Chapter 873 Chasing the win
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Zhan Long Chapter 873 Chasing the win

Chapter 873 Chasing the win

Ling Luo brought at least a thousand of Dark Moon Elf archers who were protected by the Han Yuan led barbarian Blade Shield Unit. This provided us with an injection of new life. The archery of the Dark Moon Elves were accurate and vicious able to shoot through forty yards. In the darkness they fired Biubiubiu. The two thousand Flowing Cloud Guild cavalry were also crushed by Li Mu and Wang Jian and their men such that most of them were already wiped out. In the distance cannon fire continued in the canyon and many rays of light shot into the sky. Fire Elephant City was destined to suffer heavy losses in this battle.

  Fire Elephant City was surrounded, grain being cut off. Moreover Clear Black Eyes operation of leading the Fire Carp Army to attack our grain had also failed, directly leading to their defeat. Probably the Fire Elephant City people didn't expect that we would place the real battlefield on their path back to the city, at Fire Elephant Canyon right? No, there was probably someone who was able to guess it. At least our Fire Elephant Canyon strategy wouldn't be able to be hidden from smart players like Clear Black Eyes. However they had no choice, even if they didn't go from Fire Elephant Canyon they still had to leave. This was their only choice if not all the players would die alive in Fire Elephant City. That would be far worse and they would deal no damage to the China Region Players.


  In the darkness, Wrath of the Heroes's two thousand over men was killed such that only a thousand two hundred remained. Liu Ying raised his long sword, his face filled with disdain as he looked towards Marquis Louis. He couldn't help but spit out, "Old dog, wait and see, I will kill you sooner than later!"

  Louis laughed coldly, "Who are you? You want to kill me?"

  His son Luo Te held his sword and said, "Father this kid is an adventurer from Tian Ling City. If we kill him, it wouldn't be a problem since it is so dark right?"

  Louis smiled, "Dragon Crystal Cannons!"


  A few Fire Axe Army cannoneers shifted their cannons and they all turned the direction and height to point at the Wrath of the Heroes players. A red colored crystal entered the barrel, it was filled with some gunpowder and then lit up.

  All of a sudden all the Wrath of the Heroes players were stunned. Liu Ying's voice trembled, "We... We are players, you are NPCs."

  I didn't suspect that Louis would attack, the AI in this game had far exceeded the IQ of Liu Ying.

  The God Dragon Horse neighed as I came between Louis and Liu Ying. The Dragon Reservoir Sword was also pulled out as I pointed at the Dragon Crystal Cannons, Cease fire or don't blame me for showing no politeness. We are facing many problems in conquering Flaming Cloud City if we fight among ourselves then we can forget about taking the city down."

  Louis gritted his teeth and said, "General Li you are going against me at all opportunities right? I just wanted to kill an unknown kid, what do you want? To complain to Princess Pearl about me?"

  I couldn't help but laugh, caressing the burning hot mane of the God Dragon Horse, "Why would I need to complain about people like you. I will use your method to order the Royal Army to kill you and your son together in the night. In the day I will tell her that you died valiantly in battle and died in the chaos. I think Princess Pearl is still willing to hear my words."


  Louis's heart was about to tear. He only had a few thousand Fire Axe Army troops here and not only did I have the Royal Army elites, I also had the Zhan Long elites. Zhan Long players were all my private troops and naturally he would fear them. In the end after a few seconds he waved his hands, "Forget it, let these blind fellows live. We will continue to surround and kill the Flaming Cloud City troops, don't let any of them go. Cut their heads off and we will take them to seek credit from Emperor Owen. 

  I raised my head and took a look and as expected the Fire Axe Army camp had stacked many Flaming Cloud Empire NPC soldier heads behind them. Some were killed by them but some were from the other troops. But with how greedy they were they roughly took it as their own doing. War was so cruel in the game, I was even thinking about whether or not I should ask Li Meng Yao, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue to stop playing if not it would leave them with some mental disorders.

  Piggy held his musket and looked towards me, "Guild Leader Meng Yao thanks!"

  I nodded my head, "No worries, it is just a small matter."

  Liu Ying touched his nose and said nervously, "These NPCs are crazy, actually daring to attack players. This game company is asking to be complained against, F*** I am so angry..."

  I looked coldly at him and said, "Destiny's company had announced that the series of controls were controlled by computer systems and they were only in charge of minor adjustments. When you don't have enough power then don't offend them. Don't think that just because you are in the game that you are king. If that happens one day you might be killed and you won't even know what had even happened."

  Liu Ying was stunned, it was apparent that he had no broken away from his identity as the son of Feng Ling Group CEO and he still treated the game as reality. Unfortunately the NPCs here didn't fall for that and won't bother about his identity. What Duke, what son of Marquis, he was just treated as an adventurer. Tian Ling City had millions of adventurers so who would bother about someone like you who didn't have much status.

  Which was why I felt that there was a huge need for the army system, to do well in it. For example me being the Royal Army General helped remove many problems for me. Rather than fighting alongside other men why not step them beneath my feet and look down on them, being invincible wherever I went?

  Just as I thought about that, I couldn't help but feel proud. I turned around and called out to Lin Wan Er and Li Mu, bringing the Zhan Long men to continue to chase. I left Liu Ying and his men stunned there, swiftly leaving Louis too. Liu Ying seemed to have finally realised that an NPC like Louis who bothered about every small thing was an NPC that he couldn't afford to offend.


  The cannon sounds rang out, this night was destined not to be a peaceful one.

  Holding my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Sword, I led the Zhan Long group, each of them slashing till their blade tips were about to curl up. The ten miles around Fire Elephant City also became a piece of hell on earth. In just a night Flaming Cloud City Autumn Leaf Army General Ye Bi, Punisher Army General Xing Lu died in the chaos. These two armies were also pretty much wiped out. Out of the five armies that went to Fire Elephant City, only Clear Current Army and Wing Searching Army were left and they had less than seventy thousand. Under the protection of roughly hundred thousand Indian Players led by Drunk Maple, they entered the Fire Elephant Canyon into the ambush of the China NPC and players. Directly heading towards Flaming Cloud City.

  Demon Howling Hill was a map at the end of Fire Elephant Canyon, a really high hill. But due to the surrounding geography there were many strong winds and storms, the wind blowing sounds were like the howl of ghosts. At this moment many players and NPCs stood there. Pearl and Xu Wei were all there. Among the players, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Yan Zhao Warrior and I etc were all there. We chased to the end of Demon Howling Hill and were hesitating whether to continue chasing or not. In front of us was a green mountain barrier which we didn't know what was waiting for us at the other end.

  Turning around and looking at the entire Fire Elephant Canyon, a hell like battlefield appeared in front of my eyes. Corpses laid all over, a loss of many lives, making one feel emotional just looking at it. In this battle we killed at least seventeen million players and four hundred thousand NPCs. China Region had seven million players left and half of our five armies were lost. Overall it was a huge win especially in the NPC aspect. Flaming Cloud City was said to have a million troops and close to half were wiped out by us, what was left weren't their elites either. This was really good for us when we attack Flaming Cloud City.

  Louis cupped his fist and said, "Your Highness, twenty miles out is Flaming Cloud City our target for this battle. Why not chase the win, why are we waiting?"

  Xiahou Ren who was in charge of the logistics cupped his fists, "The grain has been prepared, enough for us to last a month here. If Your Highness wants to attack there is no need to hesitate, we can just ride the momentum and catch them off guard. Moreover Clear Current Army General Barry is not dead, if he is alive he will be a huge problem for Tian Ling City!"

  Princess Pearl stood beneath the king flag, her face was filled with hesitation. She finally looked towards me and said, "General Li Xiao Yao, do you think we should chase or not?"

  I sighed, "No."

  "Why?" Pearl didn't understand, "As what General Louis said Flaming Cloud Empire's remaining troops aren't a problem so what are we worried about?"

  I said, "The forces surrounding and killing their troops have fought for two full days so there is no chance they are unprepared. We are blocked by the mountain in front of us so we don't know what is there which makes me worried. In front might be a huge trap by them. We have two choices, one is send our main force and kill our way over. This is more dangerous but it is easier to succeed. Second is to send scouts over, to see what is going on before we send our main troops. This is slower but safer."

  "Which do you support?"

  "Both is okay."

  Pearl sucked in a deep breath and said, "I just received news that Moon Empire have sent troops to attack Tian Ling City, they will reach War God River in a day. Brother's mission is to take down Flaming Cloud City in two days and then lead the victorious troops back to Tian Ling City to crush the Moon Empire troops at the west shore of War God River."

  I was a little shocked, "Then we would be in a war with Moon City, Flaming Cloud City and Waterfront City all at once. Do we really have the strength?"

  Pearl hesitated and said, "I don't know but I don't have a choice!"

  As she said that she slowly pulled out her sword, her voice became really calm as she gave her order, "There is no need to hesitate, attack Flaming Cloud City. Cavalry take the lead and charge, destroy the city right away. Charge in and take down Flaming Cloud City!"


  Everyone on Demon Howling Hill charged down, the huge Tian Ling City Army charged right for Tian Ling City.

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