Chapter 876 Unscrupulous
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Zhan Long Chapter 876 Unscrupulous

Chapter 876 Unscrupulous

Clear Black Eyes had predicted that the map wouldn't show the accumulated water that occured at the end of Wild Swan Plains. Which was why she thought about drowning the China Region players there. However she also checked the map and knew that the Heaven Blocking Mountain was higher than the other areas and the China Region NPC and players might choose to camp there. Thus she sent people to bury explosives there to deal another blow to us!


  Heaven Blocking Mountain was still collapsing piece by piece. No one dared to head over there to save them. Marshal Xu Wei's tent was naturally crushed by the Heaven Blocking Mountain. Players kept surging towards where Pearl and I were at. Xiao Lie, Han Yuan also brought the Royal Army Iron Cavalry over. Roughly three thousand of them drowned which was in the acceptable range.

  Hero Mound, Prague and Judgement etc guilds also headed over. On the lake, Clear Black Eyes's ships disappeared. It seemed like they had given up on continuing to chase us. Moreover after this win she had already used most of her moves at Clear Black Eyes wouldn't be so stupid to continue to attack us.

  Looking at the flames over at Heaven Blocking Mountain, Lin Wan Er's voice was trembling, "What an amazing Clear Black Eyes... I really didn't expect that she would be so vicious..."

  Q-Sword gritted his teeth and said, "This woman guessed every single enemy movement, how terrifying!"

  Yan Zhao Warrior hugged his sword in his arms as he sat on the war horse. He frowned, "Their Dragon Crystal Cannons can't reach Heaven Blocking Mountain right? Then how did they explode those explosives?"

  I sighed and said, "If I am right they let people to ignite them. She probably sent people there to ambush us before we arrived. At the time that we were killing their Fire Elephant City troops at Fire Elephant Canyon she had already planned this all. She was just waiting for us to fall into the trap."

  A cold intent flashed across Yan Zhao Warrior's eyes, "Let live people ignite it?"

  Ye Lai gritted his teeth, "What... What a vicious women, how unscrupulous!"

  I smiled, "This seems expected to reach her goals. Such an opponent like her is really terrifying, it won't be that easy for us to conquer Flaming Cloud City."

  Q-Sword said, "As long as we are careful I believe that we still have a chance to win."

  I nodded, "En."

  Tang Qi said, "It is all water in front of us, what should we do? Go around or cut trees to build rafts to head over or directly swim over. However they will definitely bury cannons and archers to kill us, it is tough."

  Lin Wan Er shook her head, "There is no need to make any rafts, at most two hours the water here will naturally subside."

  "Why are you so sure?" Tang Qi was shocked.

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "The upstream of Wild Swan Plain ammassed so much rainwater while Wild Swan Plain doesn't. Which mean that Wild Swan Plains has an area to get rid of water. If not it would be flooded together."

  Q-Sword prayed, "Wan'er is really smart!"

  Lin Wan Er couldn't help it as she grabbed my hand. I smiled, I felt really happy and blessed to be able to have such a girlfriend.


  In the end as what Lin Wan Er mentioned the floodwater disappeared really quickly. Trees appeared in front of us once more. Based on the intel from Yue Qing Qian, there was a canyon nearby which led all the water into the ocean. Unfortunately this hole was too small if not we wouldn't have suffered such heavy loses.

  The army was a patch of sadness as everyone was thinking about the dead. The digging work at Heaven Blocking Mountain had progressed and a cavalry notice flew over.

The messenger said, "General Li, Her Highness ordered you to head to the commander tent for a meeting!"

  I jumped onto my horse quickly and followed. I also arranged for the [Zhan Long] people to rest to prepare for another round of attacks.

  Within the tent, a corpse laid there. His body was covered in white cloth. A bunch of Fire Dragon Generals knelt there and cried, all of them totally didn't look like men.

  I frowned, "This is?"

  Pearl said in despair, "Xu Wei's body has been found, he... he has already died at Heaven Blocking Mountain..."

  Xu Wei had died in battle!

  My heart sank. This was definitely a huge blow. We haven't even reached Flaming Cloud City and our Marshal was actually murdered. Moreover he had died to a trap by Clear Black Eyes. She probably didn't expect that some explosives she buried would be able to kill a Marshal from China Region right?

  I walked up, pulling open the wide cloth and I couldn't help but frown. His face was still okay but everything under his chin was smashed by rocks and was just a pile of meat paste. As the Marshal of an empire to set up camp at such a dangerous place like Heaven Blocking Mountain, this was probably the price.

  I stood up and said, "Your Highness don't be sad, should we bury Marshal Xu and then attack Flaming Cloud City or..."

  Pearl said, "Let's bury Marshal Xu and the fallen soldiers before we fight. Maybe we should let the adventurers lead the charge?"

  I nodded my head, "Maybe that is for the best."


  Not long later, large amounts of dead corpses were moved out, all of them buried in dug out large holes. The large amounts of corpses made one feel unbearable but this was war, a cruel war.

  Han Yuan personally shifted Royal Army soldier's corpses one by one into the deep hole and then led the Royal Army to kneel down. The entire Tian Ling Empire army pretty much all knelt in unison. Pearl held her sword and stepped forwards, standing in front of the dead and used her trembling voice to sing the war song of Tian Ling Empire...

  Tian Ling calls, the courageous shine.

  Swar loyalty to me, bones buried in his home.

  Tian Ling calls, the courageous shine.

  A body with armor, soul defending the country.

  Han Yuan and the others sand along. Although it sounded really bad but it made one emotional. It was around six after the dead soldiers were all buried. I went offline to have dinner with the two girls before heading back online to continue to fight Flaming Cloud City. This country war would continue for seven days and we have to take Flaming Cloud City down within that time if not who knows when will I be able to complete the goal that Lin Tian Nan had given me."



  When Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and I appeared at the back of the army, the troops and players at the front had already passed the mountains at the end of Wild Swan Plains. I summoned out the God Dragon Horse and pulled Lin Wan Er into my arms. Dong Cheng Yue flapped her wings there and sat on my shoulder. Like that her flying speed was barely able to keep up. The three of us surged over and in a few minutes we arrived at the mountain peak. When I walked up I couldn't help but sigh. The right side had already became flat land, it was this place which caused us to lose many troops. Even Xu Wei this Marshal was crushed to death by the Heaven Blocking Mountain."

  Heading forwards a little more, the dense group of players had already started moving towards Flaming Cloud City. Behind them many Tian Ling City resources and transport units were crossing the mountain. Many heavy trebuchets, Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons etc all used up huge amounts of resources to be shifted over there. At this point everyone recognised the strength of the cannons. We had underestimated their cannon amount and suffered losses. Flaming Cloud City's Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons were lesser than Tian Ling City but not by much. Like they were using war to get stronger. The development scale of their city and farming skills weren't as good as Tian Ling City only weapons and cannons were on the same level. Flaming Cloud City seemed like a city that existed solely to fight wars. Like a fierce tiger which crouched in the south. If we didn't level it out into flat land this time, in the future Tian Ling City might be the one that was flat land.

  When I arrived beneath the city, most of the Tian Ling City guilds were already prepared to start battle. Flaming Cloud City was all alone but it couldn't be considered to be really a lone city. Behind it was a mountain range which wrapped roughly fifty percent of it. This meant that they could consolidate their forces to defend. However it also meant that their resources would be easily cut off. In truth we had already cut off all their resources. However as it was ran for many years and had large amounts of grain which was why starving them out was useless. Even after the seven day limit was up they still won't be hungry.

  Beneath the city was a packed group of China Region players. After a series of battles we still maintained at around fifteen million beneath the city. However, among them were many players who ran over after dying. It was the same for Flaming Cloud City. On the city walls were a dense amount of players. Now the main city was already filled with players. As compared to Fire Elephant City, Flaming Cloud City had more reason to be called a main city as its city walls were thicker and there were more troops housed here. There were also many Dragon Crystal Cannons Flame Dragon Cannons placed on the walls. If we went head on we would definitely suffer heavy losses.


  "Sha sha..."

  I held my long sword and walked into the [Zhan Long] camp. Li Mu turned around and looked at me, "Xiao Yao how should we fight, directly attack? They have at least twenty million inside, we don't have much people than them."

  I said, "Did you count how many cannons they have?"

  Yue Qing Qian smiled, "I counted a total of hundred and twenty cannons, most of them are newly mounted. The seventy cannons she placed at Wild Swan Plains were actually from Flaming Cloud City. Based on our sources the ammo they have inside is about to run out."

  I relaxed my arms and smiled, "This is our chance. Out of the five armies just the Royal Army alone has hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons and two hundred Flame Dragon Cannons. In total we have three hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons and five hundred Flame Dragon Cannons. Our ammo storage would also be much better. Since she was so vicious at Wild Swan Plains then we don't have much to say to her."

  Li Mu asked, 'Specifically what should we do?"

  I pulled out my sword and ordered, "Second and third string players organise themselves and prepare to siege. They don't have to succeed, just waste their remaining ammo. Then we will let the NPC army cover the city in flames. Their players are all squeezed up together so let's just crush them into mush. Even if we turn Flaming Cloud City into ruins we still have to take revenge!"

  Q-Sword looked at me from afar, "Li Xiao Yao you really are vicious..."

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