaven Blocking Mountain to save the Fire Dragon Army people, they have set up camp there."


  I looked towards there and the high mountain peak made my heart feel cold. I grabbed the neck of that guard and said, "Go quickly and tell him to leave!"

  "Ah?" The guard opened his mouth and looked towards me, not knowing what I meant.

  I hollered, "Go or I will immediately kill you!"

  "Yes... Yes general!"


  However after the guard walked for less than a hundred meters, an explosions spread out from the direction of the mountain, smoke bellowed. Pearl and I looked over to see that the scenes in front of us was pretty much a nightmare. Heaven Blocking Mountain was pretty much blown apart. A huge rock pillar fell down right into the Fire Dragon Army camp. The poor army had already lost many men initially, now they were mostly going to die there!

  Smoke charged into the sky as there were many cries that rang out.

  I clenched my fists, standing still right there. My heart felt a chill. What a scary Clear Black Eyes, how much more traps did she have that we didn't know yet?

  After coming out of Fire Elephant Canyon our each and every move was plotted by her. What a terrifying opponent she was.

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