Chapter 872 NPC's stubborness
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Zhan Long Chapter 872 NPC's stubborness

Chapter 872 NPC's stubbornness

The plains of Fire Elephant City were dyed in blood. Numerous corpses of players hadn't despawned; they probably didn't want to revive anymore after dying twice. If one died a third time, they would drop four levels and the drop rate of items would increase to four hundred percent. Very few players could go so far for the country war. After all, everyone’s goal in the game was different. Some wanted to be unparalleled, some wanted to pick up girls, and some for brothers. However, to say that they want to protect the honor of the country was a little too fake.

  In the direction of Fire Elephant City, Drunk Maple pulled out his sword. The surrounding rocks were like blades which slashed into the surrounding crowd. This was a special skill of his as a Fire Swordsman. With just one strike, twelve Greedy Wolf Cavalry were killed. He headed forward and used [Whirlwind Sword Break]; no one could block him. Behind him were the elite [Conquer the World] players. Their blades and robes seemed like they had been pulled out of a pool of blood. When they looked at the huge amount of China players, the flames of revenge appeared in their eyes. He hollered, "Brothers, crash the middle NPC tent and kill Tian Ling City princess. Pave a way out back to Flaming Cloud City and then we will go all out against them!"

  The shouts filled the heavens as the tens of thousands of [Conquer the World] players went mad. This craziness spread out like a plague as numerous Flaming Cloud City players also entered this crazy state. The remaining cavalry from the few main armies dashed into the crowd with their spears. Instantly, [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Epic] were all broken through.

  Drunken Spear held his iron spear, leading a bunch of cavalry to surge forward. Their long spears pierced the bodies of many enemies like dragons. This kid was getting more and more skilled at killing. He headed directly for Drunk Maple, his face filled with pride and courage, "Brothers, block them and kill them all. Don't let this bunch of Indians look down on [Flying Dragon]!"

  I couldn't help but laugh bitterly, sending a message over to Drunken Spear, "Don't go all out, just block them slightly and let them through. Pearl left long ago, we have set up an ambush in Fire Elephant Canyon to continue the fight!"

  Drunken Spear was also a smart person and instantly understood. He didn't reply; instead, he brought the cavalry back with his spear and the few other captains were shocked, "Deputy Guild Leader, why aren't you killing anymore?"

  Drunken Spear laughed, "We don't need a machete to kill a chicken, retreat with me to the two wings!"


  Within a short ten minutes, the Fire Elephant City NPCs and players broke through the center of the China Region camp. They killed hundreds of people before they continued to push forward. I led [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army to charge about their formation. We were the strongest force within the China Region. It was necessary for us to clean a portion of them out here.

  The battlefield was covered in broken blades and spears, there were also numerous corpses. One had to carefully maneuver themselves within the cavalry in order to not fall down. The [Zhan Long] cavalry behind me were all bathed in blood — they also killed people really freely. Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, and Song Han brought the [Zhan Long] assassins to travel along the lines. Anyone that had learned [Unyielding Spirit] or any fifth job advancement assassin would have the ability to fight head on. This bunch of cavalry killed people extremely quick, especially Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, and Song Han since these were the four top [Zhan Long] assassins in terms of equipment and top-class skills. Their Country War Achievement Points didn't lose out to any cavalry or ranged troops.

  "Peng peng peng..."

  The ground trembled as everyone looked south in the direction of Fire Elephant City. What spread about was the sound of Dragon Crystal Cannons. Night descended and the flames of war flared up into the sky. The ambush had already begun. Drunk Maple brought the [Conquer the World] men there and probably didn't expect that they would suffer from such an intense cannon fire attacks. Moreover, the death of the few Flaming Cloud City NPC armies were definitely going to be serious.

  There were simply too many Fire Elephant City players and after two hours they still hadn't fully left — they continued to break through. I led the [Zhan Long] people to head directly into Fire Elephant Canyon to charge about and slaughter the panicked India Region Players.

  The flame light was visible from the distance along with that heart shaking cannon fire noises, the Indian players definitely weren't having a good time.


  "Careful there!"

  In the darkness, Lin Wan Er held her dagger and said, "It looks like someone... from the [Flowing Cloud] Guild... Oh, yes, the main force of [Flowing Cloud] is here. The berserker in front is known as Lightning Bear — he is the guild leader [Flowing Cloud]!"

  I calmed myself down and took a look. As expected, a cavalry rode a dragon head beast under the moonlight and was dancing about with his axe as he charged about the [Wrath of the Heroes] as if no one was around him. He wore a standard high-grade armor, the axe in his hand also had a blood-colored glow. Behind him was the bunch of elite cavalry from [Flowing Cloud] and a bunch of words floated on top of his head.

  Lightning Bear LV 152 Diamond Berserker

  Main City: Flaming Cloud City

  Guild: Flowing Cloud

  Position: Guild Leader

  IBN Ranking: 4


  No wonder he was so fierce. when he waved his battle axe he did so with great skill, with just the perfect amount of strength. With a charge, he was right in front of [Wrath of the Heroes] team leader Strength, the axe light expanded and slashed down from above!

  Sonata yelped; who knew that there would be someone who was so quick? However, as the top archer of [Wrath of Heroes], she instantly she entered the [Crystallize] state, and within a second, Lightning Bear's axe missed. She shot out a [Rising Dragon Arrow] at close range which struck Lightning Bear's chest.


  The attack damage was not bad, however, Lightning Bear had at least eighty thousand health and she was unable to take him down. Instead, he raised his axe and used a [Battle Axe Throw] aimed right at her chest!


  Sonata swiftly retreated while Lightning Bear rorared out, the [Burning the Enemy’s Boats] skill was already activated as close to forty thousand health was cut off, instantly killing her!

  A bunch of [Flowing Cloud] guild players surged out and launched an assault, instantly breaking the [Wrath of Heroes] attack formation. Liu Ying held his sword among the group and he didn't expect that they would counterattack while fleeing. His face was ashen white as he hollered, "Hold on, kill them!"

  Lightning Bear also roared out, his warring axe sweeping across the crowd. There were two six job swordsman who slashed over behind him, instantly killing dozens of [Wrath of Heroes] cavalry. No one was even able to block them as the [Wrath of Heroes] players were stunned. They looked at the over two thousand cavalry from [Flowing Cloud] Guild and turned their horses to retreat towards a side of the canyon. That side was where the Fire Axe Army was hiding, and there were two Dragon Crystal Cannons on the ground. It seemed like Liu Ying was prepared to ask for help from the Fire Axe Army.

  Who knew that old man Louis was so vicious? He raised his long sword and hollered, "Heavy Shield Unit, place your shields on the ground and don't let anyone break through. Dragon Crystal Cannons, continue to fire!"

  "Peng, peng, peng..."

  The [Wrath of Heroes] players continued to strike the NPC shields but they were unable to pass through. They could only continue to resist Lightning Bear’s attacks. However, none of them were his match. Even top calvary Drunken Cold Rain couldn't resist and was killed by a round of archer attacks along with Lightning Bear.

  Liu Ying raised his long sword, his face flushed red as he looked at Louis, hollering furiously, "I am a Tian Ling City player. Let me go! Louis you old dog, quick, let me pass!"

  Louis was furious and he raised his brow, "Ignorant rat! You actually dare talk to me like that? Men, use your shields to push them back!"

  A bunch of Fire Axe Army Cavalry used their shields to strike, forcing the [Wrath of Heroes] men back. The NPC memory implant had the memories of real people and it seems like Louis was someone who would definitely take revenge. He was also someone who bullied the weak and liked the strong. If it was the [Zhan Long] elite, he would immediately let us pass. His goal now was too simple, to let the [Wrath of Heroes] men be cannon fodder while his men just fired arrows and cannons at the Indians. Oh no, in the eyes of NPCs, the Flaming Cloud City adventurers all deserved to die.


  Li Mu and I couldn't look on anymore. We didn't discuss at all as we raised our swords, "Brothers, slaughter our way over and teach [Flowing Cloud] a lesson!"

  Around us there were roughly around two thousand Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry. Along with Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, and the dozens of assassins, we had enough men. I really wanted to try out the strength of the fourth of the IBN as well as the third top guild of Flaming Cloud City.

  With the order, Fire Dragon Cavalry charged out at full speed. Li Mu, Old K, Meng Yao, Mocha, and I were among them as we slashed in quickly. Li Mu and Wang Jian coordinated really well, two [Whirlwind Sword Breaks] were executed in the crowd followed by [Whirlwind Slash] and [Covering Sword Slash]. Old K also came up with another [Whirlwind Sword Break] — the three generals cast the five skills at the same time and wiped out dozens of people in a small area. Even players with over a hundred thousand health weren't able to block the combined attacks from the three of them, especially with their close understanding and quick coordination.

  Lightning Bear wasn't weak at all. He led his bunch of men to give up on [Wrath of Heroes] to charge at [Zhan Long]. The obvious target was me, but did this guy actually want to kill me?

  As I expected, seven sword techniques were aimed at me. I instantly cast [Icy Wings] and my mobility quickly increased. I avoided three sword techniques and my boots advanced two yards, dodging the other four techniques. I soon faced Lightning Bear's axe attack which was a sweeping slash!

  I held my Zhen Yue Blade up and with a loud clang, I blocked his attacks. In the other direction, a few high-leveled swordsmen appeared and each of them used [Whirlwind Sword Break} and [Breaking Dawn] while some of their blades had [Holy Domain Strength]. These people dealt a brutal amount of damage to me.

  I caught everything in my eyes as I suddenly stood up, my body suddenly disappearing from the ground and reappearing in the air. All of their attacks missed. I swept with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. [Seven Star Fragment Slash] combined with [Sword Tempest] slashed down and instantly four of the swordsmen were killed. After landing, I charged right toward Lightning Bear and activated [Wind Carrying Slash]!




  [Wind Carrying Slash] was only able to strike twice before his health bar was empty. However, he waved the ring in his hand and flashed ten miles behind, an instant teleportation skill. This fellow actually had such a life-saving skill. However, he wasn't able to escape as a cold arrow flew out and with a sharp zing, it penetrated his skull.


  Someone else actually stole my kill!

  In the darkness, a bunch of Dark Moon Elves hurried over with the Royal Army mark on their arms. Ling Luo held her bow in her arm as it trembled, "General, are you fine?"

  "I am okay..."

  A bell rang in my ears. I confirmed that it was okay — the Country War Achievement Points were still mine. NPCs kill stealing was still okay!

  System Notification: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) has successfully killed player Lightning Bear (IBN Battlenet ranked fourth), thus obtaining 372 Country War Achievement Points!

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