Chapter 874 Art of War is never fixed
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Zhan Long Chapter 874 Art of War is never fixed

Chapter 874 Art of War is never fixed

Using the special effects of [Icy Wings], I flew across the sky, the clouds all under my feet. The Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hand gave out a threatening glow. I lowered my head to take a look and the entire battlefield situation was in my field of sight. However it wasn't really clear. In front of the Fire Elephant Canyon was a wide plains which was called the Wild Swan Plain. On it there were some scattered trees and forests and in it lived many swans and other kinds of birds. The north of Wild Swan Plains was a towering mountain peak, a typical land geography like the Kunming Stone Forests. It was at least three hundred meters tall and the map showed its name. It was called Heaven Blocking Mountain, it was really fitting, like it was totally connected to the heavens, thin and steep.

  On the Earth, NPC and players from Tian Ling City had set out, the horse hooves of the war horses shaking the ground. Everyone headed straight into the Wild Swan Plains. Unfortunately I could only see around a thousand meters within the cloud layer and was unable to see anything more. I could only see dust in the distance rising up into the air. Flaming Cloud City had a total of forty million players so it was impossible that they would give up like that. Moreover these numbers were far exceeding those that we sent to attack them. The only thing was that the number of elites they had were much weaker.

  The beasts and resources from Flaming Cloud City were much more abundant in Tian Ling City however Flaming Cloud City had more players than us such that the amount of resources that each person could obtain was much lesser. The equipment drops and skills obtained also couldn't be compared to that of China Region Players. However there were top experts like Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple who could still use their strength to build up a top global guild in such a poor main city.


  I didn't land, I just looked on at Fire Axe Army, Royal Army and Fire Dragon Army charge into the Wild Swan Plains. Li Mu, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and Ye Lai brought [Zhan Long], [Hero’s Mound], Prague and Judgement etc guilds to charge into Wild Swan Plains. Along the way they swept past all the monsters on the plains and headed right towards Flaming Cloud City. However I knew that Flaming Cloud City players wouldn't easily let us get close. Moreover I felt more and more uneasy, it was too silent. If I was Clear Black Eyes I wouldn't let the China Region Players arrive under Flaming Cloud City. However what I couldn't understand was what was Clear Black Eyes planning, what was she going to use to stop us?

  Not long later, Li Mu who was at the front lines raised his head and shouted at e who was in the sky, "Guild Leader, they have appeared!"

  I saw things more clearly, in front of Wild Swan Plains a dense amount of India Players appeared. Among them were actually a few familiar people. There was Lightning Bear who was killed by us at Fire Elephant Canyon. His face was filled with rage as he raised his war axe. Behind him were a dense amount of main Flaming Cloud City force players. They were already lying in wait for us, however I didn't see their NPC forces. Clear Current Army and Wing Searching Army still had large numbers so where did they go to?

  Killing shouts on the ground had already surged into the sky. Li Mu led the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry to charge out. The various guilds in China Region all didn't slow down. We had at most half of them but our morale was sky high. Our strengths were also far stronger than them. There was nothing wrong charging like this, after all plans will break down the enemy but what truly killed the enemy was a head on battle against the enemy.

  The [Icy Wings] shook slightly, I lowered my body and charged into the battlefield. In the next moment, the Zhen Yue Sword which was wrapped up in thick [Holy Domain Strength] slashed into the crowd. The Dragon Reservoir Sword sped through as I used [Blade Spin] to head to and fro the group of people. I brought Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian these two girls along with me to enter ten meters deep to put the Indian Region players into a bad situation. The Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry also took the chance to charge over.

  What was worse was that the Royal Army Iron Cavalry was also charging under Han Yuan's lead. Twenty thousand over NPCs behaved exceptionally valiant. Among them were many who rose to become BOSSes, especially people like Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, Xia Ye etc generals who at worse were already Divine Tier Boss. Their killing strength towards players and NPCs were really terrifying.

  At the back of the Royal Army there were ten thousand Dark Moon Elf archers who faced the enemy head on. Ling Luo led a bunch of teens to shoot round after round, washing the enemy players in blood. At the same time they also obtained experience and there was continuously people leveling up. Due to the protection of the barbarian Blade Shield Unit, they were all perfectly fine.


  Ye Lai raised his war axe and led the judgement Frost War Rams to charge forwards extremely valiantly. Hero Mound also didn't sit still and not do anything. Q-Sword's killing speed didn't lose to anyone else. His long sword seemed to have a life of its own, swallowing the surrounding enemy players. The Hero Mound Fire Crystal Cavalry were also pushing forwards. On the map, the five star flags of the China Region Players who were at the front pretty much became a red ocean, drowning into the orange green camp of the Indian Region.

  This killing battle continued for close to an hour, my heart got more and more uneasy. Our camp continued to push forward and the India Region players used blood as a price to bait us to head deeper and deeper in. From afar we could still see the outline of the Flaming Cloud City. However that made me even more uneasy and I always felt that this type of battlefield charging was a little dangerous.


  The Dragon Reservoir Sword was pulled out from the chest of a player, along with steaming hot fresh blood, I left the ground with a jump and headed right towards where Princess Pearl was at. I glided dozens of meters and stopped in front of Pearl's war horse. She was actually personally fighting and the blood was flowing off her sword. She looked towards me with a clear eye and said, "Li Xiao Yao, what happened?"

  I said, "Your highness, we are getting deeper and deeper, however I feel that we have fallen for a trap. The enemy is baiting us to get in, they must have something waiting for us."

  Pearl was shocked, "No... That is not true right?"

  I said calmly, "They didn't even form up to have a battle against us here but instead lost over and over. Logically speaking the Flaming Cloud City people shouldn't be so weak. So there is only one reason which is they are following orders and are just consciously retreating."

  The Fire Axe Army General Louis laughed coldly, "Is General Li Xiao Yao afraid to fight? How amusing, the general that is said to be invincible in Tian Ling City is actually afraid of the losing army in front of us that dropped their armor and helmets?"

  I looked at him coldly and said, "Marquis thinks too much, I am not afraid. I am just worried that the empire will lose too much of our main force. Your Highness we have chased enough, I feel that we should order the cavalry to chase and the infantry to slow down. We should also let a portion of them head back to Demon Howling Hill to set up camp. Unless we can directly set up camp under Flaming Cloud City if not we shouldn't act recklessly."

  Pearl took in a deep breath and looked towards Xu Wei, "Commander Xu what do you think?"

  Xu Wei touched his few bits of mustache remaining and smiled, "General Li being careful is a good thing. I don't have anything good to say, I will listen to Your Highness's decision."

  Pearl nodded her head, 'Okay, then let's follow what General LI said, each of the five armies move half of their troops back, we will only chase with half!"

  I swiftly nodded my head, "Then I will head to spread the orders!"

  I flew into the sky and directly arrived in the area above the Royal Army, I ordered in a low voice, "Han Yuan, Xiao Lie!"

  On the ground the two generals who were charging pulled their horses, they cupped their fists and said, "General do you have things for us?"

  "Spread my orders, Dark Moon Elf's ten thousand people immediately head back to Demon Howling Hill. Apart from that the Blade Shield Unit barbarians too."

  Han Yuan was shocked, "General shouldn't we be chasing the win??"

  Xiao Lie was calmer and was great at using troops, he frowned and said, "Han Yuan let's just listen to orders, don't ask too much. Immediately spread the orders!"


  Thus in truth I had actually sent back most of the Royal Army troops, only letting the cavalry charge at the front. Once we face any danger we would be able to use our mobility to escape. Moreover I have already predicted what was going to happen. With Clear Black Eyes's intelligence and the Indian Region suffering such losses in White Wood Forest and Fire Elephant Canyon, they had no reason to not return the favor.


  After giving the orders, I continued to charge forwards. With my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Sword, threads of sword light landed in the crowd. My killing numbers were really high and I could pretty much be confirmed as number one. However I didn't bother and continued to kill. Roughly an hour later we reached the end of Wild Swan Plains. There were many long hills. The height of which was around two hundred meters. On it stood many dense India Region players and NPC troops. Even Clear Black Eyes, Drunk Maple and Barry were present. Moreover there were many Dragon Crystal Cannons lined up, around seventy of them. They were already laying in wait for us.

  "Hehe, so these bunch of grandchildren were actually hiding here!" Old K held his war axe and said, "When are we going to charge and take down these few hills to kill that idiot Drunk Maple?"

  Drunk Maple had already killed many China Region players in Fire Elephant City so the hatred we had of him was exceptionally high.

  I raised my head and looked at the people on the hill, gritting my teeth, "Don't be anxious, I still feel that something isn't right."

  Ye Lai held his war axe, his lips curling, "What else is not right, they already have no place to defend, this two hundred meter tall hill isn't much, it isn't steep either. Our cavalry can charge over like it is flatland."

  I pointed, "What about the many Dragon Crystal Cannons?"

  Yan Zhao Warrior said, "Right, these Dragon Crystal Cannons would be problematic."

  Just at this moment a bell sounded out throughout the sky. Finally the war matters at Fire Elephant City was ended. The secondary main city of India was occupied by us...


  System Notification: Congratulations player Tang Sect Giant for successfully destroying the throne on Fire Elephant City (India Region) throne, and choosing the occupation mode. This secondary main city is now under the China Region. Moreover the top three players in taking down Fire Elephant City will obtain rewards- player Xiao Yao Zi Zai obtained Fire Elephant Helmet (Demon Harvest Tier), Player Cang Yue obtained Clear Heart Bangle (Demon Harvest Tier), player Drunken Spear has obtained Magma War Leggings (Demon Harvest Tier), the other player rewards will be distributed at once!


  All of a sudden golden light flashed all around. Many players leveled up, I also leveled up by a level and obtained a Fire Elephant Helmet. It was Demon Harvest Tier but my Hero’s Helmet was already God Tier. Thus I threw it to Li Mu. This fellow was really courteous, throwing me a Divine Tier ring. This ring added a lot of health and defence which I passed to Li Meng Yao, making everyone happy.

  The China Region players were all boiled up, all of them were delighted due to the victory at Fire Elephant City. At the same time killing intent rose up and they were prepared to attack Flaming Cloud City.

  Just at this moment suddenly drops of water dropped down from above.

  Clear Black Eyes raised her head and looked at the sky, allowing the raindrops to drip onto her clear white cheeks. The corner of her lips curled up, "It is time!"


  I looked out at Clear Black Eyes and then swept at the map, suddenly my heart shuddered as I asked, "Wan'er check the weather around Flaming Cloud City during these few days, I remember... There wasn't..."

  Lin Wan Er said, "The area around Flaming Cloud City have rained for seven days and nights."

  "F***!" I held my sword and my heart felt pain.

  "What happened?"

  Li Mu, Q-Sword, Ye Lai and the others all looked towards me.

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