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ZL - Chapter 1101- Celestial Brew


 I was speechless. I had two five star god artifact swords. Frost really gave me another four star one. This Cold Iron Sword was definitely one that I couldn't use.


 I opened my bag and looked at its stats. Level 200, 20 level reduction effect. This meant that many players could use it, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Meng Yao etc were all suitable. Forget it, I shall leave it first.

 I asked the few girls about their rewards and as expected, my teacher was biased. The best was Dong Cheng Yue who got a two star god bracers. Lin Wan Er, Darling Duck got Deity Tier artifacts while Dancing Forest got a Divine Tier one.

 When we collected the quest, Lanais had sat up. Her face got redder and she looked like those photoshopped advertisements. She looked around and smiled, "I am not used to talking to people that aren't dead!"

 Odelia smiled, "It is fine, just get used to it."

 Lanais nodded and walked forwards. She knelt down towards Frost, "I am willing to listen to Goddess Frost. I will listen to all orders!"

 Frost smiled, "Lanais get up, there is no need to do this. Since you are staying here, we are sisters. You are also the elf queen and have great archery skills. How about this, you are in charge of the Archer camp of Dragon City. Although our heavy cannons can kill Hybrid Demons but when they are close, we can only rely on arrows to kill them."

 Lanais nodded, "Understood!"

 Frost said once more, "Qing Luo, arrange a room for Queen Lanais beside mine, I have many things regarding Hybrid Demon Territory that I want to talk to her about."


 Frost was going all out to defend the border of the human race. She saved Lanais not because she was strong but because as a lord, she knew everything about Hybrid Demons? Moreover, her understanding of Azure was definitely above Frost. That was something she needed.

 I stood at the side and asked, "Frost, how was your journey to steal dragon eggs?"

 Frost acted mysteriously, "You guess!"

 Was there a need? I smiled, "Definitely had huge gains!"

 Queen Zhi Shu said, "Right! We only found 11 at first but we had Odelia. This queen thief used her skills to find another Igoras spot. This time we stole 100 dragon eggs. However, it would be tough on me to hatch all of them."

 Odelia objected, "Call me beautiful sword saint not thief! I have said this so many times!"

 Frost giggled, "Okay, go prepare dinner. We will have a feast to welcome Lanais into Dragon City. Right, Li Xiao Yao, one more news. Old K's body has been reshaped. He headed to the north and obtained a God Refining Hammer. I heard that it could upgrade equipment. You can head over and he will try to satisfy your requests."

 "God Refining Hammer, upgrade equipment?" I was shocked.

 "Right, would you like to try?"


 "Qing Luo,

Bring them over!"


 Qing Luo tilted her head, "Let's go, our The Executor!"

 I brought Wan Er, Dong Cheng and the others to find Old K. I hadn't seen him in such a long time and didn't know what he was busy with. Now I knew that he was about to turn into a War God level blacksmith.


 Under Dragon City were many magma pools spitting out flames. On the side was a simple iron blacksmith shop. Old K was waving an iron hammer and hitting a piece of iron.

 I walked forwards and greeted, "Old K, long time no see."

 "Ah it is you guys. Young man!" He was much older than me so he could call me young man.

 I said, "I heard that your God Refining Hammer can upgrade equipment?"

 "Right, do you want it?"


 I took out Ring of the King and placed it on his table, "This ring is a growth ring, can you help me upgrade it?"

 Old K was stunned, "Divine Tier Artifact upgrade?"

 "Right, growth equipment. But since I got it, it didn't grow at all. Does it need some power!"

 "En!" Old K laughed, "Right, but it also needs some precious materials."

 "Where to get it?"

 "No need, I was free and walked through various mountains and collected many. But Frost said that Dragon City is poor and needs food, clothing, weapons, armor etc. So we need money. To upgrade equipment, you need to pay fees."

 "That is okay."

 Very quickly, an interface appeared in front of me, it was Ring of the King's growth needs.

 Choice 1: Upgrade to Demon Harvest Tier, 1000 gold, can only upgrade once in its life

 Choice 2: Upgrade to Deity Tier, 10000 gold needed, can only upgrade once in its life 

 Choice 3: Upgrade to 1 star God artifact, 100000 gold needed, can only upgrade once in its life

 Choice 4: Upgrade to 2 star God Artifact, 1000000, can only upgrade once in its life

 Choice 5: Upgrade to 3 star God Artifact, 10000000, can only upgrade once in its life<

 Choice 6: Upgrade to 4 star God Artifact, 100000000, can only upgrade once in its life<

 Choice 7: Upgrade to 5 star God Artifact, 1000000000, can only upgrade once in its life<


 When I shared that to everyone, the few girls were shocked--

 Lin Wan Er, "Such a scam? 1 billion gold is needed for five star, that is 100 million RMB?"

 Dong Cheng Yue was speechless, "Just choose two or three star..."

 I clenched my fist, "How can we do that. Ring of the King can only upgrade once and it must be the best, if not how is it called Ring of the King?"

 Lin Wan Er was speechless, "Do you have any other choice?"

 I laughed, "Old K is a drunkard, we can try."

 "Good fellow..."

 I walked forwards and grinned, "Old K if I want to upgrade this to five star but I don't have much gold, can you do something!"

 Old K opened his eyes wide, "Are you trying to scam me?"

 "How about this, I will give you some good wine and you can charge me cheaper?"

 Old K's eyes lit up, "Oh? What good wine can you get?"

 "Bamboo Leaf Green, how about that?"

 "Oh?" Old K looked like he liked it, "It is a good wine but you want to bribe me with that? At most I will charge you 100 gold cheaper!"

 "You are such a scammer. We are all Dragon City warriors and are connected. How about this, I shall get you 100 Lanling Flower Wine then you can collect 100 thousand gold from me to get Ring of the King to five star?"

 "Lanling Flower Wine..." Old K licked his lips and his body shook slightly. He still said, "Impossible, I can't give up on my principles just like that. Even if you give me 100 jugs, I will still collect 100 million gold!"

 Damn, was this fellow not giving in?

 I panicked and looked at my wine brewing technique list. I gritted my teeth, "What about Celestial Brew?"

 "Celestial Brew?"

 The last bit of defence in his heart was broken and he looked at me in disbelief, "You... You can really get it? That... Is a legendary wine!"

 "Yes, I can help you get 10 jugs and you collect 100 thousand gold to get Ring of the King to five star, how about that?"


 Old K smashed his hammer onto the iron and said firmly, "You get 100 jugs for me and then I will help you upgrade it for 1 million!"

 "Okay, deal!"

 I wiped off my sweat. Finally the deal was done.

 On the side, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue looked at me in disdain like I was a cunning merchant. They had equipment upgrading needs. Darling Duck had an upgradeable ring but it was one star. To get to three star god artifact would just need 100 thousand gold. It seemed like my Ring of the King was too low level?

 "Where do you get the Celestial Brew?" Lin Wan Er hugged me, "Based on what I know, although your Wine Brewing Technique is level 10 but you didn't find the level 10 ingredients!"

 "Right..." I smiled, "I can't find it, but... The other maniac might get it?"

 "Wow, you had planned it from the start!"


 I clicked on my friend list and found Drunken Spear. I sent a message, "Brother how is life?"

 Drunken Spear replied quickly, "What do you want, tell me."

 "Celestial Brew!"

 "Damn how did you know that I brewed it?"

 "I didn't, I just guessed. You really did? Give me some, I badly need it!"

 "How many?"


 "Damn... How do I even get so many!"

 "I trust that you definitely can, we are friends right!"

 Drunken Spear, "..."


 In the end, he decided not to sleep and let me collect them at 9.

 There weren't so many reliable people anymore!

 We didn't even talk about price and he agreed...

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