Chapter 878 What kind of price
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Zhan Long Chapter 878 What kind of price

Chapter 878 What kind of price

“Shield wall, faster!"

  Mocha gave an order and a bunch of cavalry players all activated their [Heavenly Shield Wall] skills. In the next moment, the crossbow arrows shot through the [Zhan Long] crowd. Many people were killed. The damage from the crossbow carriages was just too strong and they also had a penetrative effect where they could attack many people at once. After three rounds and at least a hundred killed, there was another arrow shower. What followed next was the rumbling horse hoof noises. It was the Wind Searching Army NPC cavalry. The leader was actually the Wing Searching Army General - Luo Qing! 

  They were all covered in heavy armor, a pair of ice-cold eyes peeked out from their helmets. Luo Qing held a spear as he hollered, "Follow me, we will kill our enemy. We will use their blood to water the soil of our land and fertilize our strong souls!”

  I held out my sword and activated [Icy Wings]. I turned around and looked towards [Zhan Long] and Royal Army and laughed, "Brothers, our luck is great. Let us wipe out the crest of the Wind Searching Army, kill!"

  Everyone gave out a heaven-shocking roar. I also held out my Zhen Yue Blade, letting its warsong effect descend. Everyone's attack stats rose by four thousand points. At this perfect moment, Mocha also used the effects of Shield of the Prideful. All the [Zhan Long] and Royal Army players were covered in a golden light. Their attack and defense stats greatly increased as they valiantly clashed with the enemy. Not only cavalry, assassins, archers, mages, and musketeers, but those of all occupations all headed forward as they fought with the enemy in close combat. The scenes were really chaotic as assassins and cavalry clashed, and the archers and swordsmen fought. Healers all activated the country war mode, they didn't bother healing people individually - they used AOE heal skills and buffed everyone.

  A bunch of strong wind elf archers appeared behind the Wind Searching Army. These archers all danced in mid-air and players without long range attacks weren't able to handle them. There were around five thousand archers shooting together. Dozens of Steel Blade Cavalry at the front were covered in arrows as they died.

  I turned around and looked before saying, "Meng Yao, bring your men and charge!"

  Li Meng Yao nodded her head and smiled, her shield in front of her large chest as she said loudly, "Fire Dragon Cavalry, follow me!"

  In the next moment, hundreds of Moon Elf Fire Dragon Cavalry girls charged out. Their shields had the iron umbrella defense effect and they welcomed the arrow strikes and spells from the enemy. One only heard endless amounts of splattering sounds as this bunch of strong girls actually managed to kill their way into the Wind Searching Army forces. I also held my sword and charged up, right into the bunch of wind elves. I reached out, a storm bellowing as I used [Thundering Heavens]!

  "Hong, hong..."

  Thunder resounded on an on as many lightning dragons swallowed up the wind elf group. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others charged across, launching their [Whirlwind Sword Break], [Sword Controlling Technique], and [Breaking Dawn] skills into the air. Instantly, many wind elf archers fell onto the ground. Old K and Bai Qi led the berserkers over, slashing many NPCs on the ground. The Wind Searching Army pretty much collapsed right away. The India Players around were all stunned, no one expected that their third best force would be unable to block us for even a short moment.

  Han Yuan held his steel blade, leading a bunch of Royal Army cavalry to charge and kill in an unrestrained manner. In the back were the Dark Moon Elves led by Ling Luo. These Dark Moon Elves were just too accurate, hitting the enemy’s weak spots. Their eyes and necks became targets. Cold arrows whistled as they shot up. Many Wind Searching Army and Flaming Cloud City players and NPCs fell off their horses and were killed. Even I felt lucky that I wasn't their enemy, otherwise these cold arrows would definitely be something that any expert would fear.


  The area under the city walls was in chaos.

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On the interface, the remaining numbers on both sides was continuously changing. [Prague], [Judgment], [Hero’s Mound] and [Enemies at the Gate] were also clashing with the enemy. Killing shouts rang out all around and blood splattered onto the ground. There were corpses everywhere and a dense amount of arrows flew down from the city walls. Many Flaming Cloud City players shot out from the inner city walls, aiming right at the China Region players. However, not everyone bothered about all of this since they were going all out. If one was injured, they could only rely on the healers. If they didn't heal them, then they died. Most of the time, life and death relied solely on luck.

  A bell rang in my ears as there were deaths to both CBN and IBN players. In the direction of the War God River, FBN and EBN players were also dying. [House of Prestige] and [Appearance Alliance] were in a tough battle there and Tian Ling City should have sent many NPCs over. If Owen wanted to protect his throne, he had to go all out.

  The war continued. The inner city walls were extremely tough. I summoned three Violet Thunder Tanks which were all destroyed by the Indian players on the walls. I had no choice and could only wipe them out before I tried to destroy the walls.

  Time past bit by bit and in a blink of an eye four hours has passed. The inner city walls and battlefield between the two walls seemed like it had been bathed in blood. There were broken spears and swords all over the place. Player corpses were despawning regularly but the NPCs corpses still laid there. The ground was covered with intersecting sword energy marks and marks of the wheels of the crossbow carriages. There were hoof footprints between the crops and the scenery was extremely cruel and gruesome.

  When I looked at the interface once more, the number of players on both sides had greatly reduced...

  India War Region: 3,122,347

  China War Region: 4,717,321

  Under the hard work of the [Zhan Long] and Royal Army heroes, the China region was slowly gaining an advantage on the battlefield. There were very little India Region players left on the city walls and most of them had escaped into the city. They probably wanted to fight with us in the alleys.


  In the command tent, Pearl held a sharp sword which was covered in blood and said, "Shoot the gates with the cannons. Open it up. No matter what, we will break into the inner city today!"

  Louis nodded his head, "Yes, Your Highness!"

  At this moment, a cavalry charged from the distance holding a king flag. He hollered, "The Emperor's decree has arrived!"

  Pearl, Louis, Xiahou Ren, and Baili Ning all knelt down. I held my sword and stood at the side. The messenger opened a decree scroll and said, "Here are His Majesty’s orders: Moon Empire is attacking our brothers and war matters are urgent. Princess Pearl must take down Flaming Cloud City in a day and bring the head of the Purple Flame Saint Ruler back to protect the Empire!"

  Pearl frowned, she stood up and received the decree, "This is already his third decree, are the war matters over there really that bad?"

  The messenger knelt on the ground and said, "Replying to Your Highness, Moon Empire moved at least two hundred thousand people to attack the Bridge of Fate. The Xia Yu Army defended there and close to fifty thousand people have died. If they go on, they might not be able to hold it. His Majesty is worried that the city will be lost so he hopes for you to quicken the pace. Don't bother about the price. Take down Flaming Cloud City, kill the Purple Flame Saint Ruler, and return!"

  Pearl held the decree and said while deep in thought, "Don't care about the price? Even if the five armies all fall here, I also have to take the head of Purple Flame Saint Ruler back?"

  The messenger thought about it and said, "Subject doesn't dare to interpret what His Majesty has said, please forgive me."

  "Oh, I understand. You can return. Say that I will try my best to take it down."



  The messenger galloped away on his horse. Pearl immediately turned around and gritted her teeth, "Siege. We have to attack into the main palace before the sun sets. We mustn't delay anymore. Don't worry about the losses!"

  In the distance, cheers rang out. Ye Lai had already killed the Wind Searching Army General Luo Qing. Ye Lai held up his head which was still stuck in the armor. With that, it meant that the Flaming Cloud City powers outside of the inner walls had all been wiped out.

  Cannons exploded out once more as the inner city gates collapsed under the close distance firing of the cannons. A bunch of cavalry from the Fire Dragon Army immediately charged in. However, they were killed immediately by a dense set of arrows.

  Pearl looked towards me, "General Li, send the Royal Army!"

  I was shocked, "I think we should go up the city walls, if not... no matter how many we send, they are going to die..."

  "We don't have time!" Pearl's tone suddenly turned sharp.

  I nodded, "Royal Army Cavalry, charge!"

  Han Yuan raised his blade and brought his men to charge over. From afar, one could see that there was a huge path within the inner city. There were numerous shining shields defending there and after that was a huge patch of archers. This was a pocket, such that once we entered we could forget about coming out. Han Yuan led roughly two thousand Royal Army cavalry in but in just a moment a large number of them died...

  The elite war horses neighed out maniacally, charging out like they had been released from their reins. On the back of the horse, Han Yuan closed his eyes and laid there — there were seven arrows stuck in his back. My heart felt pain as I immediately went over to test his breathing. He was still breathing. I anxiously said, "Xiao Lie, bring Han Yuan down to heal him!"


  I looked toward Long Xing and said, "Long Xing, lead five thousand Blade Shield Unit barbarians to charge. I will bring my men to follow. Don’t hesitate this time, charge across their shield formation right away!"

  "Yes, General!"

  Long Xing was a valiant general that followed orders well. He flew up and brought a bunch of barbarian Blade Shield Unit soldiers to charge over. I waved my sword. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er and the other people understood and brought the few thousand [Zhan Long] members to charge in with me. The Blade Shield Unit in front died continuously. There were archers on three sides and there were just too many angles that one had to defend against.

  Once I entered into the city, I immediately activated [Icy Wings] and hollered, "Charge, break the shield formation!"

  The Fire Dragon Cavalry cried out and instantly there were dozens of them who died. I charged forward with many arrows sinking themselves into my body. My blade slashed across and a bunch of people fell. Behind me, the [Zhan Long] members also charged forward. A large number of players and NPCs continued the attack. In the end, the ones blocking us were from [Conquer the World] and Clear Current Army. These were already the final elite members of Flaming Cloud City.   

  It took close to an hour of alleyway warfare and finally we managed to wash the path in blood. From afar, the Flaming Cloud City Palace was tightly shut. I immediately threw down a Violet Thunder Tank. After a few strikes, the gate fell. However, a dense bunch of arrows and crossbows shot out from within and immediately a bunch of Royal Army soldiers dropped dead on the ground.

  From afar, Flaming Cloud City top army general Barry held a bow — his face was ice-cold, "Come on, scrubs!"



  With an order, [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army all charged in together. Q-Sword, Ye Lai, and Misty Clouds all brought their own men to charge. We were falling like wheat during harvesting season.

  I looked back and saw that not many [Zhan Long] players who came in with me remained. Even One Second Hero, Star Blade, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and Moon Feather had died to the arrows. This was just too chaotic and no one was able to protect anyone. However, the China players and NPCs continued to surge in. There was even a white horse which held a sword and charged in. A sword energy broke the shields at the front. Princess Pearl personally led the charge to kill the enemy.

  However, at this moment, there was a cold laugh, and what followed next was the sound of a bowstring tensing up. The bow in Barry's arm shone!


  The arrow flashed past my face like lightning. I looked back and saw fresh blood splattering. Pearl sat quietly on the war horse. She lowered her head and looked at the half arrow through her heart, despair flashing in her eyes.

  "Pa ta..."

  When Pearl fell off, everyone's hearts stopped beating.

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