Chapter 877 Final battle
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Zhan Long Chapter 877 Final battle

Chapter 877 Final battle

The sound of war drums reverberated on the ground. Finally the siege against Flaming Cloud City had begun. Although we had lesser numbers than them but our morale and strength was much better. This was an army that was determined to take revenge. The Flaming Cloud City troops could only be trapped in the city. Each guild gave their attack orders and in the next moment a dense amount of people charged towards Flaming Cloud City. They pushed many heavy siege cloud ladders. The trebuchets were also built roughly two hundred meters away from the city walls. Large amount of cavalry players held their shields to block their friends. Naturally the cannon fire focused onto them and instantly the area below Flaming Cloud City was in chaos.


  None of the [Zhan Long] players joined in. I had asked for this. Even Judgement, Hero Mound and Prague didn't attack. We were leaving the elites to attack in the end.

  "Peng peng peng..."

  Many heavy cannons fired out beneath the city. Along with piles of meat and arrows which rained down from the city walls, the Tian Ling City players pretty much fell in hoards. However no one backed off and they continued to siege. Some of them started to raise their shields and climb up the cloud ladders.

  On the city walls, Clear Black Eyes finally appeared. She raised her arrow and brought the Beautiful Life archers out. She started to shoot and kill the China players who were climbing. Each time she fired she would be able to kill one person. The archers she led were also the elites in Beautiful Life and they had huge killing ability.

  Drunk Maple also led a bunch of Conquer the World cavalry players to charge about on the city walls, to clear out the China players that managed to get onto the walls. In a short amount of time the Tian Ling City players were unable to stand still on the walls. The casualty speed was exceptionally quick and the cannon fire continued.. Their ammo that they prepared was being consumed at fast speeds.



  Han Yuan rode his horse over, holding his blade, "We still aren't attacking? Flaming Cloud City is inches away. That damn Purple Flame Saint Ruler is inside. Let's charge in and kill him and complete the Flaming Cloud City conquering mission!"

  I shook my head, "Don't be too eager. Han Yuan bring the Blade Shield Unit to dig a moat every ten meters in front, dig it five meters deep and then fill it up. Go!"

  Han Yuan was shocked, "General we are sieging what is the use of digging a moat. And we still have to fill it after digging?"

  I looked towards him and smiled, "They are able to attack us with water at Wild Swan Plains and was able to bury explosives to kill Marshal Xu Wei. With their intellect won't they bury some beneath the city to kill us? One had to be really careful when facing such an opponent. We had to dig the moat to ensure that we weren't stepping on any explosives beneath their feet."

  "Yes general!"

  A bunch of Blade Shield Unit barbarians went over to dig the ground. Their efficiency was really good and not long later they confirmed that the area beneath us was safe. This also helped remove the possibility of Clear Black Eyes burying explosives below to kill us. Or maybe they have already used up most of their explosives? That seemed like it, Flaming Cloud City's map was half that of Tian Ling City and the sulfur in their mines were far less than Tian Ling City.


  "The battle started at War God River!"

  Li Mu held his sword and walked over, saying solemnly, "Moon City's English and French region players have attacked us. Dawn and Lightning God Guild brought at least ten million people to the west shore of War God River and have started to attack. Appearance Alliance and House of Prestige are blocking them there and defending the Bridge of Fate. Once they lose it then the Moon City NPC army would be able to head straight in."

  I nodded my head, my heart sinking far deeper as I said, "Then we need to quickly end matters here and head back. If not we might really lose Tian Ling City.

What is the situation at the south of War God River?"

  Li Mu said, "It is still okay, Fang Ge Que is really smart. Enchanted Painting is valiant. Along with Legend's Lu Chunyang Xuan Yuan Feng, Drunken Moment and Training Hell Dawn, they still can handle Waterfront City. However they won't be able to hold on for long. It was said that Ba Huang City's NPCs had started to be moved to the south of War God River to help. The situation isn't optimistic."

  Lin Wan Er said leisurely, "It is probably still too much for us to fight on three fronts? Speaking of which why did we have to attack Flaming Cloud City? If we used War God River to defend Flaming Cloud City and then take down Waterfront City then this country war would be much easier."

  I smiled, "Isn't it that dumb Owen who was so determined to take down Flaming Cloud City? He helped increase the difficulty of our country war. We had no choice and we can only take each step at a time. Spread my orders, half a hour later let the players at the front retreat. All the NPCs fire together and directly destroy their outer wall!"



  We quietly waited for a period of time. Over three million china region players laid beneath the city. Luckily the Indian region players also suffered losses. Moreover there were too many who were killed by us at Fire Elephant Canyon. Although they had over sixty million players but after they died there were many who weren't willing to continue fighting. Along with those who were unable to come online, they only had around fourteen million usable strength. This is also why we have a chance.

  Half an hour passed quickly and most of the hundred and twenty Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons on the walls stopped firing. One could guess that it was because they were out of ammo. It was now our turn.

  In the distance Princess Pearl held her sword, holding it high up over her head as she shouted, "Attack!"

  Cannon fire sounded out all around. The hundred over Royal Army cannons and two hundred Flame Dragon Cannons all fired. Cannon fire rumbled and instantly Flaming Cloud City was in chaos. The Dragon Crystal Cannons attacked the crowd in waves, I could even see players who were directly killed by the cannons. Moreover the city walls were riddled in thousands of holes. Flaming Cloud City and Fire Elephant City was different, there was no red copper on the surface which was why the defences was much weaker. Tian Ling City had over six hundred cannons at full strength which shot for ten minutes. The outer surroundings had totally fallen into a sea of flames. The players on the walls were greatly reducing. Many of them had died twice and were unwilling to go online. Corpses spread all around and the ground was filled with broken body parts. I looked at the country war interface and the number of players on both sides had equalised...

  India War Region: 10287822

  China Region: 9733114


  A short ten minutes and the ammo of the other four armies were all used up. Han Yuan looked towards me, "General we still have large amounts of ammos should we use them all?"

  I nodded, "Swiftly use them all!"


  The cannons continued to cover the area until the outer city was levelled out. At this moment their outer wall was riddled in hundreds of holes and what was next was the attack on the second wall!


  A loud explosion as one of the Flame Dragon Cannons of Royal Army exploded at the barrel. The temperature from firing continuously was too high and thus it caused the barrel to explode. A few soldiers were blown to pieces. I frowned, I guessed that most of the ammo was used up so I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I pointed towards Flaming Cloud City and hollered, "Brothers we can attack!"

  I led the way, leading the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry from [Zhan Long] to slash across. Han Yuan also gave orders. The Blade Shield Unit of the Royal Army and cavalry unit also surged forwards. Battle horns sounded within [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army. The entire China Region started to launch our attacks towards the north wall. Judgement, Hero Mound and Prague etc guilds all ordered their members to charge. Not only did this battle concerns the survival of our region, it also concerned the rankings of the guilds. After a huge country war, the guild rankings and battlenet rankings will change. The more we could kill now will let our rankings become even higher. Especially these kinds of country battles against outside enemies which was a godlike duty, enough to make one's blood boil!

  On the city walls, the sound of cannon fire continued to spread out however it was already unable to cause much obstruction to us. The Tian Ling City army pushed down the outer city walls almost like they were non existent as we continued to proceed through the ruins. The outer city and the inner city was like a drill field. There were many Indian players waiting for us, stretching tens of miles. There were at least five million of them, a huge black patch. Drunk Maple held his sword and stood right in front of me, he raised it and hollered, "Attack, protect the country!"

  The India Region was about to launch their final attack, this was their last chance. If they block us then they would win, if not then all their efforts would be for nothing.



  I also held up the Dragon Reservoir Sword as I brought the Fire Dragon Cavalry to charge over. On the ground the five star red flags on the heads of the players pretty much joined to form a red wave as we surged towards the city. If one looked down from the sky it would definitely be really majestic. Like a red banner sweeping towards the orange and green defensive diagram of the enemy. Li Mu and Wang Jian etc behind me waved their blades, [Dou Qi Armor], [Defense], [Dou Qi Protection], [Holy Domain Strength] etc skills all stacked together. In the next moment they smashed into the Flaming Cloud City players.

  "Hua cha!"

  Blades and swords danced. My attack style was in a spiral, along the way the players at the front were pretty much split to both sides. Many of them were directly wiped out instantly. The moment I pulled out my sword my strength was buffed by seventy percent passively, my equipment and Yang Yan Energy added fifty percent damage. My attacks were pretty much top of the world. This was also the reason why Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple saw me as a nail in their eyes right?

  The purest battle of strength. Flaming Cloud City was really huge and long and wide inner city formed a at least ten mile long chaotic battle region. In other words I was unable to see where the left and right borders were at. I just knew that they were charging and it was total chaos there. Under such a situation to find Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes was impossible. In such a battle one could only kill the enemy in front of them if not you would be the one that was killed.


  "Be careful, it is the crossbow carriage!" Lin Wan Er pulled her dagger out from the corpse of a high leveled player and she raised up her umbrella. The players at the front spread out and many crossbow carriages had aimed right at where our Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry were at..

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